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Love & Scars by Chapter1991
Love & Scarsby Chapter1991
Izzie's long-standing friendship with Remus and Lily takes an unexpected turn in their sixth year when Sirius Black becomes drawn to her. As their friendship evolves int...
The Star and The Moon (WolfStar Oneshots) by 23ShipsQueen23
The Star and The Moon (WolfStar 23ShipsQueen23
This book is a collection of quite adorable stories from out favorite half canine half wizard couple. I take requests, it helps when I get writers block so please feel a...
Jily One Shots by spiion
Jily One Shotsby Lindsay
~COMPLETED~ Even though these are one-shots, they're in order so it's a bit like a story. It starts at the beginning of the seventh year where James has matured and Lily...
The 16 Step Plan To Become Sirius Lupin by ilylilyevans
The 16 Step Plan To Become ilylilyevans
"Just because he fancies blokes doesn't mean he fancies this bloke!" ~~✩☽~~ wolfstar with a sprinkle of jily ~~✩☽~~ disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own th...
Jealously Wears A Green Mask | Jily by jamseypotter
Jealously Wears A Green Mask | Jilyby Alice *^*
"I don't know what you're all upset about Lily," Marlene said carefully, "This whole dance was your idea. You did know that dances require dates, right? A...
Marauders Oneshots by SupremeG0ddess
Marauders Oneshotsby The Supreme Goddess
Just some fanfic and oneshots of the Marauders! Hope you enjoy, and please leave comments and constructive feedback! [All characters belong to JK Rowling unless otherwis...
Wildest Dreams | A James and Lily Love Story ✅ by holly10121
Wildest Dreams | A James and h ♡
Lily Evans declared that she would never love or even like James Potter, the arrogant, Quidditch playing bully. When she finds out, to her dismay, that Potter is the Hea...
[On Hiatus] It Was Meant to Be (A James and Lily Story) by rainasteele
[On Hiatus] It Was Meant to Be ( Raina Steele
How did Lily Evans become Lily Potter? How did James Potter finally get the girl of his dreams? Follow James and Lily as they journey through their last and final year a...
Philophobia || h.p by Nancy272008
Philophobia || h.pby Nancy272008
Philophobia. The fear of falling in love. In which the Golden quartet find out the lies of a certain headmaster. Or... In which 4 Gryffindors find home in people they wo...
The Girl with the Emerald Eyes [Jily] by hamilace
The Girl with the Emerald Eyes [ k. ♡♡♡
Lily Evans is in her 7th year at Hogwarts. For the first 6 years, she hated James Potter and his arrogant ways, but something changed in her last year at Hogwarts. My fa...
Draught of Power by WoesOracle
Draught of Powerby WoesOracle
Harry was an anomaly. Harry was born powerful already; his parents were brilliant and strong witches and he was the product. But, when he conquered a piece of Voldemort...
reunions | marauders by -slytherpuff
reunions | maraudersby remus lupin stan 🥰
in which the marauders reunite in the afterlife. started: 10 december 2019 finished: 23 december 2019
Boyfriend  by Maddieemi123
Boyfriend by maddie
Potter was going to say that he wasn't my boyfriend. I couldn't let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn't tell...
Revelations brought on by a Slytherin by slyther-bi
Revelations brought on by a Ash Lynx
//I own none of these characters// Severus makes several remarks about him being gay hoping it'll get Potter to leave him alone but sadly his words bring upon him the op...
dare | wolfstar [DISCONTINUED FOR NOW] by -slytherpuff
dare | wolfstar [DISCONTINUED remus lupin stan 🥰
in which sirius black and remus lupin become friends because of a dare to text a random number. started: 3 january 2020 finished: n/a
Our Story ~ A jily Fanfic by meeblings24
Our Story ~ A jily Fanficby JCM
Let's be honest here, most fanfictions for Jily are poorly written, dirty, short stories about the frickity frackety that supposedly happened. I say most because I have...
Rotten Red by AsceticLily
Rotten Redby Lily Patton
Hermione and George are sadly killed by Voldemort. Ron and Angelina blame Harry and will do whatever they can to make him pay for his selfish ways. Which side will Ginny...
wolfstar one shots by shxnnxnchxmbxrs
wolfstar one shotsby S H A N N O N ☀️
remus lupin x sirius black collection of one shots gayyyyyyyy
Dear Social Life... || JILY INSTAGRAM AU|| On Hiatus by -trustbutterflies-
Dear Social Life... || JILY -megha-
I have wondered several times, what would happen if Marauders lived in this decade. Sirius could just text in THAT night- Voldy On his way, Peter sucks. Run ASAP. Thats...
A snily love triangle (snape x lily x James ) by MissMay9496
A snily love triangle (snape x MissMay
This story is about the life and love of snape, Lily and James only Lily ends up with snape not James (Errr so i had to get a new account so thats why there may appear t...