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Repaired by V10l3t_wr1t3s
Repairedby V10l3t_wr1t3s
SBI gets transported to HermitCraft where they fix the broken bonds with the help of the hermits, but Dream has other plans. Dream plots to destroy Hermitcraft to ensure...
MY UNCLE IS WHO NOW- by V10l3t_wr1t3s
MY UNCLE IS WHO NOW-by V10l3t_wr1t3s
based on that one tweet but basically Phil and Grian are bros fluff ensues. Also i have no idea where imma go with this fic so theres no planning 👍 Story cover is by @u...
Watchful [The Watcherless Land Rewrite] by GalaxyWr1tesSh1z
Watchful [The Watcherless Land Rew...by Niki
Two years. Two years ago, ።ᔑリ, the youngest heir, disappeared. Two years ago, Ranboo showed up in the Dream SMP with no memory of how they got there. And two years later...
my ideas for hc x dsmp but I'm bad at writing  by AyiDaOof
my ideas for hc x dsmp but I'm bad...by Ayi
Hopefully some random person finds this and decides to write my dumb prompts
Hermitcraft x Dream SMP || Random stories by AyiDaOof by AyiDaOof
Hermitcraft x Dream SMP || Random...by Ayi
Like the title says, random stories. There will be 0 shipping in this book. All "ships" are platonic. I may or may not continue this. You are welcome to use my...