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The Hooded Werewolf by _crimson_tears
The Hooded Werewolfby Crimson tears
A story about a werewolf girl that wears a hood to cover her face. She's snarky. She's sarcastic. She's funny. But she has a heart so soft that you could sleep on it. Al...
Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED] by Jenna__Rose
Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED]by JennaRose
"Stop the car." "What Naia, if I offended you in any way with our conversation I am really sorry, but we are in the middle of nowhere and I won't let you...
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Fleurie Collison the average teenage girl who is eighteen years old. She has a family, and she is terrified of her family, her mom got sick with breast cancer and died r...
Ever Seen a Female Alpha? Yeah I Didn't Think So. by tidalpools
Ever Seen a Female Alpha? Yeah I Tarin Rania
Females have always been seen as less than males. But that is all about to change. All those male alphas are gonna see just how strong a female alpha is. Highest #129 (0...
Manan ff- Mated to the Big Bad Alpha by riddhijeerawala
Manan ff- Mated to the Big Bad riddhijeerawala
It is a fanfic but can be read as a STANDALONE as well. Cover credit- @khizra_creations
What's Rightfully His by The_Real_Me01
What's Rightfully Hisby The_Real_Me01
"Mum! Can you look after Liam tonight, I wanna grab another shift at the diner tonight" I shouted down the hall apply a little bit of mascara. Liam was my two...
Running From The Wolves {Completed}   by thedevilsdaughter300
Running From The Wolves { thedevilsdaughter300
She is Hazel. Hazel Rose. She is 17 years old. She is a rouge, a lone wolf whatever you wanna call it. Hazel has had a hard life with abuse and fighting but not any kind...
Natala zavier a soon to be eighteen years old girl who was happy, with a family, siblings, pack, and power. But little did she know that the enemy is attacking, ripping...
Crystal by jaws09
Crystalby Oluwajoba
🌼Jade🌼 Human female, orphaned and had to move in with her cousin and uncle who is extremely strict. She has an Alpha as her arch enemy but she doesn't know anything ab...
Sunshine before the storm by RanaNadia6
Sunshine before the stormby Nonna naya
"Power is a ability to do good things for others." -Brooke Astor. A werewolf story.
Alpha's powerful mate by sunflowerdais14
Alpha's powerful mateby Sunflowerdais14
Atria Delima. Doesn't know her parents. Abused because she's a rouge. A demigod, witch, vampire, siren, and a werewolf. Rejected and run away from her pack. Engulfed by...
A Pack of Misfits by Mystic_Dragon_Lily
A Pack of Misfitsby Mystic_Dragon_Lily
After a horrible accident that left her orphaned and packless, Mystic is left to fend for herself at age 12. Alone in rouge territory with no one other than her wolf, sh...
Heart attack Luna by DAreddestpanda
Heart attack Lunaby Da Red panda
Axel Alpin is the alpha of the Moon Blood pack; Meli Carll is a rouge. He is serious and protecting; She is carefree and regularly jumps off buildings. After being hit...
Carmen's Rouge by cutiiepiieess
Carmen's Rougeby Lucia 🥰
Cursed. Cruel. Cunning Three words to describe Carmen. Live. Die. Live. die. It's repetitive for carmen. There's no escape from her personal hell - life. Scars upon scar...
My Way Mate by AliaDin2
My Way Mateby Alia Din
You think you can get away. Well it's in your dreams and believe me not the good ones. Ariel is a bold and possessive vampire queen living a normal life for past three...
Best Werewolf books by harlandekaisha
Best Werewolf booksby Kaisha_ Cole
This Book Includes a list of must read werewolf books that will have you howling. I just started this book a couple days ago, but I hope you guys enjoy! Please like and...
Sparks by KatlegoMathanga
Sparksby wolveslover6607
After Channel and her sister Paris escaped out of foster care. They move to a small town in the middle of the woods called Nowhere. After settling down in their new tow...
second chance mate by phoesrules
second chance mateby Phoebe
I can't believe I lost her! I just found her. My mate my beautiful mate killed before my eyes! The events flash before my eyes like they were happening all over again he...
Puppy...Mate?!? by ya_girl97
Puppy...Mate?!?by Nicole
Title says it all! :)
As Soon As I Met You by VK_1208
As Soon As I Met Youby Jamie
Started - 9/13/19 Ended - ?/?/? Seems impossible for them to meet But impossible is just a word Things are possible when destiny puts you on the line They say when two...