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♚ Send Nudes || VKook/TaeKook Texts by taetae-71
♚ Send Nudes || VKook/TaeKook Textsby 민~
a story in which jungkook accidentally sends a nude to taehyung. - *turkish translation - kaiftjimin *balkan translation - jiminovbiceps *PL translation - X1oooooo compl...
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Send nudes by _howe_
Send nudesby a r i a n a
He asked her for nudes. She didn't give him nudes. He always asks for nudes. She doesn't give him nudes but she wants it. 'Send nudes, baby girl' 'Do u promise me that...
Watching the Musical by quotey-poet
Watching the Musicalby quotey-poet
The Founding Fathers are pulled into a room to watch hamilton .... there is no other way to explain this. I don't own the cover art
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wrong send | matsuhana by xheyoxdxn
wrong send | matsuhanaby xheyoxdxn
unknown: SHAWTY GOT THEM APPLE BOTTOM JEANS! in which Makki sent a message to the wrong person. best rankings: #3 on send #11 on send #9 on send
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Hello there stranger «Dylmas AU» by _NewtmasStories_
Hello there stranger «Dylmas AU»by «Softie»
Dyl-icious😁: Hello there stranger! Tom🥀: Who's this? This is a Dylmas text AU :D please enjoy >-< COPYRIGHT © _NewtmasStories_ 2019
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risk | ... by Iukaszpiszczek
risk | th
ricciardo; on going+ you're a risk i'm willing to take over and over again.
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The Letters I'll Never Send by Marycarmen01
The Letters I'll Never Sendby Mari
It's good to say what we feel, at least in a letter, so the feeling won't stay too deep, in a closed box. "Dear Ed, this is the first letter I write to you, the fir...
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Gacha book of edits and comics maybe by Yeetthecheeto
Gacha book of edits and comics Yeetthecheeto
Oh god please help me I have joined the cringey cliche gacha community of pron makers and noobs HELP-
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Adventures in being tagged. by Just_Because211
Adventures in being Just_Because211
This is just for whenever I get tagged, which is surprisingly a lot. I'm sorry in advance.
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Parent! Phan Oneshots by forgottenwordz
Parent! Phan Oneshotsby forgottenwordz
Various Parent Oneshots There are trigger warnings in each chapter stay safe my loves.
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Leon x Reader  by Lord_Of_Gay
Leon x Reader by That’s pretty gay
FOR THE LEON KINNIES AND STANS!!! So Hopes Peak is a boarding school and is N O T a killing game. Yeah. Will include some other ships (as in referenced) and yeah. First...
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my art  by SnapeTheShigiSnekBoi
my art by your local fuck up
Problem no ones gonna see this but cuz i have no ideas to storys have some of my digital art
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The bewildering truth by Shanea6
The bewildering truthby Bitch_am_bored
Jean victor is stuck in a alternate world where every thing he knows is backwards how will he deal with living with the female version of himself
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My Crackhead Sister by klancetrashforever
My Crackhead Sisterby Mar Mar
I would just like to say that my sister BEGGED me to make this story. I love my sister, but I will admit she is a weirdo sometimes. I have her permission and consent for...
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Mafia - Mafia | nct by mirohfirecrown
Mafia - Mafia | nctby kyle
Most of the mafia gangs in Miroh were feared. But then a bigger fear appeared. no i have absolutely no idea where i will be going with this, by the way. multi, mainly nc...
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Sally x Lazari (leel crap post) by sxft0yuna
Sally x Lazari (leel crap post)by CinnamonRoll
Sally and Lazari like each other de end.
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Detroit: become human | One shots, Preferences and Imagines | x Reader  by littlemissnightmares
Detroit: become human | One Alex 🛵🌻
Just as the title says: in this book there'll be One-shots, preferences and imagines with most of the characters from Detroit (and with the Reader obviously hehe)... ...
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Question Girls Are To Afraid To Ask Guys ?!?! by -missMqueen
Question Girls Are To Afraid To 👑👑👑
These are questions girls are to afraid to ask guys!😜💦 Hope you enjoy 😉 People have asked me to do this 👅
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Adopted by Elton castee ( can I dream) by Blue181818
Adopted by Elton castee ( can I Ash
A girl with a big dream and a big heart get what she deserved I know need editing, I Tryed my best and can you tell what could be better
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