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The Healing Bird by roseraven614
The Healing Birdby roseraven614
Quirk: healing bird The league finds a bird in a cage. They take it in but Dabi hates it. This bird does nothing but lay in a cage. Not a normal thing for a bird. He giv...
Flying Fox by axel-or-anime
Flying Foxby axel&anime
Hawks x Kitsune oc When the number 3 hero takes down an animal smuggling ring, the last thing he expects is to take a clingy, half blind fox home with him. But here we a...
My Rugged Heart [Hawks x OC] by ava_brynne
My Rugged Heart [Hawks x OC]by Ava Brynne
After Hawks is helped out by a shy vigilante with a healing Quirk, he decides to keep an eye on her. When he pretends to be her boyfriend for a moment to scare off a jer...
Fly High, Burn Bright by ahyescaffeine
Fly High, Burn Brightby aggressively sips coffee
Hiroko Kira, despite her morally gray outlook on life, decided to follow in the steps of her best friend and lover Keigo to become a pro hero, but after a particularly i...
𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐇 𝐌𝐄『 hawks 』 by tyche-
𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐇 𝐌𝐄『 hawks 』by nochu
⚠️ contains strong language Natsume Aiko thought she had her life planned out - graduate from UA, be a pro hero, adopt some cats and get married to have two lovely yet a...
Breaking News [ ON HIATUS/HAWKS ] by laurhaus
Breaking News [ ON HIATUS/HAWKS ]by ✎ ᴘʀᴇꜱᴇɴᴛ
❛ 𝓖o for the throat. ❜ ➙ 𝐼n which a cold journalist with a dark secret hammers in on heroes and some aren't taking too kindly to it. Hiyoko Mirai is a top journalist a...
May you rest: BNHA X OP! OC by Mavo_62
May you rest: BNHA X OP! OCby Mavo
The heroes want me on their side, the villains on theirs. Some might think I am being trapped between those two sides. Killing? Only if they deserved it. Saving? Only...
𝐆𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬 || bnha by Abisadeadfish
𝐆𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬 || bnhaby 𝕷.𝕯. 𝖂𝖆𝖗𝖉
"And in number eight, The Transparent Hero: Shatter!" In which the Shatter, a grumpy, sarcastic hero with a kind heart and a desire to do good, makes some peop...
My Little Angel | Hawks X Fem!OC by bkgsbitch
My Little Angel | Hawks X Fem!OCby bkgsbitch
Emiri Maki, a woman who had no interest in finding any new friends, meets not only a new friend, but possibly her soulmate. What hardships will they face on their journe...
Ebony {My Hero Academia} by EbonyAnimalSpirit
Ebony {My Hero Academia}by EbonyAnimalSpirit
It started with a single crimson feather One single feather, fallen among a sea of black.... Lost to the fluttering, ebony waves, cold and drowning Alone We should have...
Frigid Flame by Viperidae
Frigid Flameby Hunter Rivieri
"You're the only person that has ever convinced me to forgive him. Do you have any idea how lost I am now that I have nothing to fight for?"
Can demons become Heroes  by LizKitsuneKenney
Can demons become Heroes by Liz Kitsune
In a world where man eating demons come out at night to feast on human flesh and the demon slayer come to slay any demon that try's to harm humans and defect the demon k...
Phoenix🌻 by xStar_cascade
Phoenix🌻by x.star.x
A girl in UA high named raya has a quirk that let's her control energy when she sings and she has angelic-like wings. what would happen if she met a certain hero named h...
MHA X OC season 1 by izumibakugou352
MHA X OC season 1by Iris
This is my hero Academia.
My Angel by whiterabbitwriter0
My Angelby whiterabbitwriter0
Hawks x Oc Hawks became a pro hero at a young age and quickly rose to the top. He went through many trials so what makes him so optimistic? Who makes him so optimistic...
On The Fly by Excitedtree4293
On The Flyby Tree
*For the sake of my comfort, Keigo is still 22, Amaya is 21 and Miruko is 22* We expect a lot of things in life, but no one expects to be an amputee. Even if we consider...
Hawks x reader * On hiatus by hdjsjdbdhsjsb
Hawks x reader * On hiatusby hdjsjdbdhsjsb
A fifteen year old girl, the No.3 pro hero Seraph and the symbol of hope, Y/n L/n, has been ordered by the Hero Public Safety Commission to join UA as a student and part...
Birds of a Feather by rumpunchhh
Birds of a Featherby rumpunchhh
Kisa Todoroki hates heroes. Every horrible moment, every heartbreak, every single thing that's gone wrong in her life can be traced back to heroes. Six years after her f...
I was forced to marry my Playboy best friend (hawks x black oc) by Ember_amajiki
I was forced to marry my Playboy b...by Ember
What happens one day when you wake up thinking today is going to be a perfectly normal day when you go downstairs and talk to your mother and she tells you you have to g...
Angel // BNHA x OC // Hawks x OC by AvengeTheFallen1
Angel // BNHA x OC // Hawks x OCby Insomniac_Cat
Angel is the number 4 hero. Her civilian name? Nobody knows. Until she manages to get a idiot boyfriend named Keigo Takami, and meet the principal of UA. She is tasked w...