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The Chaotic Jester of Excitement (The Amazing Digital Circus X Male Reader) by Darkcooler78
The Chaotic Jester of Excitement ( Darkcooler78
a Chaotic Power Jester named Y/N that was once human that he was killed or was badly injured that he's new life leads to a virtual world that he has a new home and an Ri...
Because Of A Potion by HidingOnAnAlt
Because Of A Potionby HidingOnAnAlt
Caine is brewing up an antidote for the abstractions, when Pomni stubbles across it. After Jax trips Pomni when it's in her possession, she's been affected by it and has...
Let me [BEEP] sleep! by CodeCream
Let me [BEEP] sleep!by CodeCream
Copper-9, an exoplanet with minerals to mine and a cheap, easy-to-make work force to mine them: Worker Drones. With Worker Drones comes Disassembly Drones, their "n...
Only Human (Female Murder Drones x Male Human Reader) by The_Cosmic_Jester
Only Human (Female Murder Drones Marx/TMK
Upon landing on Copper 9 after escaping Earth's destruction, you find that the planet is inhabited by a bunch of drones. One of them, Uzi Doorman, finds you and quickly...
Murder Drones: Unforeseen Consequences (V X Human Male Reader) by WhisperingWells
Murder Drones: Unforeseen WhisperingWells
When Y/n was a child, around the good ol' ripe age of 4-5, he and his parents were forced to move into the Elliot Manor, the father being old friends and a co-worker for...
"I Can Fix Her" Serial Designation J X (M) Reader [Murder Drones Fanfic] by SwimmingInNowhere
"I Can Fix Her" Serial SwimmingInNowhere
After a near death experience, you met what others fear, the murderous and distinctive J. Something inside her stopped her from killing you after a short interaction. an...
⭐[Disassembly Enhanced]⭐ Murder Drones by ChaoticMicrophone
⭐[Disassembly Enhanced]⭐ Murder Microphone
Z is a Disassembly Drone that was sent to Copper-9 to help N, J, and V since they were being really slow with the murder process, but due to something that happened when...
🎪🍼TADC Age Regression Oneshots🍭🎪  [PART 2] by Blueberry_Fancy
🎪🍼TADC Age Regression Oneshots🍭 💫☆🄽🄴🅅☆💫
If you remember these oneshots from my old account @_Tigerr then shoutout to you <3 ________________________________________ 𝘼𝙣𝙙, 𝙬𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙗𝙚𝙘�...
Titanfall: Murder Drones by NightingaleMachina
Titanfall: Murder Dronesby Nightingale
(Titanfall x Murder Drones Crossover) ========== (A/N: Okay so I had to restart this story due to the fact my old account was closed/deleted. Most of the story is the sa...
Murder Drones (EP8 Prediction / Theory) by AmeenTheWriter
Murder Drones (EP8 Prediction / Ameen
Basically Murder Drones but my prediction. ! Murder Drones are owned by Liam Vickers and Glitch Production !
RandomUser's eNVy Stories by RandomUserArandomguy
RandomUser's eNVy Storiesby Random User
(Story 2 uses HoJa0248's OC. She deleted her twitter and i do not know whether she's still active or not ): tell me if you know where i can just text her and ask if its...
Jax X Reader (Y/N) by Ashipperoffanfics
Jax X Reader (Y/N)by Evan
Let's just make this quick. Jax x Reader (y/n)
Robotic Heart (N x Autistic Hybrid Fem!ReaderOc) by BaileyEmoUnicorn172
Robotic Heart (N x Autistic Bailey Rainbow Heart
The story of a girl named Adalie who lived on Earth with her family, the Kendrick family, until they moved to an eco-planet called Copper 9. She lost both arms, legs, an...
The Only One Left - (Murder Drones x Reader) by 4804294519R
The Only One Left - (Murder KayKay2432💙
After years of hypersleep, you woke up in the future where the population of humans had gone to extinction. You realized that you have to survive in this cold, dark plan...
All A Dream {Jax X Reader} by opalicojewels
All A Dream {Jax X Reader}by aerwyna
"Yeah, just keep grabbing at it, that worked for all of us," he said cockily, smirking at me. "Then how do you take it off?!" I snapped at him. &q...
Your Choice by HidingOnAnAlt
Your Choiceby HidingOnAnAlt
Welcome Y/N, to the Digital Circus! Unlike most TADC fan fictions, this one will be based on YOUR decisions! That's right! You (the readers and commenters) will decide w...
N X Cyn A romance to last for eternity by Mystic2341
N X Cyn A romance to last for Wisp_Candle
I was inspired. hear me out, I'm not one to ship N x Cyn but I support people who do ship them. I just wanted to write my own N X Cyn story.
Smg34 Oneshots ‧₊˚🖇️✩ ₊˚🎧⊹♡ by LOSER_wazhere
Smg34 Oneshots ‧₊˚🖇️✩ ₊˚🎧⊹♡by DONNIE!!
I like gay Mario recolors [PICTURE NOT MINE]
eNVy art (nxv) by DaisypeltlikesMD
eNVy art (nxv)by DaisypeltlikesMDandWC
look at the title !All art does not belong to me so respect original artist! !Characters do not belong to me they belong to Glitch Productions!
SMG4 Frenzarama! [SEASON 1] by HKNex07
SMG4 Frenzarama! [SEASON 1]by HaKN3x07
Follow Mario, an annoying half IQ plumber go on crazy memey adventures, along with his two best friends! Zkale, a 20 ft. tall reptile mutant and Buff, a small but good-h...