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Saving Haze by HimAndEye
Saving Hazeby HimAndEye
Warning: this book is not edited Elaina Wilde. She wants nothing but a new start and to leave her darkened past behind. Resorting to a small quiet town Riverson it had a...
Ellas Haze (Book One of Ellas story) by SykoStrix
Ellas Haze (Book One of Ellas stor...by Sinead J Harber
this book is dedicated to and created for @DevilsLover96 here on Wattpad. thank you and enjoy. werewolf haze/heat based fiction.
Haze | Demi Lovato by lovatic_chica
Haze | Demi Lovatoby rachel
After falling back into her drug haze, Demi can do nothing but watch as her life crashes and burns from the walls of her old treatment center, Timberline Knolls. Can her...
A Nymphet's Guide  by naivenymphet
A Nymphet's Guide by naivenymphet
A guide to all things Nymphet 💖 - Clothing - Makeup and hairstyles - Essentials - Movies -Playlists -And more!
Oblivion  by Aella_Grey
Oblivion by | 𝐀 𝐄 𝐋 𝐋 𝐀 |
-Third book to the Marino Series- Her family and life have changed since she was put in a coma. Domino's brothers barely speak to eachother anymore, and Ace runs the maf...
Purple Haze Feedback by Rikio-56
Purple Haze Feedbackby Rikio
This is the story about a character that's often dismissed as a traitor, but is just misunderstood.
Repertoire by StacyLNicole
Repertoireby Stacy Lee
Things I write in the middle of the night when I can't sleep or whenever I feel the need to put my heart into words. Poems•Prose•Short Stories•Artworks
» nymphette » by juliettedolly
» nymphette »by juliette 💋
tips, fashion, storytimes etc.
Mature or Fluff?[ Requests CLOSED] by Mary-Kozakura
Mature or Fluff?[ Requests CLOSED]by INACTIVE
Hey! In this book i will write mature or just plain fluff one-shots of ships! You're welcome to request what ship you want to do. I will also write a character x reader...
 The distorted soul (undertale x stand user) by danks296
The distorted soul (undertale x s...by Angry priest man
I don't know why I did this f it though I own none of the pictures or jjba nor undertale My first story beware of cringe
Kagerou Project Situation Games! by Mary-Kozakura
Kagerou Project Situation Games!by INACTIVE
Hey! This book has situation games from Kagerou Project/ Mekakucity actors. What's a situation game? Something like this: You wake up and suddenly, you see Seto in your...
Black Haze | 画像 by Akiko_Uchiha
Black Haze | 画像by Alice
Photos Of Black Haze Characters
Devil May cry~ Devils never Cry...right? by RarestheFire
Devil May cry~ Devils never Cry...by RarestheFire
Iris, a music loving, Demon fighting neko, finally meets he match when her and her group, meet the Sparda Brothers. Devil Never cry...or do they. Devil may Cry character...
ephemeral embrace | poetry completed by borderlineblue
ephemeral embrace | poetry complet...by r s k
❝hearts a charcoal black, souls a nefarious red; i tried to save him from it but i got caught instead.❞ [winner of UPAs spring 2016] [completed as of the 20th of august...
Dog Tags by champsissy
Dog Tagsby Champney
Sloane admired her brother for all he was worth even until the last days of his death. When he was killed in action, Sloane makes a daring choice and decides to join the...
That Monster Is The Father Of My Child (BOOK 1) by Dj_Remegia
That Monster Is The Father Of My C...by Doris Jane Remegia
"Isang Marupok na babae at Isang Manhid na Butiki, Interesting..."
Black Haze: Rood's (un)fortunate life by Chrisstory
Black Haze: Rood's (un)fortunate l...by Chrisstory
One-shots, drabbles and other things without plot about our favorite black magician and his friends/stalkers/companions/enemies/pets. But hopefully entertaining nonethel...
The 10th Member of Mekakushi Dan [Slow Updates] by Yami_Fumetsu_10
The 10th Member of Mekakushi Dan [...by Yami_Fumetsu_10
A Kagerou Project FanFiction Yami Fumetsu is 17, has the power to see into the Past, Present, and Future, and has been alive for centuries. How will the Mekakushi Dan...