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In the Shadow of Darkness | Sebastian Sallow by findingtruenorth
In the Shadow of Darkness | Sebast...by findingtruenorth
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sebastian, Ominis, and Eleanor (MC) deal with the fallout of actions taken at the end of their fifth year. With a new sch...
Sebastian Sallow: Duel of Hearts by sweetnass
Sebastian Sallow: Duel of Heartsby sweetnass
A mysterious new transfer student from Durmstrang Institute, Hunter Woods, who enters Hogwarts in his 6th year. With his piercing blue eyes and jet-black hair, Hunter ca...
tell me {draco x slytherin reader} by _fivesixseven_
tell me {draco x slytherin reader}by not u
y/n is a wealthy pureblood in slytherin who is best friends with draco malfoy. this is basically their lOvE sToRY. draco and y/n have known each other since they were bo...
what if? // sebastian sallow by sadgirl9276
what if? // sebastian sallowby sadgirl9276
When Sebastian Sallow ghosted Jasmine Malfoy at the end of their fifth year at Hogwarts, she was left confused and heartbroken. Years later, she finds herself still unab...
It's always been you | Sebastian Sallow  by mylittleteddyddy
It's always been you | Sebastian S...by mylittleteddyddy
Sebastian Sallow and Hufflepuff f!MC began their 6th year at Hogwarts. After the events they try to stay friends but they slowly realise they love each other. It's my fi...
Cursed With Curious Minds | Hp Next Generation by EJRuler
Cursed With Curious Minds | Hp Nex...by EJ
It's 2020, long after the Golden Trio left Hogwarts and a new generation of students is roaming the halls. Astrid Williams is just starting her 6th year at Hogwarts, and...
In the Shadow of Power - Hogwarts Legacy by CaptMarvelous
In the Shadow of Power - Hogwarts...by Alyssa
Alayna Donellan is finally attending Hogwarts starting as a fifth year, but she gets more than she bargains for before she can even make it to the castle. She gains myst...
Hogwarts Legacy oneshots by sagegreen29
Hogwarts Legacy oneshotsby Kass ♡
Our two favorite Slytherin boys :) P.S- I'm more of a Seb girl so I'm sorry for the Ominis lovers- there will be some but most of them will be Seb #1 in hogwartsromance...
Frost and Shadow [Sebastian Sallow x Male MC] by elliot-bramwell
Frost and Shadow [Sebastian Sallow...by Elliot Bramwell
Within the storied walls of Hogwarts, a tale of magic, love, and self-discovery unfolds. "Frost and Shadow" chronicles the journey of two young wizards from th...
Heart of the Serpent: Ominis Gaunt (temporarily paused) by mm1997m
Heart of the Serpent: Ominis Gaunt...by mm1997m
Ominis Gaunt has a past and a family that shadows his life, a soul burdened with guilt he never believes can be forgiven. Wren Harding has never known a life of magic un...
The Undercroft; Sebastian Sallow by Surkia_surkia
The Undercroft; Sebastian Sallowby Surkia
Sebastian Sallow x Reader DISCLAMER: I don't own any of the characters in this story except ones that aren't in the game to begin with, I SUCK at writing so there's that...
Black Magic ─── Percy Weasley ¹.  by oscarisaacss
Black Magic ─── Percy Weasley ¹. by ELYSE 🦦
❝ is there a way to punch someone in the face on accident?... ❞ ───── 𝑩𝑳𝑨𝑪𝑲 𝑴𝑨𝑮𝑰𝑪 | in which alita byrnes tries not to bring random historians bac...
A Night On the Floor | Sebastian Sallow x Fem Reader by labbaloo
A Night On the Floor | Sebastian S...by A :)
Sixth year has been going off without a hitch until Poppy brings up the approaching Yule Ball. You hadn't given it a thought, but you suppose there's one person who you...
Hogwarts Legacy: Sixth Year by Leomantic
Hogwarts Legacy: Sixth Yearby Leo
After saving Hogwarts, the famous Fifth-year returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year. He will reunite with old friends, play Quidditch, learn more in classes and explore...
Hogwarts Legacies by mm1997m
Hogwarts Legaciesby mm1997m
Attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1800s are a handful of brilliant young students. Their hearts and lives are intertwined in more ways than one...
Lumos My Heart by -RosiePuff-
Lumos My Heartby -RosiePuff-
This is a Sebastian Sallow x Reader(y/n) Hogwarts Legacy romance fanfic. The story takes place during the game. You are the new fifth year student and you are sorted int...
Stories from the Vault - Hogwarts Mystery One Shots by YeraReader
Stories from the Vault - Hogwarts...by YeraReaderArry
This is a collection of short scenes from the point of view of Sarah Spellman while at Hogwarts and on her quest to find the cursed vaults and her missing brother. It w...
Protego-Sebastian Sallow (on hold) by sagegreen29
Protego-Sebastian Sallow (on hold)by Kass ♡
Sebastian Sallow and his best friend, Adalyn, had been inseparable since their first year at Hogwarts. From exploring the secret passages of the castle to studying late...
The Flower by syd_left
The Flowerby Syd
Your at hogwarts and you stumble upon a strange boy, he is one of the popular kids, and he's a Slytherin. One night he hands you a flower, as a promise.
Romance Festival - Hogwarts Mystery by YeraReader
Romance Festival - Hogwarts Mysteryby YeraReaderArry
The Romance Festival is finally here! Join Sarah Spellman and her friends for the outdoor activities, festival fun, and a well-dressed date. It's Sarah's fifth year at...