Skulduggery pleasant fan book by Doctor-nye
Skulduggery pleasant fan bookby Doctor nye
You are not a real fan until you've read this.
  • faceless
  • nye
  • fletcher
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Funny Short Stories by shortisme
Funny Short Storiesby Emma Lewis
Have you ever wondered what happens to that odd sock, which seems to disappear in the wash? What would a monsters helpline sound like? What do flies say to each other wh...
  • dog
  • socks
  • alarmclock
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Lord of the Gays (jalph fanfic) by gernard
Lord of the Gays (jalph fanfic)by it's all here
hey guys this is my first story! *rawr* XD i'm so pumped but TRIGGER WARNING!!!! SMUT:/&FLUFF™
  • boyxboy
  • flies
  • lordoftheflies
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Hope : A ruby redfort (LBaker) fanfic  by EmbersofMemories
Hope : A ruby redfort (LBaker) fan...by EmbersofMemories
This is an actual chronological book (yes I know me organise a story properly!!) It follows Bradley's resurrection from his eleven year death and will be different view...
  • love
  • hitch
  • lose
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Wrapped in Bandages by Cloakedranger
Wrapped in Bandagesby Cloakedranger
Confined to a limited space within her own home, Dez acts as though her conditions are normal. She lives surrounded by workers and is kept under the watchful gaze of the...
  • curiosity
  • flies
  • watched
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Lord of the Blind by Sherlocked21b
Lord of the Blindby Harriet/Harry
I know that this makes me a bloody nerd, but I really like this idea, so Dil with it. Lord Of Flies Fan fiction (I guess) All characters but Ariette aren't mine, so all...
  • cute
  • ralph
  • island
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FLESH ☼ LORD OF THE FLIES by iicedbutterbeer
❝ I'm the one in charge! You have to listen to me! ❞ or a modern day, slightly gay version of william golding's 'lord of the flies' warning; will contain angst, cursing...
  • piggy
  • stranded
  • survival
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Lord of the Flies: Roger x Piggy by lotfsmut_cloverstar
Lord of the Flies: Roger x Piggyby lotfsmut_cloverstar
This story is a short scene about Roger realizing his true self and what he truly desires.
  • lordoftheflies
  • rocks
  • roger
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