Imposterxcrewmate Stories

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Among Us [BL] [√] by QueenOfAllTrix
Among Us [BL] [√]by P. G. Bagaforo
An Among Us Fic with a bit of mystery, thrill, sci-fi and a little bit of love. 2 years ago, the space union issued a worldwide search for people who are willing to unde...
I Shouldn't Love You, But I Do (Imposter x Crewmate) (Completed) by ThatsVeryScandalous
I Shouldn't Love You, But I Do ( h
COMPLETED! There's one Imposter on board and he's planning on killing everybody. Well...maybe not EVERYBODY.
Yandere impostor x reader - Among us by ElectricDust
Yandere impostor x reader - ElectricDust
There is an impostor and they want you. However, you are scared of them Ranked: 1st in #amongus (October 3rd) 1st in #impostor (October 11th) 1st in #imposter (October 1...
Stargazing [Among Us Fanfiction] by GuzzlingEggnog
Stargazing [Among Us Fanfiction]by Guzzle
Red was given one directive. To sabotage and kill all the crewmates on this ship. But is it as easy as it looks when he realizes that one of the crewmates, White, is wor...
Black x Yellow by Twillightrose
Black x Yellowby * Anime/Gaming Girl *
One day, everything was normal. Everyone was doing their tasks and nothing happened, except... there were rumors of aliens destroying ships by disguising among the crewm...
Imposter Love (an among us fanfiction) by QueenFopsie
Imposter Love (an among us Queen Fopsie
Pink only took this job for the money, knowing the risks, but what will she do when the imposter who sneaks on board, is not interested in killing her, but instead wooin...
imposter x crewmate by Sidthesquip
imposter x crewmateby Lennoxx
Oc Ship book (oneshots) (mainly TB) by LuckyBaton6590
Oc Ship book (oneshots) (mainly TB)by LuckyBaton6590
Heyo! Can't get enough of that good old ship juice? Same! So uh I'll do random updates and you can all request whatever ships you like from my OCs. For this reason sto...
⭐️ Monsters Among the Stars ⭐️ by steamedbeefs
⭐️ Monsters Among the Stars ⭐️by ✨⭐️💙 Beef 💙⭐️✨
4 months into colonizing the planet Polus, Brown and his crewmates receive a call from the space station MIRAHQ requesting them to research a mysterious life-form discov...
Lust for Sus by hamburgerslices
Lust for Susby peanut.
Imposter x Crewmate (i wrote this september 25 on a google doc so it's pretty outdated. i rediscovered it and thought it was worthy of wattpad... this is a joke so i hop...
The Monsters Inside Us (An Among Us Story) by Taradactdole
The Monsters Inside Us (An Among Tara Dole
Pink always focuses on his tasks. Day in and day out. Nothing eventful ever happens--besides maybe getting a surprise kiss from Blue--until one night he sees Cyan and Br...
Among Us Short Stories by LuckyBaton6590
Among Us Short Storiesby LuckyBaton6590
The title says it all. A collection of among us oneshots Prepare for sappy, torture, ships, pain, emotional turmoil, death, betrayal, cold-hearted killers and much mor...
imposter by SylveonEnthusiast
imposterby Upside-Down Plant
these are one shots made to become Bibles in a realm. enjoy. police yourselves. this is not for children. no beta read, we perish like men. cover is from @/neytirixx...
💓💓Imposter x Crewmate LEMON/ANGST💔🍋 💓💓 by leelaxii
💓💓Imposter x Crewmate LEMON/ Lee
From the "Imposter" 's POV. Degrading, fingering, begging,c0mming. Gender neutral, you can imagine your desired gender as the "crewmate" too. So bas...
Among Us Lovers by errorX4420
Among Us Loversby errorX
amogus kissers (real)
among the love (imposter x crewmate) by dreamcoresmicropop
among the love (imposter x verosika supremacy
they both love eachother a lot, but ones a crewmate, one is a imposter, and the only way for them to keep him and her safe is to keep each others identity's hidden befor...
we met in the vent // imposter x crewmate by svssybaka
we met in the vent // imposter x mel
the imposter cant wait to kill his next crewmate... until he sees him and falls in love. !!crackfic!! or is it...
i-imposter x crewmate by sweet_gutz
i-imposter x crewmateby nico
i dont know why im doign this
Black X Red Among us smut lemon sex by sh0rttcake
Black X Red Among us smut lemon sexby sh0rtcake
THIS IS A JOKE I WAS BORED OK Ok so basically a crew mate and an imposter have sex and please read at your own risk
Forever Together (Red x Purple) by ScorpiusLupusBlack
Forever Together (Red x Purple)by •SociopathAssassin•
Many years has passed. Kenz is still heading missions as a 28 year old, along as Kylo as his co-captain. Dainel, as a 30 year old, is figuring out who the imposters are...