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I'm Luciano's  by xthatbishx
I'm Luciano's by bad bish
Sophie aged 19 is a normal young woman, she's a doctor, the best in the hospital, she studied hard to have her dream and is a very bright woman. She has a stable home an...
Aliyah & Lily's kidnapping by 1-800-puta3
Aliyah & Lily's kidnappingby theworldmayneverknow
"B*tch run faster" Aliyah screamed at Lily as they ran through the woods for their life. "Omg they're getting closer wtf I just wanted a f*cking fun night...
Kidnapped (Little Mix, Fifth Harmony) by EvelynHuff
Kidnapped (Little Mix, Fifth Humanbean
The little mix kidnaped a girl. What will happen when her past, family and her own brain get in the way. Will she survive. Read on to find out.
The Unexpected by Fayeslife
The Unexpectedby Fayeslife
imagine being clueless of who you meet, and everything going downside after it. well that's how bishy's life has headed. from being a hotel receptionist to a kidnapped p...
Heist  by luvvzay
Heist by ♡♡♡♡♡.
$ - get rich or die trying 💰
Safety First✔️ by Indigo_M3
Safety First✔️by Indigo_M3
Six years after his breaking up with Ruth, Jayden is getting married. But not to the person he loves. She's been keep It up with the tabloids and keeping her mouth shut...
Forgotten Spiderman by lovingwritingstuff
Forgotten Spidermanby Deadly Writer 100
Peter is kidnapped. He waits for his rescue. He gets tortured. He still waits for his rescue. But it never comes. No one comes. Tony Stark never come. It's hard to resc...
The Nestling Hunter   by francisarmentrout
The Nestling Hunter by Francis Danelle Armentrout
Dean is a Supernatural Hunter who was abused and raped by his father just because he reminded John of his mother Mary.Now Dean is all grown up and is one of the best hun...
Dangerously in Love  by iyndiasfate
Dangerously in Love by Iyndia Cooper
Lily was just in high school when her life turned left, all because of her father and his lies, her mother and jer lies. Cost her a life in debt. Lily now has to be on h...
Kidnapped by holy_caniff
Kidnappedby holy_caniff
When Olivia Dallas is kidnapped, beaten, and raped. What will happen when the cops finds her? Will her body be alive and well or dead and lifeless.
mafia princess | mafia by mattias_barbie
mafia princess | mafiaby heather
whats going to happen when alice goes to party, gets drunk and kiddnapped by the hottest most dangerous mafia leader in New York? WARNING: this story contains a lot of t...
The stalkers by Bhaddie_Bitch08
The stalkersby Kayla
Three best friends realize that they are being followed so they make a decision to stay together . they try to lose there stalkers but does it work?
My best friends brother knows my secret! by ScreamMyName89
My best friends brother knows my Raven
Terra has been through a lot at the age of sixteen and when Josh her best friends brother finds out her biggest secret she finds her whole world has been turned upside d...
MAFIA BOSS // PAOLO TORVAS by wheredoigiveafuck
MAFIA BOSS // PAOLO TORVASby wheredoigiveafuck
"someday you'll thank me for kidnapping you" Highest rank #4 in kidnapped #2 in paolo
Guns & Ice  by MammaChicken72
Guns & Ice by MammaChicken72
Katherina Maxwell a 19 year old who's taking care of her 4 year old sister because she just couldn't leave her behind when she had to runaway from her abusive parents an...
Red Ice by OmnipresentAuthor
Red Iceby OmnipresentAuthor
What if Aang died and the Avatar cycle continued on. Flash forward to the current series and there is a new avatar. It is a race to see who can find him first Katara and...
Like her bluebell eyes by blanctigr
Like her bluebell eyesby blanctigr
I don't own miraculous none of the art ( unless it says I do) or the character simulacrum I just wanted to write a story about it. Also all normal characters belong to...
Pretty Little Spy by Lillies-and-Rain
Pretty Little Spyby -_butterscotch_-
A new and deadly mission is presented to team Voltron and Keith is used as bait. Keith will be going undercover but he must change his appearance first, so 'he' will lo...
Relentless by TheMeganVictoria
Relentlessby Megan Victoria
Book 2 in The O'Connor Chronicles The cover of darkness lingered about, fraternizing with the subtle breeze, dancing, taunting the Earth like a twisted game only it knew...
DReAm COMe TrUE (Antisepticeye x Reader) by GrimReaper1325
DReAm COMe TrUE (Antisepticeye x GrimReaper1325
(Pictures and videos are not mine) (COMPLETE!) " can't be real!! Y-You're supposed to be fake!!" "Yes I was SUPPOSED to be fake, but yet, I'm...