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A Love Cruise ( Fliqpy x Reader) Happy tree friends by _Jokey4rdd_
A Love Cruise ( Fliqpy x Reader) H...by Writer’o’Fiction
Y/N was a doe, who was calm and lived somewhere in happy tree land. Due to the massive mysterious odor that someone left in some kind of hole, Y/N had decided to ask he...
Happy Tree Friends Oneshots (EDITING) by LancelotPuppet
Happy Tree Friends Oneshots (EDITI...by Lance
Romance is all around Happy Tree Town,and everyone is trying to find their lover. What romance will await them? Requests: OPEN REQUEST ANYTHING. ANGST, FLUFFY OR NEUTRAL...
flippy x fliqpy one shots  by Maniac_Clown
flippy x fliqpy one shots by Abyss G
cover not mine request open!! SERIOUSLY I HAVE NO IDEAS HELP
Everything is Twisted  (Flippy X Flaky) by FlippyWintila
Everything is Twisted (Flippy X F...by Flippy Wintila
Flippy and Flaky start to get to know each other through an online game called Vanquish by their avatars Flitz and Ice. After meeting up, Flippy attempts to work a relat...
Thief and the Hero by Gt_Trashbag
Thief and the Heroby Gt_Trashbag
After the events with Tiger General and Splendid's new boyfriend, Splendont has had to become more involve with society. Protect his brother and the world. What a load o...
Happy Tree Friends oneshots/headcannons by KnorkTheFourth
Happy Tree Friends oneshots/headca...by Phaedra Janssen
So Happy Tree Friends (or Htf) is a cartoon show that is NOT made for kids (should take my own advise). It has lots of blood and body parts through out the show. It's ch...
Yandere Flippy/Flipqy x fem reader  by Zackishot12
Yandere Flippy/Flipqy x fem reader by Zachary
you were new to happy tree land ( I don't remember where don't come for my ass ) you were walking around as you heard a blood scream you ran to the direction and looked...
💘Happy Tree Friends Opinion Ships!💘 by LiraJayJay
💘Happy Tree Friends Opinion Ships...by 💜Anime Girl💜
Hey guys! This is the 9th version of Opinion ships book that I have published and it's going to be about Happy Tree Friends Ships! It's 100% safe so feel free to comment...
Planned Bet (Flippy x Flaky | Flaky x Flippy) by MissTired88
Planned Bet (Flippy x Flaky | Flak...by
Preview from chapters "...So, what you girls talking about?" The yellow rabbit said as he pulled a chair to their table. "Oh, we were going to help Flaky...
You've Gone Mad | Yandere!Splendid x Reader by -Ephemer
You've Gone Mad | Yandere!Splendid...by -Ephemer
[Human AU] Splendid knew it was wrong, but he couldn't stop. He followed you, watched you, wanted you, but he couldn't have you--not when everyone else was getting in th...
The New Town: HTF x Reader by Gamergirl8029
The New Town: HTF x Readerby Eight
The New Town is a story where (Y/n) moves out of their childhood town to live with their best friend in Happy Tree Town. Their best friend has lived in Happy Tree Town f...
Flippy/Fliqpy x military reader  by ResearcherNotFound
Flippy/Fliqpy x military reader by Y/N
this is for all my Flippy simps the fanart is not mine!!!
This book contains Zodiacs but Happy Tree Friends edition! Nothing here is not meant to be accurate and is just meant for entertainment purposes only! I do not own H...
(HTF) Happy Tree Friends Incorrect Quotes by liftyHTF2317
(HTF) Happy Tree Friends Incorrect...by liftyHTF
Quotes inspired by the show Happy Tree Friends!! I don't own Happy Tree Friends or any of the characters!!
flaky x flippy  by beckcat300
flaky x flippy by beckcat300
A tale of Flippy and Flaky how they came to be......read more to find out.
Cold Blooded Vengeance|Bloody Bunny x Male!Hank!Mickey!Reader by Dracunyan1987
Cold Blooded Vengeance|Bloody Bunn...by Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
Y/n L/n was captured by one of the most dangerous and notorious terrorist groups known as the Crossbones Syndicate and was forced to become a part of their cruel and unu...
Two In One (Fliqpy x Flaky) by AKMarine
Two In One (Fliqpy x Flaky)by A.K
Alright so I was asked to make a Happy Tree Friends fan fiction about Flippy and Flaky. At first I had no idea who those two where so I watched an episode of Happy Tree...
My First Friend Is My First Love ( Flippy x Flaky ) by hana-chan_13
My First Friend Is My First Love (...by hana-chan_13
Flaky a daughter of a wealthy family ([a.n] by wealthy I don't mean that she's very rich,and if you forgotten this is a fanfic). She rarely sees her parents. When she wa...
The Flip Side by Obi-Wat
The Flip Sideby VoidJumper
Flippy is a 14 year old boy with no friends, and had real bad PTSD. He spent pretty much his whole life in the army, ever since his parents got brutally murded. Now afte...
HTF: where are you by Pinkiewish33
HTF: where are youby Alice “Pinkewish”
Fliqpy is add it again but this time he is determined to kill by torturing, raping, and kidnapping one of the notorious Raccoon brothers...but little does Fliqpy know he...