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Ultimate Omniverse by AnimeEagleScout
Ultimate Omniverseby Joeseph Moore
Sequel/Extension to my "Helping Gwen 10" story. Plumber Officer's Ben and Shar are chasing a few criminals in possession of "Something Dangerous" and...
Helping Gwen 10 by AnimeEagleScout
Helping Gwen 10by Joeseph Moore
Ben is driving a while after the final battle in Ultimate Alien and ends up in a portal to another world. Ben doesn't get the new Omnitrix due to Azimuth not finishing i...
" shut up , i have a plan ! "
Fate Is In Our Hands by HarleyWinter6
Fate Is In Our Handsby Harley Winter
(This is an AU, it will be a mix of classic Ben 10 and the Ben 10 reboot.) Jen and Gwen Tennyson are both very aware that they are not alone in the universe. At a young...
Ben10 human girls x male reader by gentelmanbeast
Ben10 human girls x male readerby gentelmanbeast
Series of oneshots including human females from Ben 10 series.
5 years later Ben 10 omniverse and young/ justice league pt2 by Titanuimninja96
5 years later Ben 10 omniverse Titaniumninja96
5 years after the death of darksied and the merging of ben and the dc universe, ben resumes the hero life with the omnitrix, he along side rook blonko keep his home town...
𝘊 𝘏 𝘐 𝘓 𝘓 𝘚 | 𝐁𝐞𝐧 𝟏𝟎 𝐎𝐦𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐞 𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 by Ciel_Rider
𝘊 𝘏 𝘐 𝘓 𝘓 𝘚 | 𝐁𝐞𝐧 𝟏𝟎 𝐎 Ciel_Rider
The many Ben Tennysons and their adventures. Basically, dimensional crossovers and lots, and lots, of action.
Ken 10: Aliens Unexplored by SurfRaychu
Ken 10: Aliens Unexploredby SurfRay
Go through a journey and meet Ken's friends... and Ken's foes! This story focuses onto a future of Ben 10, which? Something between ALL of them!
Ken 10: Across the Omniverse by Titanuimninja96
Ken 10: Across the Omniverseby Titaniumninja96
When Ben 1000 is killed by Vilgax in a different Dimension, Ken acquires the Omni-Kix, built by his worlds Azmuth and Albedo, and takes a device that allows him to cross...
*A Christmas' Wish* by Themiracle_aya_AAM
*A Christmas' Wish*by Themiracle_aya_AAM
sometimes, we want something/someone so badly.. Yet, life has to interfere with its destiny to ruin it... Declaimer: I do not own the Ben 10 show nor the characters!
Gwen 10: Omni-Heroine from Past by JeymisPeixoto
Gwen 10: Omni-Heroine from Pastby Jeymis Peixoto
In an alternate Earth, The Plumbers have been wiped out by their old archenemy Vilgax, and Gwen's parents put her in a time pod to keep her safe for many years. Some yea...
Gwen 10 by crystal_pro_2024
Gwen 10by crystalline productions 2024
Gwen Tennsyon is hoping to survive the summer away, locked into a road trip with her grandpa max and cousin ben. However when an alien device does what it did, she begin...
Different Times by kaj_pyro15
Different Timesby kaj_pyro15
A sudden appearance from Eon and a figure he has last seen when he was thirteen, Ben 23 must figure out how to get them home but first, why are all the villains suddenly...
*Insert Rat Noises* by AlienPossumRat
*Insert Rat Noises*by Argit
Ya standard ms/b and stuff
Izuku-Awakening Of The Omnitrix by Benzarro
Izuku-Awakening Of The Omnitrixby Benzarro Da King
In One Final... Desperate...Hopeless struggle to make sure that Vilgax, present Emperor Of The Universe, doesn't get the Omnitrix, Azmuth sends away it in its Original P...
Gwen 10 Across Dimensions by MusaMaka
Gwen 10 Across Dimensionsby MusaMaka
This fanfiction takes place in Gwen Tens universe (sorta) Ben interrupts her doing a powerful spell (yes she has normal Gwen's powers as well at least in this story) ca...
Ben 10 fights skeletons by PFfanficrocks
Ben 10 fights skeletonsby PFfanficrocks
Ben 10, gren, and Kevin fight alien skeletons together, with some help from the peopls
Remember Who You Are by HybridOsmosian
Remember Who You Areby Kevin 11
A book filled with specific moments in this version of Kevin's life that are either too important to roleplay, or filled with so much detail that an rp can't simply conv...
Ben 10 - Hero Generation by Regentaltax
Ben 10 - Hero Generationby Regentaltax
Ben has seen it all - killer robots, crazed scientists, giant squid monsters, genocidal alien warlords bent on genetic perfection - but is he prepared to face it all at...