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Jungkook's little// BTS/Reader by ladyb790
Jungkook's little// BTS/Readerby Peach🍑
You're jungkooks little and it's all fluff and kisses. Ever wondered what it's like to be BTS's spoilt little princess? Read ahead to find out. There is no smut. Only th...
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The Kid Next Door (Man X Boy) by ChibiTatsu
The Kid Next Door (Man X Boy)by ChibiTatsu
What happens when a man who have lost everything and has given up his life, gets saved by an adorable kid almost half his age? Read the story to find out...
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Draco Malfoy Imagines by HP4LIFE1234
Draco Malfoy Imaginesby HP4LIFE1234
Draco Malfoy fluff imagines May involve swearing I can do requests Tumblr thanx
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Spencer Reid One Shots by imoklahoma
Spencer Reid One Shotsby imoklahoma
pretty self explanatory. smutty, fluffy, ridiculous, and most things in between. also pretty dead. just gonna be real with y'all, don't expect updates
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Wildfire(Ageplay Lesbian Stories)   by FireStarterXx
Wildfire(Ageplay Lesbian Stories) by FireStarterXx
♥ Her fingers slid into the waistband of my shorts and underwear, resting on my hip. 'Pa-please...' She kissed me again. 'Are you sure baby girl? It's OK to wait, I pr...
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give me love ➳ zarry by fluorescentzarry
give me love ➳ zarryby alexis ⚡️
❝you know how they say, what was it? don't judge a book by its cover? well lad, this is a prime example.❞ zayn was your typical bad boy. leather jackets, motorcycles, an...
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Whispers Beneath The Waves (Boy x Boy) [Shortlisted for The Wattys 2018!] by beakyboo
Whispers Beneath The Waves (Boy x...by Becky Jerams
"I tell the sea secrets. I spill out all the things locked deep inside me that I can't say to anyone else. And I know it listens to me. I can't explain how or why...
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Teach Me, MissLovato: Guide Me (studentxteacher Lesbian Stories) by FireStarterXx
Teach Me, MissLovato: Guide Me (st...by FireStarterXx
Fourth book in the Teach Me series. They accepted that they couldn't fight the attraction between them. They found a way to merge their lives. Drama, heartbreak, deat...
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Teach Me, MissLovato: Love Me (studentxteacher Lesbian Stories) by FireStarterXx
Teach Me, MissLovato: Love Me (stu...by FireStarterXx
This is the third in the Teach Me series. Summer is over and school is in session. Stolen glances, secret messages, and sneaky meetings in closets isn't all that's in...
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Bakugo x Reader by seanthebookworm
Bakugo x Readerby seanthebookworm
A high school boy with a lot of problems loves a you who also has a lot of problems
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Do You Love Me?| Yoonminseok: Book 1 by AL_C_Hope
Do You Love Me?| Yoonminseok: Book...by αвℓε
Min Yoongi is an idiot. He had fallen for his one of his best friends Park Jimin. But of course, one unrequited love isn't enough he has to also fall for his friend Jung...
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Stitched up Heart(Homicidal Liu x Reader) by KiroganShiro
Stitched up Heart(Homicidal Liu x...by KiroganShiro
You were friends with the Woods family. WERE means now Jeff had vanished and Liu had ran off to somewhere and the Woods were all dead. After Liu vanished you felt being...
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crybaby ~gawsten~ by TheStrangerUniverse
crybaby ~gawsten~by Parker 💕
Awsten needs cuddles
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Someone To Fight For (Action Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Someone To Fight For (Action Agepl...by FireStarterXx
A beautiful young brunette has found herself in somewhat of a predicament. While battling addiction she landed herself in quite a bit of debt, that wouldn't just go awa...
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Ruel Imagines by NervousHood
Ruel Imaginesby Soft Soul Vevo♡
I'm just a sad and soft mess writing imagines *slow updates* #1 in Australia #8 in imagine
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words, music and other things ➳ zarry by fluorescentzarry
words, music and other things ➳ za...by alexis ⚡️
❝it's kind of a metaphor,❞ zayn said. ❝i like beautiful things. and beautiful things include beautiful music, beautiful words, and you.❞ mr styles - harry is the music t...
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Everything to Lose (Action Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Everything to Lose (Action Ageplay...by FireStarterXx
Sequel to Someone To Fight For. Lots of adjustments must be made following the events of the last book. Relationships are tested and spirits are broken. #16 in action
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Nishinoya Yuu x Reader Oneshots by akaashoe
Nishinoya Yuu x Reader Oneshotsby ❀ ouma kokichi no mono ❀
just a bunch of oneshots about you and the noya baby. mostly fluffs, tho. please pardon the grammatical errors. my english isn't that good and i tend to use the same wor...
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The Aussie Girl •Loubbie• by vintage_bxby
The Aussie Girl •Loubbie•by garbage pail kid
A Loubbie story where Lou is an exchange student at Debbie's school :)
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little space one shots [bts] by httpkhj
little space one shots [bts]by httpkhj
"soft bts little space to cleanse the soul" ↴ little space one-shots [bts] ✎ • highest rank: boyboy #1 • request open! • no smut started:...
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