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THE MAID by Ms_CrimeInk
THE MAIDby Ms_CrimeInk
When Avalon Richards becomes the most goodworking maid in the Keegan hotel. She is rewarded with things she has dreamed about but bot Brad Thorne, tha arrogant piece of...
Manga/Anime Quotes by JackNisCool
Manga/Anime Quotesby Jack Newman
In this book, I'm hoping there'll be inspiring, memorable, remorseful, and some other weird things from anime/manga characters well known and not. Hope you like it. Jack...
Can Miss India fall for Mr. England? by InsanityPersonified
Can Miss India fall for Mr. Purple ;)
(IMPORTANT : This book is under strict editing. So, till the chapters are edited, the non-edited chapters will be deleted. If you do see any chapter, then thats the edit...
Makayla:The Last Cloud by Angelica1x
Makayla:The Last Cloudby Angelica1x
Realms Apart. Hearts Entwined. ~ Makayla Watson was just a dauntless teenage girl preparing to enjoy her summer, problem free and with no mysterious things happening... ...
Mask love by fantasy_lover7
Mask loveby fantasy_lover7
Let's get into a mysterious love story........ Mr. Gangster...Is he seriously a bad guy ...... Miss officer ...... Stuck in between love and duty ........ 🥂
The Killers by banjoo_
The Killersby Ivany Cale
Nangangarap lang naman siyang maging normal tulad ng karamihan? Ngunit pinagkait ito sakanya at pinatay siya sa muli niyang pag gising saang lugar na kaya siya napunta...
Roses of the Land  by 0621_an
Roses of the Land by 0621_an
In the land of Haestia, An Angel called Azrael gave The 4 season of the roses. There was Winter, Autumn, Spring, and Summer. And the ruler of the land King Callum sent h...
The Aftermath by PH_Walker
The Aftermathby P.H. Walker
{Trigger warning; viewer's discretion advised} We've all heard of the stories, the ones where somebody takes their life in the end, the ones where there's no point to go...
Business Or Love by AngelShanaya5
Business Or Loveby Sana
Kate Blackwell a well known business woman. Arrogant , cold hearted but gorgeous. Blake Maxfield a famous CEO.Arrogant and cold hearted but still breath taking handsome...
His Words by BlazeOut
His Wordsby BlazeOut
Suited for everyone!
A Thing Called Love by rxtronuggxt
A Thing Called Loveby 🏵Emily Jeanne🏵
When Lennon was 3 yrs old he met his best friend, Arabella. But, they are now 13. And about to go to there first middle school party. When spin the bottle gets intens...
Learned to Love:The Mysterious Boys by bangtaniemilkue
Learned to Love:The Mysterious Boysby DestinedToBt21
"Iba pag-ibig ah.. " Ang kwento kung saan malalaman nila kung sino ang para sa kanila sa parehang lugar at sa parehong dahilan.
AI: Re-Live by MikhaEvergreen
AI: Re-Liveby Mikha Evergreen
Evan Lynis, born on era of 21st century, one day woke up and found himself in a more than a thousand years in the future, along with many missing memories. How would Eva...
Runaway  by _axmaa13
Runaway by Life
Hey ! Welcome to Lauren Kingsley's world . Here you will discover things outside the box, out of ur comfort zone as Lauren escapes her isolated, dangerous home to forfil...
A Year To Remember by fanfic_v
A Year To Rememberby fanfic_v
~first story~ Harry Potter Fan Fiction~ I woke up to my alarm, telling me that it was time to babysit Harry Potter. INCOMPLETE
Compilation of My Childhood Stories by vvSandyofSteelvv
Compilation of My Childhood Storiesby 💙
Hi and bye Ciao Adios Please do not mind me making this one this is just to see of how my writing evolved and my imagination expanded as I grow from dreaming to be a wri...
Ambience (Short Story)  by jelijiroffx
Ambience (Short Story) by Maven Destiny
Creating a possible pieces of everythings.
The Hunted Vessel (Supernatural Spin-Off) by azariiaa
The Hunted Vessel (Supernatural azariiaa
Nathaniel has never believed in anything, whether it be religion, the afterlife, coincidences or angels. Especially angels. So when two Supernatural hunting brothers sav...