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Mission Impossible [ Gustavo El Señor #1] by Onnesherost
Mission Impossible [ Gustavo El yulleng.c
Isang lalaking hindi makaramdam ng kasiyahan at sakit. lalaking kinain ng Galit at laming. Kahit titig o hawak hindi mo magagawa, hindi marunong ngumiti o tumawa, kumbag...
My Unromantic Husband by greatfairy
My Unromantic Husbandby Jean
They say actions speak louder than words, but how I wish my husband's actions came with subtitles. Sa una lang ba talaga sila magaling? All rights reserved. ©GREATFAIRY
Stuck Saving Hyrule by InsaneCelestialGUMI
Stuck Saving Hyruleby InsaneCelestialGUMI
After a long week at school, Namida and her friends decide to have a game night. They had all been playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on their DS's for a coupl...
troller by adrianmanman
trollerby adrianmanman
a bad person who troll some peoples
The Faires Gift( a legend of Zelda Fanfiction) by ElizabethUnderwood7
The Faires Gift( a legend of ElizabethUnderwood7
From the time clover was a year old, she was raised by fairies but things always made her wonder, who was she and why did her parents just leave her in the woods. the on...
The Not So Great Fairy (Link X Reader One Shot) by katpad01
The Not So Great Fairy (Link X Lots Of XReaders
Based during Adult Ocarina Of Time Events Link is continuing his quest to save Hyrule from Ganondorf when he comes across a fairy fountain in the lost woods. He enters...
You Think I care? (Unedited) by Banana_Battalion
You Think I care? (Unedited)by Black_Rozes
This is my first story people of the world. It has a lot of flaws and mistakes. I'm sorry. You think I care? The answer is.... Yes or No It depends on the situation. A...
Why does he look so weird?! by AlphAOmegA151
Why does he look so weird?!by Fanfiction Parasite
Toon Link shows the Smash children a photo of Bellum, claiming that it is the 'weirdest creature you will ever meet". The others try to deny this fact. Hilarity ens...
The Past by akosibhebaicute
The Pastby akosibhebaicute
When you love someone, tell them how you feel. In this world, nobody knows who will stay with you forever. If you love someone, let them feel it. When you're in doubt...
SECRETS AND LIES by MykhaMykhiee
SECRETS AND LIESby Queenica Pearlia
She's a girl, like anybody else. But one thing's for sure: she's gorgeous and she slays. But people, human as they are, they much more see her imperfection. The whole s...