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Titan X by ericdabbs
Titan Xby Eric Dabbs
Sarah Lawson stopped aging. The Titan X program wants an exchange: the immortal serum she took for her husband's life. ...
Aries (#1 Warrior Of Moon) by firedance_icesong
Aries (#1 Warrior Of Moon)by Quill Secret
Lyra is a human living among wolf-shifters. Without being blessed with a beast, she tries her best to fit in the pack. Just when she thought her life could not get any...
Paragon by VirulentCole
Paragonby Cole
"If you're lucky to have the finest of genes, then you're perfect." Sitting in the forefront of scientific progress, Paragon is known to be the haven of perfec...
Some Wings of Fire Facts by WAFFLEZYAIBOI
Some Wings of Fire Factsby Lady Cornbread
I don't know, lol. This was inspired by @TuftyKat
Mutateby Brandon Ogle
There is a new drug on the market, not very popular, not very noticable, just as they like it. If it grew out of hands who knows what they will have on their hands. Chao...
Fourth Generation  by DenimHawk
Fourth Generation by Denim Hawk
Humans can be perfect; and it's illegal if you aren't. ₪ ₪ ₪ In a utopia where mankind has perfected humanity by genetical...
The supreme god killer  by Yarel67
The supreme god killer by The Asura
The future holds unless possibility . The era of borrowed powers has long been separated thourgh the entire galaxy and more . The galaxy has long made scientific breakth...
A girl who grew up in a military base with her parents, ends up having to live with her grandparents and her cousin, to have a normal life. However, the small town of At...
Rare Genes by ninja_kittyXD
Rare Genesby Shaine
ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Being the miracle baby in a family filled with guys, well it can be a tough spot to be in. Add in that the males are shifters, demons, and a...
The Trickster's Scion by GabiGuce
The Trickster's Scionby 3 G
Centuries ago, there was a young wizard named Merlin, who was destined to be the greatest wizard to ever live Merlin fought an evil witch by the name of Morgana and is...
Jeanine Matthews by ellemason13
Jeanine Matthewsby ellemason13
when a young girl is raised in a world of prejudice and murder, she seeks for revenge. after her best friend is murdered by her own father she enters the experiment in s...
Five Minute SciFi Stories by elleseescience
Five Minute SciFi Storiesby Elle See
Love to read but don't always have time to finish a long story? Here's a series of five minute Sci Fi stories to read anywhere and anytime. These are bite sized pieces...
The Genetic Error by sparkling-shadow
The Genetic Errorby sparkling-shadow
We all know how fascinating biology is,indeed. My favourite stream of biology is Genetics. Whenever we hear the word DNA,the things that come to our mind is genes and n...
Science 10 by schoolnotes21
Science 10by school notes
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Altered by HATTIE_17
Alteredby HATTIE_17
Fifteen-year-old Ava goes for her annual vaccination as usual. But after the injection, strange things start to happen...
Prodigies Are Made by Look4Stars
Prodigies Are Madeby Thanatos
Kids are genetically engineered to be like the parents want them to be. Things like skin color, eye color as well as preferences. The company responsible for this outbre...
Breed by poeticgarbage
Breedby Sarah
"Wherever you are now, whatever you are doing now, chances are you are dead then. Because then is not now, and then is different. Then is a different lifestyle, a d...
Super Gene Bahasa Indonesia by RikkoAlkadri
Super Gene Bahasa Indonesiaby Ragam Novel
Baca Chapter Selanjutnya di : (Ragam Novel) Sinopsis: Di era interstellar yang megah di mana orang-orang bisa berpergian ke ujung lain dari alam...
Rebirth by MaoTheMighty
Rebirthby Mao
"Welcome all to the beginning of your new lives. Today you will be given a second chance, forgetting all that you knew before to better the community. You will beco...