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snapchat | jisung ✓  by unbiasedlex
snapchat | jisung ✓ by alexis
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Stray Kids ↠ Get Lost by Clyree
Stray Kids ↠ Get Lostby cee [hiatus]
❝ It takes sacrifice to survive. ❞ -Zombie Apocalypse AU, formerly titled "No Escape" stray kids x reader started: 05.19.18 ended: 12.03.18 NOTE: UNEDITED!
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WOW 💥 Minsung by LIXIELOVE
WOW 💥 Minsungby ~uwu~
Excuse me noona, do you have a boyfriend?
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Condoms ✓ by YUKHE1S
Condoms ✓by 𝓜𝓖
"Uhh, where are the condoms?" HIGHEST RANKING #2 in Kpopfanfic #10 in Stray Kids #4 in Kpop #1 in Hanjisung #12 in Kpopidols
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『Stray Kids' Little Sister』 by -LOVEM0DE
『Stray Kids' Little Sister』by | A S H |
[COMPLETED] Stray Kids 10th Member FF ~ Started: 28 September 2018 Completed: 2 February 2019 ~
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Arranged? ➸ MinSung ꪜ by minsunq
Arranged? ➸ MinSung ꪜby s.
In which a boy is forced into an arranged marriage with a girl, but what happens when he starts falling for her brother instead? _______________________________________...
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stray kids ; imagines by mayorminhee
stray kids ; imaginesby 🦋
- 𝐒𝐄𝐌𝐈-𝐇𝐈𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐒 ➵ stray kids | imagines ➵ stray kids members x you ⓒ koalakai 2019
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hate | han jisung by ilyhyunjins
hate | han jisungby ILYHYUNJINS
"everyone seems to like you, except him"
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Ikigai ⌈Fast and Furious⌋ (✓) by caevkat
Ikigai ⌈Fast and Furious⌋ (✓)by caιтlynne
ikigai (n) - a reason for being Takana Kamata was at the top of the food chain. She ruled alongside her brother and her boyfriend over the people of the Tokyo Undergroun...
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Young Wings - Stray Kids Hyunjin FF by xuxiaowen_
Young Wings - Stray Kids Hyunjin FFby 徐小雯 (Xu Xiaowen)
"You will debut under the name ResQ. I expect a new member to join you after she finishes with her own promotions. Congratulations on becoming JYP's new artists! &q...
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STRAY KIDS MEMES by Zoralineee
NO NO CHANGBIN NO [25.03.19]
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Colors: Minsung by bigkpopstan
Colors: Minsungby leila
In a world where your hair color changes based on your emotions and moods, every time Minho sees this one boy, his hair is always black, no emotion shown on his face. Mi...
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သံု႔ပန္း Rate-M by thunshweyee376
သံု႔ပန္း Rate-Mby thunshweyee376
မင္းကို ခ်စ္မိခဲ့ရင္ေတာင္ ဒီႏွလံုးသားကို ငါကိုယ္တိုင္ အ႐ွင္လတ္လတ္ ဓားနဲ႔ခဲြထုတ္ပစ္လိုက္မယ္... HUNHAN YAOI... DRAMA...
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𝘥𝘰 𝘶 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸.  by -mymoonchild
𝘥𝘰 𝘶 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸. by 𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮 ◡̈
❝ squirrelsung: hihello, do u know 3racha? ❞ // on-going ♡ lee minho + han jisung || stray kids, MINSUNG
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Believe || • skz ff • by OhFretzels
Believe || • skz ff •by v a n
Stray Kids is a group of talented and hardworking boys striving to achieve their dreams to conquer the world with their music. But, one of them died, and it does not sto...
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Stray Kids Oneshots by Skz_Rubber_Ducky
Stray Kids Oneshotsby Rubber_ducky
♥~Though Woojin's gone, I'll never leave him out. I'll continue to write as if he's still around. "As long as I stay with my heart" - Woojin Mixtape #4~♥ Requ...
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HAN || Minsung by hoeforminsung
HAN || Minsungby baka
HAN is a very popular SoundCloud/YouTube rapper in South Korea. No one is supposed to know he's real identity as Han Jisung (한지성). What would happen if one of his classm...
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သခင္​ျမင္​လွည္​့ၾကင္​​ေတာ္​မူ by thunshweyee376
သခင္​ျမင္​လွည္​့ၾကင္​​ေတာ္​မူby thunshweyee376
စကၠဴပန္​းဆိုတာအ​န႔ံမ႐ွိတဲ့ပန္​း​ေလး​ေတြမို႔ပန္​း​ေတြအလယ္​မွာမ်က္​ႏွာငယ္​ရ​ေပမယ္​့အိမ္​​ေတြ​ေ႐ွ႕မွာထားရင္​လွပ​စြာပြင္​့ႏိုင္​ျပန္​တာမို႔ဂုဏ္​တက္​ရျပန္​တယ္​ ငါတို႔အခ်စ္​​​...
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MinSung-Text  by Inseongstolemaheartu
MinSung-Text by Anna
Jisung texted the wrong number. Minho got a text from an unknown number.
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အကယ္၍ by thunshweyee376
အကယ္၍by thunshweyee376
ငါ့အခ်စ္ကမင္းအတြက္ေပးဆပ္ျခင္းသက္သက္ပါHun... မင္းကိုမမွတ္မိခဲ့တဲ့အခ်ိန္ေတြအတြက္ပါကိုယ္အတိုးခ်ၿပီးခ်စ္ပါ့မယ္Han... HunHan Yaoi...Rate
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