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Titan X by ericdabbs
Titan Xby Eric Dabbs
Sarah Lawson stopped aging. The Titan X program wants an exchange: the immortal serum she took for her husband's life. ...
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Alien X by Mandi_Pie
Alien Xby Mandi_Pie
Under extreme updating __________ Arina lives in a different world. A world owned by aliens, but not the ones you know. They’re human, except for silver hair and eyes. B...
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Special Section: Class 4-A by Stupidity_Pretty
Special Section: Class 4-Aby 👑Loiii👑
"Nice to meet you" "We meet again!" "It's nice meeting you all!" "I'm so sorry. Goodbye" "I love you" "I'm falling...
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PROJECT CPH4: 1.0 by JRscribbler
PROJECT CHPH4: 1.0 (First part of the trilogy) is the story of eighteen year old Londoner- Ali Ford, the Fashion world's upcoming designer who is given the opportunity o...
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AMBW 'Gunman Operatives' by myARMYgirl03
AMBW 'Gunman Operatives'by myARMYgirl03
Read It.
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inertia by FlareyGatomon
inertiaby Flaria
The world is always changing. If you are unable to change with the world, you will be left behind in time; always stuck in the past, never able to move on. Ever since...
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The Enigmatic Spiez by Jamseon_Ace
The Enigmatic Spiezby Mr. J♤
This is a story about War, Secret Organizations, Mission, Future, Spying and full of action.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del (#TNTHorrorContest) by RachelAukes
Ctrl+Alt+Del (#TNTHorrorContest)by Rachel Aukes
In a world where everyone is connected to technology, we are monitored every minute of every day. When a law is passed that grants an intelligent system the power to ins...
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His Maid is an Alien (Book 1) - Published under Lifebooks by darnellij
His Maid is an Alien (Book 1) - Pu...by Darla Tverdohleb / Darlene Bo...
Dahil sa isang misyon ay napadpad si Stauwraz661980 sa Earth. At dapat niyang mamuhay bilang isang tao pansamantala kung nais niyang makabalik sa kanyang planeta nang ma...
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Heroes Unite  by Creatureofdanight
Heroes Unite by 토니
245 years ago, a meteor shower hit earth and it changed everything, present day in 2145 technology progressed so much every since then, including the people themselves...
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High Tech: My Story Of World Domination by MES12345
High Tech: My Story Of World Domin...by Mikaila
Wattpad science fiction contest. What do you do when you want ultimate world domination? Join a group that wants the same thing. Make sure there are no losers in the gr...
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Stray Kids by LucyDragneel5552471
Stray Kidsby LucyDragneel5552471
Abandoned and left alone. Lucy Heartfilia has never felt the love of her parents. Until someone comes to the rescue. ...
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A Clash of Magic and Science by MarcFALugtu
A Clash of Magic and Scienceby Marc F. A. Lugtu
An accident in a military lab sent a newly created combat android to a world elves, dragons and magic called Elementalia. The Android was found by a young elf girl name...
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Beyond by kleeshark1
Beyondby WritingSparks
Phelanie has always fought for a better life ever since she was younger. Her dark past has hunkered down into her memories even though she tries to forget them. Phelanie...
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CLONES || eXo by MoonLightOfDubai
CLONES || eXoby MοοηLιghτΟfDυbαι
"Questionable beings have been spotted around the globe, causing abnormal activities. It was witnessed by many that these beings, radiating red energy, move and cre...
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Project Idun by kqi_writes
Project Idunby Kai
A project where communication between the conscious to a dying girl are made in order to bring her back from unconsciousness before death. A new hope of immortality is r...
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Interdimension Sega Neptune by Vocaloidfan007
Interdimension Sega Neptuneby user45370544
Hope is an outcast who is bullied tremendously and has no friends. However, this all changes when she is offered an Ipersona, which is very popular nowadays, by a myster...
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[REWRITING] Virtual Age: Exile Book I by Nozrac
[REWRITING] Virtual Age: Exile Boo...by George-Florian Carzon
In an age without war, where world governments are no more. Three cybernetics corporations rule the world! A society that willingly enslaved itself for access to the cyb...
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Purple Academy •On Hold• by Connachandesu
Purple Academy •On Hold•by Connachandesu
Purple Academy, a school full of different kinds of people from different places and kinds. A free school that lets you do anything you want, except there are also rules...
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The Rogue Guardian(HIATUS) by UpstartBuckle09
The Rogue Guardian(HIATUS)by UpstartBuckle09
You've heard of rogue Kells and Fallen before, rogue Hive, rogue Cabal. Okay maybe not, but that's besides the point. However, have you ever heard of a rogue Guardian? O...
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