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Pokeplushman's mind by Pokeplushman
Pokeplushman's mindby Pokeplushman
Nobody reads this shit
  • mind
  • pokemon
  • smashbros
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fanart of stuff i like and my horrible art by resoNnx
fanart of stuff i like and my Res
my horrible drawings, hope yall enjoy.
  • rider
  • splatoon2
  • art
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smash bros ultimate x reader / one shots by pittco
smash bros ultimate x reader / i’d die for wallows
one shots for super smash brothers ultimate! enjoy uwu pittco 2019
  • luigi
  • zelda
  • ssb
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Honkai Impact: When Creation Awakens by _DocKrazy_
Honkai Impact: When Creation _DocKrazy_
Meet Ferris Zolotov, the adopted son of Cocolia after tragedy strikes. He seems like your typical teenager who wants to protect people from the Honkai, he enlists into t...
  • fuhua
  • smashbros
  • harem
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《Yandere  Characters Oneshots》[Requests Open] ☆Hold☆ by DevilKnife
《Yandere Characters Oneshots》[ ✧Mr.DevilKnife✧
《Games And Others》 Yandere Sim Deltarune Mario And The Music Box Mario games Luigi Mansion A Hat in Time Paper Mario Undertale Cuphead Bendy And The Ink Machine St...
  • bendy
  • stevenuniverse
  • cuphead
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Zelink One Shots by EmilyCreations
Zelink One Shotsby Zelda
A compilation of Zelink fluff and smut, because you all really loved my one shots. Don't forget to leave requests so I can make your suggestions a reality! I hope you al...
  • zelda
  • midna
  • oneshots
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Super Smash Bros. X Reader One-Shots  by honeyblooms
Super Smash Bros. X Reader ♡
~Note~ Hi!!! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! *WILL CONTAIN SOME LANGUAGE AND SOME SUGGESTIVE THEMES* *No shipping fanfiction *Cringe?? Yes *I don't own any of the characters, Smash...
  • ssbu
  • zelda
  • link
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A Smashing Life (SSBU fanfic) by Raquel_Popstar
A Smashing Life (SSBU fanfic)by 💘Raquel💘
What happens when a girl is obsessed with Nintendo and she has Wattpad? THIS, OF COURSE!! Follow the the cast of smash and their lives. I drew the drawings ;-; Hope you...
  • metaknight
  • kirby
  • pacman
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Never Getting Older (Nesscas) by DarkMagicDragon1
Never Getting Older (Nesscas)by Hopeless
This is the sequel to Not Young Anymore. Go read the first book while you still can! Lucas has been growing up in a big city away from Ness. Now that he's in college, h...
  • earthbound
  • nessxlucas
  • boyxboy
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World of Light: Fight Of The Light. by Justin464
World of Light: Fight Of The Justin
It came without warning. The monster Galeem had came without warning. Kirby is left alone. Everything is up to him. This is the Story of the Heroes were able to conquer...
  • smashbros
  • smashultimate
  • worldoflight
Kirby, KH, And Smash (Ft. Fire Emblem And Starfox) TK! Fluffshorts! by SSBUismymobilelegend
Kirby, KH, And Smash (Ft. Fire AdmonishedBlueberry
A LOT of Kirby, Kingdom Hearts, and Smash bros. Fluff and Laughter with a pinch of Fire emblem and Starfox. I just wanna make a storm of fluff since stuff just popped on...
  • metaknight
  • tickle
  • kirby
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The Click by Vixonimus
The Clickby Marvel || Vixonimus
AT LAST! The Neotheater sequel that nobody asked for, but wait! There's more! It follows an actual plot this time around! And looks like I've made a new ship! And an OC...
  • lin
  • vixonimus
  • ssb
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Super Smash Bros.: Love For a Child  (Toon Link reader x Fire Emblem girls) by SillyLuigi101
Super Smash Bros.: Love For a ⭐️~SkywardBlue~⭐️
Something I've wanted to exist for a long period of time. Also this is my first story, SO CUT ME SOME SLACK PLS. Also I am a pure boy... Ok maybe not THAT pure. There mi...
  • smashbros
  • toonlink
  • romance
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+Super Smash University+ by xoxoHotMe
+Super Smash University+by dimitri’s hoe
From princesses to knights, to bounty hunters to mercenaries, Super Smash University accepts all kinds! Located on a private island, only the best and most unique are e...
  • supersmashbros
  • zelda
  • link
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Super Crossover Bros. Ultimate by GirlWarriorX
Super Crossover Bros. Ultimateby Sarcasm Queen
BASICALLY Smash Bros. Ultimate but it doesn't have to be a video game. The only real rule here is I have to be decently knowledgeable on the character and it can't alrea...
  • ssbu
  • iftheywerein
  • ssb
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Twelve People, One House by em_peralta
Twelve People, One Houseby FE crack anyone?
A stereotypical damsel in distress A bounty hunter with parent issues A princess with no emotion(?) A fabulous princess- I mean prince A dumb Lord who is actually a bada...
  • friendship
  • smashbros
  • robin
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Would You Rather? by AngelGamerLove
Would You Rather?by ❁ Ꭺ N Ꮆ Ꭼ Ꮮ ❁
Would you rather open this book or would you rather ignore it? It's simple. Choose one. Choose wisely. Good luck! ;) ~Angel♥
  • game
  • smashbros
  • nintendo
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Fandom/Fan fictions roleplay (CLOSED) by DaisySparkle
Fandom/Fan fictions roleplay ( Daisy Sparkle/ Tran
A roleplay where all of my favorite fandoms (Super smash bros, WarioWare, etc.) and my fan fictions (Descendants of Smash, Smash bros high, etc.) go. I was bored, so ha...
  • roleplay
  • aphmau
  • smashbroshigh
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The Rise of Giga Bowser by TheKingOfKoopas
The Rise of Giga Bowserby Bowsey
''Ah its Bowser Run!" ''Running makes things worst let us just defeat him!'' ''Or We can just panic...'' Ah, Smash Land a beautiful place not following what happen...
  • nintendo
  • ssbu
  • smashbros
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Pit's Instagrama-Rama by pitcantread
Pit's Instagrama-Ramaby ♤ Pitto ♤
  • smash
  • pitto
  • smashbros
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