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Sirius The Jeager preferences & Headcannons by Fxcking_Hot_Genius
Sirius The Jeager preferences & He...by 𝔐𝔦𝔲 ℑ𝔯𝔲𝔪𝔞
female readers only. I might due a male one soon. I might add more but these are the ones I'm currently doing Yuliy- shocker shocker the legit guy I'm obsessed with Mi...
anime oneshots [requests open] by akiihito
anime oneshots [requests open]by hajime’s wife aki ♡
Basically what the title says. Requests mostly, sometimes I'll do my own. Ask what anime I've seen! I can't list them all i've seen hundreds. I won't do OC's and you rea...
Pelembut untuk Si Keras Hati by mannowmelanie
Pelembut untuk Si Keras Hatiby mannow melanie
Rayyan Imani merupakan seorang gadis yang menjawat jawatan sebagai COO disyarikat bapanya dan bakal memegang jawatan CEO. Dia memiliki sifat yang kasar dan tidak boleh m...
Last Ones Standing - Yuliy x Sirius!Reader {Sirius the Jaeger}  by Anime_4_Artist
Last Ones Standing - Yuliy x Siriu...by Ew... School
When (y/n) first joined the Jaegers, she never expected so see another Sirius, let alone Yuliy. After years of being a Jaeger, (y/n) became a lot closer to her childhoo...
Sirius The Jaeger Scenarios & One Shots - a 1215 fanfiction by Sincerely_1215
Sirius The Jaeger Scenarios & One...by Sincerely_1215
OKAY this is an incredible new show and I have not found one decent fanfiction that is longer than 6 parts - without two authors notes in it - and so I have decided to j...
¿Ahora que quieres de mi? [Fei Long xMikhail] [Correción] by PhobieRose
¿Ahora que quieres de mi? [Fei Lon...by JeliRose
Fei: ¿Imagínate ser vendido a tu peor enemigo por el hombre que alguna vez amaste? Im...
The Puppet Master (AsamixFemale!Reader) 18+ by Sensitivepea2
The Puppet Master (AsamixFemale!Re...by ꧁NLC꧂
Warning: AsamixFemaleReader Will contain lemons, and the whole basket of worms not suitable for young age. Traits and story will stick to the canon. However, Akihito and...
New Student (Reader x HAREM) (Jin x Reader!Sister!) by ShootingStarAngela
New Student (Reader x HAREM) (Jin...by ShootingStarAngela
Y/n Kaido is the little sister of Jin Kaido himself. She received a call from him and was tasked to train Arata Sena with his awakened power called Overload. Once she ge...
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Owned By A Werewolf by phanie1996
Owned By A Werewolfby Squeaky
When she was 16, half werewolf/half human Arima lost her parents, who were murdered by another pack. So her father's pack took her in. But Alex, the new Alpha, had other...
Sirius The Jaeger Memes  by Jinkazu-VaSage
Sirius The Jaeger Memes by Jinkazu VaSage
(Sirius The Jaeger) A book of the memes I made after seeing there was barely any memes for the show.
Touch Sirius: Wolf Star by Magus-Zero
Touch Sirius: Wolf Starby Neeon Honii👽
(Sirius The Jaeger) People might say I'm foolish... But I am a Sirius. I am the last of my wolf tribe. But more than that, I am the protector of this world, and the con...
Drakengard x Reader by SumireSpaghetti555
Drakengard x Readerby A JoJo Fan Now
Let's just say I didn't see any Drakengard x Reader books, so I decided to make one myself.
Brotherly Love (Yuliy x Mikhail) by mikhailjirov
Brotherly Love (Yuliy x Mikhail)by Merit
Hours after their most recent encounter, Mikhail pays his little brother a visit. Oh, and he brought daggers. ~~So this started as a one shot that I randomly wrote but I...
Jealousy by Mako22Izu
Jealousyby Itsutsuna ei wen
This is a good moment to tease his dear little brother and see what he does.
What I Fight For (A Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Fanfic) by NiaLoverjpg
What I Fight For (A Xenoblade Chro...by NiaLover.jpg
A Xenoblade 2 Fanfic. What if Nia's confession left a larger mark on Rex than it did in the game? Note: This is a fanmade continuation of 'What I Fight For' (see https:...
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Mikhail X Fei Long (ManXMan) by Ms-Akashi
Mikhail X Fei Long (ManXMan)by Kas
Original Author: Reve_13 (AO3) Translasi oleh @Ms-Akashi Kumpulan kisah Mikhail Arbatov dan Liu Fei Long.