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Always You by CeaselessQueen
Always Youby CeaselessQueen
In a relationship, there is always gonna be problems in the way. Lack of trust is one of it. How about you saw something you never expected to happen. Whatever happens s...
For Her by KenZ_Dizzy95
For Herby KenZ_Dizzy95
Alex was born into a broken family, but it seemed to be even more so when his mom gave his new born baby sibling up for adoption. If only he thought it was broken before...
What If -Tome 2- by Melodies-love
What If -Tome 2-by Melodies-love
C'était inévitable. Enfin je pense. Mais ce dont je suis certaine, c'est qu'il fallait que je fasse sa rencontre, sinon j'aurai vécu dans le mensonge pour le reste de ma...
words i wish i could say by Slytherin_Wh0re
words i wish i could sayby Slytherin_Wh0re
Iɴ ᴡʜɪᴄʜ-☞︎ i say all the words i wanted to tell you but i couldn't not really poetry but i feel it's still so pretty creative writing so enjoy:) also you can always rea...
Owned By A Werewolf by phanie1996
Owned By A Werewolfby Squeaky
When she was 16, half werewolf/half human Arima lost her parents, who were murdered by another pack. So her father's pack took her in. But Alex, the new Alpha, had other...
Lacuma by J4sperj
Lacumaby Jasper J
platonic relationship? probably , read and u will know ;)
the journey of sidneet's love story  by Sumaiyaabdul
the journey of sidneet's love stor...by ~👑Sumaiya👑
I am a big fan of sidneet . so I wrote this story upon them . but this story is not same as their ,but the characters are them. it's a story of Siddharth Nigam and avnee...
Fall by ezarrasbishop85
Fallby ezarrasbishop85
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Structure by hestersamonides24
Structureby hestersamonides24
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Best by nunestripp82
Bestby nunestripp82
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Country by bowesschoon84
Countryby bowesschoon84
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Close by banerjeegalton91
Closeby banerjeegalton91
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Hold by miniersaetren44
Holdby miniersaetren44
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Spring by cattoszerencsi64
Springby cattoszerencsi64
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