Saving Haze

Saving Haze

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HimAndEye By HimAndEye Updated Mar 03, 2019

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Elaina Wilde. She wants nothing but a new start and to leave her darkened past behind. Resorting to a small quiet town Riverson it had almost seemed perfect. Almost. Elaina wasn't here just to escape she was here to get answers and the truth and there was only one person out there who could give it to her. 

Haze Grey. He was cocky a man-whore that resembled somewhat of a greek god perhaps. His reputation brought him popularity and girls drooled over him at first glance. 

Trying to survive senior year practically invisible Elaina is soon the talk of the town. 

With drama unfolding, plans change, secrets are told and hearts are broken. 

 All they need is a little saving.