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Star Light by GeekyChick0223
Star Lightby Arya Suna
When Europa Gilbert gets the call that Jenna Sommers, her maternal aunt, had died from Sheriff Forbes, she rushes straight home. As the oldest of the Gilbert siblings, a...
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siren • klaus mikaelson  by BNChattaway
siren • klaus mikaelson by shmucky shmarnes
❝ You're cute! ❞ ❝ I AM NOT BLOODY CUTE. I'M KLAUS MIKAELSON, THE ORIGINAL HYBRID ❞ in which klaus mikaelson meets his match. [ season two! tvd ] [ first of the affinity...
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Eternal || Elijah Mikaelson by Breathe_Me
Eternal || Elijah Mikaelsonby James Bond
*Wrote this when I was 14, you've been warned*. --------- People would say that the two of them had been in love for 900 years. They just didn't know it until now.
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Soulmates ?~ Klaus Mikaelson by Imsoboreddddd
Soulmates ?~ Klaus Mikaelsonby Imsoboreddddd
Little Lockwood, the black sheep of the family, what happens when Klaus Mikaelson finally finds her after waiting 1000 years ? Stella has always felt left out of her fam...
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The Eldest Salvatore Sibling - Klaus Mikaelson by arowe16
The Eldest Salvatore Sibling - Kla...by arowe16
Aurora Salvatore. Sound familiar? Of course it doesn't. She was never apart of the story. She was on the outside of the loop. After Giuseppe shot and killed her two youn...
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"What can we do for you, Mikaelsons?" "Well, it has come to our attention that a certain blonde-haired, green eyed Forbes is being kept in the basement...
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COYOTE | 1 by Bee9018
COYOTE | 1by Tribrid ❦
This the story of Luna Rodriguez, a girl who want to be normal but was never able to be. She was born a werecoyote and always being hunted because of her rare species. S...
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Sister Salvatore ➳ Klaus Mikaelson  by klxaroline
Sister Salvatore ➳ Klaus Mikaelson by klxaroline
'She was a smart girl until she fell in love' A story in which the youngest Salvatore comes to Mystic Falls and catches the eyes of the youngest Gilbert. But what will h...
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A Soulmate (Klaus Mikaelson) by hannahxx98
A Soulmate (Klaus Mikaelson)by Hannahmariexx
Avery Winters, is innocent. Nothing more than a human girl, who lives with the Salvatore brothers. Both would die to protect her, both love her as a sister. Klaus Mikae...
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The Salvatore Weakness by fortheloveofotps16
The Salvatore Weaknessby :)
Caroline's sister is more then what her appearance shows. Returning from a boarding school that her parents sent her to, Lillian comes back to Mystic Falls anything but...
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Captivity | Klaus Mikaelson love story. by Nicoforeva
Captivity | Klaus Mikaelson love s...by Lou La
"You can't keep me here, Klaus! I'm allowed to live my own life!" // "Not until I know this offspring isn't a vampire. You WILL stay here until you birth...
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His Muse (Klaus Mikaelson/The Vampire Diaries) by xxzo0oeyxx
His Muse (Klaus Mikaelson/The Vamp...by xxzo0oeyxx
The second he laid eyes on her, Klaus knew that Bethany would belong to him. Klaus/OC Top Rankings: #1 in elenagilbert
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One Of A Kind || Elijah Mikaelson by fenghuang814
One Of A Kind || Elijah Mikaelsonby fenghuang814
Does it take someone 600 years before they realize they're in love? What happens if you walk amongst monsters and demons? When, where, and how do you tell the difference...
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Believe by the-winter-sxldier
Believeby 🄺🄴🄻🄻🅈
"If you believed When I said I'd be better off without you Then you never really knew me at all If you believed When I said That I wouldn't be thinking about you Yo...
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Astrid ||Klaus Mikealson|| by dorkimkay
Astrid ||Klaus Mikealson||by Kayleigh
Astrid is about Niklaus Mikaelson's first daughter who he and his family abandoned 1000 years ago to keep her safe. Now 1000 years later she's married has three kids and...
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His fallen angel// Klaus mikaelson by taytay3212
His fallen angel// Klaus mikaelsonby taytay3212
Claudia Salvatore. She's different from her brothers. Very different. She's immortal but is a witch and even that's different. They think she's dangerous and shouldn't u...
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Merciless - TVD  [1] by arios2004
Merciless - TVD [1]by Angie
In which Mallory Salvatore, formerly known as Mallory Montague, moves to Mystic Falls in hopes of getting revenge for happened to her friends in 1864, only to unexpected...
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SORCERESS⚜️New Orleans by TheKindredMikaelson
SORCERESS⚜️New Orleansby TheKindredMikaelson
Christy Nelson is a 800 year old ancient sorceress, stronger than any witch. She later, meets The Mikaelson's and becomes acquainted with them, and befriends others. Chr...
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The Other Mikaelson by Original96
The Other Mikaelsonby Stephanie
Esther Mikaelson hid away her youngest daughter and child to save her from Esther's husband, Mikael. In the present day when Esther comes back to kill her children, Erik...
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Filled With Fire by KayeM0412
Filled With Fireby KayeM0412
An annoyed Damon and an emotionless Stefan are in need of a little help. The reason? The Mikaelsons. Their answer? Their sister. Tempest Salvatore.
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