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Dandelions (inozen) by kxdeyn
Dandelions (inozen)by kxdeyn
My second time posting this, hopefully it doesn't get deleted again. But this is a Zenitsu x Inosuke story! I'll work harder on this one than my last one. And yes I'm a...
A Inosuke x Zenitsu Story  by yukiolein
A Inosuke x Zenitsu Story by Link
Thanks for reading it! if you did, And Please tell me your thoughts in the Comments, Anyways the story plays in the normal demon slayer world, It's my first story and Z...
I'll hold you! by SROPITISTGBE
I'll hold you!by SROPITISTGBE
Inosuke wants to hold zenitsu smut? maybe
Inozen Smut by BuggyTheClownIsHot
Inozen Smutby Sin
‼️18+‼️Inosuke and zenitsu? Together? That could never happen. Right?
Inozen (high school life) by kyojurosimpforlife
Inozen (high school life)by animeshipsforlife
This is my first story and it's inozen. It's a high school life story of demon slayer
My Motivation | An InoZen fanfic by Et3rn4ly
My Motivation | An InoZen fanficby Et3rn4ly
Two teenagers meet, and due too their similar situation, fall in love.
Inozen passing notes in class: modern au by Shinobuisheree
Inozen passing notes in class: Shinobuisheree
"Ya idiot why are you passing notes during class?" -inosuke "Just felt like it"-zenitsu
𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐬 (ZenitsuxInosuke) by Akiwakio
𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐬 Tartaglias_sugar_bby
I don't claim the cover art, credit goes to rightful owners!! Inosuke is a very well-known student at his high school. He's mainly known to pick fights, scare other stu...
The Pretty Boy~ (Demon Slayer: Singer Au) by rabiko07
The Pretty Boy~ (Demon Slayer: Rabi-ko
Please respect my au and my ships have fun Reading! ıt might be bad cuz ıts the first time ım writing a story (ı did once but ıt was so bad ı deleted it)
Demon Tanjiro Oneshots by Anime_Weeb2121
Demon Tanjiro Oneshotsby Angel Darling
Literally the title :) SaneTan KanaNezu GenMui GiyuRen IguGyo MitsuShino InoZen
♡︎high school sweet hearts♡︎ (inosuke x zenitsu) by Zen_Zeni_Agatsuma
♡︎high school sweet hearts♡︎ ( ZenZen!
"i have something to tell you." "mm? what is it?" (modern btw-) ight, this story is about zenitsu and inosuke. one of them confesses their love, bu...
Inosuke x Zenitsu {Highschool Au}  by yukiolein
Inosuke x Zenitsu {Highschool Au} by Link
A Inosuke x Zenitsu story but it plays in the modern World, Ty for reading the story that is still in development! :0
"Never Would've Thought" [An Inozen Story] by -Useless_Child-
"Never Would've Thought" [An 📜-Mono Myka-📜
This will be an InoZen story obviously, so that means it's gay af. Be WARNED spooky scary rainbow flag stuff here!! 😨🏳️‍🌈 Jokes aside, this will generally follow a fa...
This Shit WILD (Inozen) by doobiedoop
This Shit WILD (Inozen)by doobie
art credits: MistyMayDawn !!WARNING 18+!! well not like you're gonna listen to that warning huh LMAO anyways this is just out of boredom so i wanna try for fun what's th...
Allzen art pics by Notuwushio
Allzen art picsby (sleep)ing-i'd be gay
ART NOT BY ME HOPEFULLY I FIND THE OWNERS but enjoy. (5/12/23)- 22.5k views... now it's 22.9k...
Little sunshine by archived_works
Little sunshineby Archive_kny
Basically a Zenitsu harem Original AU!(+overprotective nice kaigaku) You don't deserve this Zenitsu.. - - - - - - Let me help you... I do not own kny, this is my spin of...
Demon Slayer (Inosuke x Zenitsu) by 6crazy6person6
Demon Slayer (Inosuke x Zenitsu)by ryu._.kun
Hello dear simp! This is a Inosuke X Zenitsu (InoZen) ship story. It contains boyxboy relationships so if u don't like it u may fuck off thank you. Enjoy this gayness!✨
Demon Slayer || Incorrect Quotes And Headcannons by Peppermintey
Demon Slayer || Incorrect Quotes Your favorite idiot
Hello my beloved readers! I know, I know, I literally have two other books that I'm currently writing, so I probably shouldn't make another one- But, I have way too many...
[KnY - Edited] Log dành cho Zenitsu (AllZen) by Twin2011
[KnY - Edited] Log dành cho Twin
█ Tác giả: Lofter@涉嫌欺詐 Link gốc: █ Biên tập: Twin █ Mô tả: Đây là tuyển tập những truyện ngắn về các cp liên quan tới...