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HTSD || wangxian by tweekathistweak
HTSD || wangxianby zobadoobee
the illness.. called HTSD. "Lan Zhan.. I have HTSD" Wei Ying said to Lan Zhan. "What do you mean. HTSD?... theres no possible way!" Lan Zhan responde...
The Truth Of MDZS- Discontinued by veronica201917
The Truth Of MDZS- Discontinuedby veronica Joseph
mdzs or grandmaster of Demonic cultivation reactions to tiktok and animatic and shown the truth about Wei wuxian. all the pictures and video belong to their rightfull o...
This Time I Will Not Leave Your Side(onhold) by zaidaw75
This Time I Will Not Leave Your Si...by zaida
Wei Wuxian destroyed the amulet and got torn apart by his corpses. Lan Wanji was told that his soul mate died. Heartbroken he seal his own core and died a few hours late...
The Young Master Of The Four Seasons Manor (Onhold) by zaidaw75
The Young Master Of The Four Seaso...by zaida
After the death of Wei Wuxian centuries has passed . At the next cycle of his birth after the death of his parents three immortals found him and took him with them and h...
The Calm Before The Storm by zaidaw75
The Calm Before The Stormby zaida
There's a man going round taking names and he decide who too free and who too blame but he won't be treating all of them the same. When the man comes around. Lyrics from...
Rainbow 🌈 umbrella  by AnuskaRao
Rainbow 🌈 umbrella by Anuska Rao
rainbow umbrella represent the idea of protection, shelter and unity within the LGBTQIA community 🌈🌈 this story will be according to some drama and from my imagination...
The Twin Jades Older Sister (READER INSERT) by Lanni-MK
The Twin Jades Older Sister (READE...by ᏝᎥᏁ
"I've hidden this side of me for so long. You have no idea." Lan Y/n. Older sister of the Twin Jades Of Gusu. Blessed with Beauty and strength. And yet the spi...
Winter With You | WangXian by tweekathistweak
Winter With You | WangXianby zobadoobee
Lan Wangji, one of the twin jades of Gusu, Wei Ying, one of the twin heroes of Yunmeng. Both of them were cultivation partners, bestfriends. They hung out everyday, morn...
The Prides of Yunmeng (ON HIATUS) by -RyleeEzrael-
The Prides of Yunmeng (ON HIATUS)by -재화-
Since Wei Wuxian was adopted by the Jiang Family, he grows a strong bond with them. He also insisted on keeping his surname. Wei Wuxian is the youngest in the family, wi...
Jiang Sect's Oldest Female Heir (READER INSERT) by Lanni-MK
Jiang Sect's Oldest Female Heir (R...by ᏝᎥᏁ
"They sealed me so long ago. But now, it's time for revenge." Jiang Y/n, older sister of Jiang Yalin, Wei Ying and Jiang Cheng. She's way more powerful, along...
Broken Promise ( Alternative Universe ) by Varrshinny_thiva
Broken Promise ( Alternative Unive...by Wen Qing's Needles
Wei Wenxi is Wei Wuxian's older sister. She, Jiang Yanli and Lan Xichen are in the same age. Wei Wenxi accept Lady Jiang as her sworn sister. Wei Wenxi is Flower Alley'...
Amidst The Clouds by Synthia9646
Amidst The Cloudsby Lili [Hiatus]
Two figures dressed in white walked through the snow that blanketed the world with its chilliness. They walked toward the back hill and to the magnificent waterfall. &qu...
Unexpected Return! by lalisalove97
Unexpected Return!by V
A Wen Qing x some male characters from "The Untamed" What if I 'Wen Qing' has RETURNED, when everybody thinks I was burned alive? What if I Changed alot in th...
The Brother I Once Had by eiichisan
The Brother I Once Hadby eiichisan
After many years, he finally realizes that he and Wei WuXian were unable to understand each other, and now regrets that his pride is avoiding him of regaining that bond...
I can't let myself forgive. by Heyitsmech1an
I can't let myself forgive.by Tatami Takamei
Jiang cheng falls victim to a one-sided love disease, hanahaki. But the thing is, not all love is romantic. read to follow jc on his journey, and will he die, or will he...
To My Beloved Senior Sister by Moonhaters123
To My Beloved Senior Sisterby Moonhaters123
Sometimes the happiest memories will be the most painful sufferings. In the past he was the happiest man on Earth. For the sake of others he gave up his own happiness.H...
Twin Prides One-Shots by BubblyHippo1
Twin Prides One-Shotsby BubblyHippo1
characters not owned by me, and were created by MXTX in her series MDZS, written to fill the gaping whole that the twin prides left in our hearts
Iris by bee_rain06xx
Irisby Bee06xx
What if Wei Ying had an older brother ? A brother 4 years older than he was........ What if Wei Ying was not alone all those years in the streets ? If he had somebody to...
Reap What You Sow(onhold) by zaidaw75
Reap What You Sow(onhold)by zaida
Wei Wuxian knew that he messed up the moment he hit Jin Zixuan. So upon arriving back with Sect Leader Jiang the Madame in her rage beat him to an inch of his life and t...