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~Island~ [Lee Taemin ff] by Taemin_Jams
~Island~ [Lee Taemin ff]by Someone
"Do you trust me?" When a simple boat trip turned out much different than you had expected. "Can I trust you?" I'll try to keep the fanfiction gende...
  • onew
  • taeminff
  • jinki
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Under The Moonlight by Sandalini
Under The Moonlightby Just a kpop fan
"Sukiah" "Yes?" "Are you afraid of me?" He asked me with his honey combed voice. I looked up at him and looked right into his eyes. "N...
  • taemin
  • romance
  • kibum
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When A Maldita Fall Inlove by dysngtnga
When A Maldita Fall Inloveby Ange
Ako si Princess Hanie Yu. Ang tinitingala sa paaralang pinapasukan ko. Never akong nainlove sa isang lalaki. Dahil sa sobrang maldita ko walang lalaking tumatagal na man...
  • hansyu
  • hanieyu
  • songhyekyo
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Key's Lock | SHINee Key by MSjaeyong
Key's Lock | SHINee Keyby MSjaeyong
|Rank #1 -key | rank #1 -kimkibum You and key have this sweet and sour friendship. Eventually key is your bestfriend since birth. Well his parents and your parents are b...
  • ot5hinee
  • frienemies
  • messages
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The Omega team: a Descendants of The Sun fanfic  by kenlie_1000
The Omega team: a Descendants of Kenlie Chu
Featuring OCs: Omega team is sent to keep guard and assist alpha team in Urk, lead by Captain Yu Aeri
  • kimminsuk
  • fanfic
  • descendantsofthesun
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Pretty boy || cmh x kth by rosieb557
Pretty boy || cmh x kthby IAmTrasheu
~Choi minho x Kim Taehyung~ It always might be a bit strange when you best friend is in love with your little brother. - top!minho -older!minho (Obviously) - bottom!ta...
  • kimkibum
  • shinee
  • taehyungbottom
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High School isn't so bad (a JongKey fanfic) [Editing] by Nikki_Chambers
High School isn't so bad (a Linae Chambers
Kibum hated going to school until he met Jonghyun
  • choiminho
  • leejinki
  • minho
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Forgetting You | SHINee Minho Fanfic by keys_burntgucci
Forgetting You | SHINee Minho keys_burntgucci
Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment before it becomes a memory 💛 started : 02/20/18 💛 💛 completed : 08/11/18 💛
  • onew
  • kimkibum
  • kpop
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SHINee Memes by heartmindandseoul
SHINee Memesby la vie est belle
Due to running out of lots of new memes for my SNSD version, I'll be starting anew! Enjoy! COMPLETE
  • kimkibum
  • minho
  • onew
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certain curiosity | lee jinki / SHINee Onew by stanblingbling
certain curiosity | lee jinki / v 💕💓💖
"you know I always thought of you as different" "how so?" "you're far more then just a pretty face, something like an angel disguise" ...
  • taemin
  • romance
  • jonghyun
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Confused | Taemin X Reader | SHINee Fanfic| COMPLETED by cheonsa_k
Confused | Taemin X Reader | Lee Cheonsa
"Mistletoe!" I point at the place above us. "Want to kiss?" I pout at her, cutely. She looks at me with wide eyes. We stand there quietly. I observe...
  • onew
  • teen
  • kpopgroups
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SHINee Oneshots by troubled_tribute
SHINee Oneshotsby Ana Robbinson
Best rank : #2 in kimjonghyun #1 in shawol Who doesn't like to read fanfictions about their favourite fandoms, idols, bands, characters or TV Shows. It's like an alterna...
  • shawol
  • shineefanfic
  • taemin
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A Shinee Summer [a Jonghyun fanfic] by dreamymtuan
A Shinee Summer [a Jonghyun fanfic]by dreamymtuan
Lee Su Bin is a 22 year old undergraduate who lives in Seoul. During her summer break, she is forced by her mum to get a summer job which she thinks she will regret... (...
  • shineeimagines
  • shinee
  • key
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SHINee One Shots by ambiijung
SHINee One Shotsby Amber
Just cute little one shots for SHINee
  • leejinki
  • choiminho
  • kimkibum
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Keys to Happiness by AndreaWatts
Keys to Happinessby Andrea Watts
Shinee's almighty Key has had all the wealth and fame he's ever desired but now he's ready for something more; he wants love. Aliah Thomas moved to Korea to escape her...
  • koreanfanfic
  • ambw
  • kibum
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SHINee Oneshot Collection by j0yc3ee
SHINee Oneshot Collectionby j0yc3ee
A Compilation of Oneshots dedicated to SHINee
  • leetaemin
  • leejinki
  • jongkey
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forever yours ミ❁ | shinee's key  by -redrose
forever yours ミ❁ | shinee's key by c o u n t l e s s | p t 3
"i want to hear it," "what?" "oppa. i want to hear it. kibum oppa," "why should i call you oppa since i can call you mine?" - h...
  • shinee
  • leejinki
  • kimkibum
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Oh, He Is... || kjh × kkb by Dinos_Blinger
Oh, He Is... || kjh × kkbby Jongkey Addict
Onew brings the phone to the table and taps on the Sexuality quiz. Flaming Charisma- You got: Pansexual BlingBling- You got: Gay Taemin- You got: Bisexual Chicken- You...
  • ot5
  • jongkey
  • shineeisfive
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Memory; JongTae by kpoptrash_88
Memory; JongTaeby milkytaemin
After Jonghyun's death Taemin is a complete wreck, but what happens when Taemin stumbles upon Jonghyun in the middle of the night? And what does he do when he finds out...
  • taeminstory
  • onew
  • taemin
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My Brother by ckh13elieve
My Brotherby Laeli Fitriani
Hanya tentang Cho Kyuhyun yang mencoba meluluhkan hati sang hyung -Kim Kibum. Mencoba menjadi adik yang polos dan ceria, meski banyak luka dan rahasia. Namun saat Kibum...
  • kihyun
  • brothership
  • superjunior
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