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Ghost Bird... Do You Copy? by divamobile
Ghost Bird... Do You Copy?by divamobile
Behind the scenes, the Academy has been working with the U.S. government to make a World Government or Utopian society. But after several catastrophes, a breakdown was e...
  • academy
  • familyfirst
  • victormorgan
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The Kindness vs Cruelty of a Stranger by AJGilbertson
The Kindness vs Cruelty of a AJGilbertson
Ever since she was young Sang has kept to herself, only allowing those she feels she can trust into her life. But when a kind stranger helps her in a time of need leads...
  • luketaylor
  • thriller
  • victormorgan
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Once Upon a Wish by yobshabob
Once Upon a Wishby Yobshabob
Dressing up as Disney Princesses to go and visit sick kids starts off as a way to fill time, but turns into something much more. *** This is an Academy Fan Fiction base...
  • kotalee
  • luketaylor
  • academy
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Message in a Bottle  by yobshabob
Message in a Bottle by Yobshabob
A mysterious message is found on the beach at North Shore, and it will take the Academy to unravel the truth.
  • blackbourne
  • luke
  • nathan
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A quite awkward meeting by Troublesinwonderland
A quite awkward meetingby Troublesinwonderland
Sang Sorensen bumps into Kayli Winchester quite by mistake, but the odds don't seem to be in her favour as it sends both of them into a weird situation that they seem to...
  • kayliwinchester
  • sangsorensen
  • scarrabbeetle
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A Home for the Holidays  by TheAwkwardBookGirl
A Home for the Holidays by Devin McManus
12-year-old Sang Sorenson thinks she's nothing special. Even when she gets accepted to some fancy boarding school for the gifted called Grayson Academy, she still thinks...
  • sáng
  • clstone
  • academy
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