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Her Secret Daughter (Fairytail Fanfiction!!!) by punnypuppylove
Her Secret Daughter (Fairytail Fan...by Ashley Vermillion
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Mavis had a daughter? What if she was also the daughter of Zeref? Just how strong would she be? How would people react? But t...
Horror Slasher Boyfriend Scenario by RaevynEden
Horror Slasher Boyfriend Scenarioby Baybfayce
Ever wanted a guy who would kill for you? Well this is your perfect man! sure he may not look the best but his hearts as black as coal. I mean he has a heart of gold!
Bird cage - (hannigram) by lizzyciel
Bird cage - (hannigram)by E. C. Knight
Will, after a few psychological breakdowns (because of the deaths of his psychiatrists), was persuaded by his friend and colleague Jack Crawford, after seeking for a psy...
Hannibal X Reader by UncannyKennedyf
Hannibal X Readerby Uncanny Kennedy
You were a broken and abused person. You were kidnapped by a serial killer and he took you to Virginia. You escaped and found yourself lost in the woods. You've been liv...
The Devil's Guard (Hannigram) by lizzyciel
The Devil's Guard (Hannigram)by E. C. Knight
My (fun) take on the Millionaire X Ex-Assassin/Bodyguard AU Will Graham is a bored millionaire looking for a bodyguard. "Among eighty or so candidates, I had hand...
Hannibal's Daughter by jekyllxhyde
Hannibal's Daughterby Cynthia Romaine
The young daughter of serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, never knew him. Only that he was Dr. Lecter and some-what friends with her mother. She finally gets the chance...
Hannibal- Shes mine by annienibs
Hannibal- Shes mineby Annienibs
After being found in a cabin with blood, bodies and no memories Alexandra has to start over again. With the help of Will Graham it looks just possible until she meets Ha...
A Silent Plea (Sting x Reader) by MiriMattieDreyStrom
A Silent Plea (Sting x Reader)by MiriMattieDreyStrom
~Sting seems to hate the girl known as (Y/n). (Y/n) loves the boy known as Sting. (Y/n) has a secret. And it's not a good one.~
Dinner With Hanninal Lecter (Fanfiction) by ShirleyshiaTaylor
Dinner With Hanninal Lecter (Fanfi...by Lunar_Bee
This is a 10 part series about Noel Skye's encounter with the one and only Hannibal Lecter. What will happen when she meets him?
hannibal x reader  by sips___tea
hannibal x reader by sips___tea
You decide to go to therapy to make sence of yous strange life and book it with a Dr hannibal Lector who you had heard great things about. Little do you know what you st...
Ophelia Lecter.  |   Hannibal by TheCatsInTheShed
Ophelia Lecter. | Hannibalby Hjonk Hjonk Am Goose
Hannibal had a daughter. Emphasis on had. She went missing when she was just 12 years old. When a 17 year old shows up in the woods, close to death, she reminds him of h...
My Arranged Marriage to Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) by PrettyGirl_Reid
My Arranged Marriage to Spencer Re...by Mary Peace
Spencer Reid and Sophia Carter had an arrangement marriadge but they never thought that would be turn in love. Their parents knew on youth and became friends, when their...
𝐒𝐈𝐍 𝐂𝐈𝐓𝐘 † Hannibal Lecter by geraltsjaskier
𝐒𝐈𝐍 𝐂𝐈𝐓𝐘 † Hannibal Lecterby 𝙎𝙋𝙊𝘾𝙆𝙔
❝ sin city wasn't made for 𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍𝒔 like you. ❞ ❪ DR. LECTER X OC ❫ ❪ HANNIBAL, SEASON 1 ❫ © geraltsjaskier | 2020
Hannibal in a Cage by Uniquely_Specific
Hannibal in a Cageby Moon-Lamp
Hannibal Lecter is transported to a 14 year old girl's home after nearly being involved in a plane crash. And is then put in a cage. Rude.
Eternidad by HilCat92
Eternidadby Lady York
Desde unas noches atrás Will Graham es atormentado por vividos sueños de una vida pasada que no comprende, en esas pesadillas se ve a sí mismo en grandes batallas al lad...
Haunted (on hold) by missSigyn_14
Haunted (on hold)by Luchie Sigyn Laufeyson
"We make our own demons, and it will creep into our soul whether you like it or not" He said to me while smirking. "All my life, I was trying my best to...
Hannibal Lecter X reader by Kittenkaitlyn
Hannibal Lecter X readerby Kittenkaitlyn
After stumbling upon the house of no one other than himself, Hannibal Lecter. Y/N not only uncovers his dark secrets but her own as well. A Hannibal Lecter fanfic X...
The Lambs Still Scream (a Hannibal fanfiction) by Betelgeuse81
The Lambs Still Scream (a Hannibal...by Tallulah
Ever since losing her beloved father to the fatal wounds of a house robbery, young Clarice Starling's sanity has snapped. Living in Montana with her uncle Hector, Claric...
Copycat (Will Graham x Reader x Hannibal Lecter) by AvaLeeBen
Copycat (Will Graham x Reader x Ha...by Ava
Since I begun investigating crimes I had been compared to Will Graham more times then I care to remember. I will admit his ability to empathize with the criminals is ama...
Fresh Outta Baltimore ('The Diary of Dr. Hannibal Lecter') by notjeancastelli
Fresh Outta Baltimore ('The Diary...by Dr. Jean Castelli, PhD
Chesapeake FBI trainee Clarice Starling is sent to interrogate Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant but mentally unstable psychiatrist, stuck behind bars in the Baltimore H...