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J. Johansson's Stories by j_johansson
J. Johansson's Storiesby j_johansson
A collection of short stories by J. Johansson.
Jax x Female Reader ~ TADC The Amazing Digital Circus - not oneshots. by errorreaderdetected
Jax x Female Reader ~ TADC The errorreaderdetected
Cover from DeviantArt: JudyJun (The art is theirs! Not mine! All credit from the cover goes to them and they are extremely talented!) Stupid VR headset! I knew I shouldn...
Shadows of Sovereignty by lowkey_itzlize
Shadows of Sovereigntyby Lizzie
In the kingdom of Hyrule, where opulence and tradition interweave within the walls of the grand palace. "Shadows of Sovereignty" unveils the poignant tale of p...
Legolas & Saphie (original mc) by 1stories1for1you1
Legolas & Saphie (original mc)by ~scribe_of_time~
When Saphie signs up for the fellowship of the ring, she knew that her first adventure from home would be different, but out of all the orc fighting, evil monsters and m...
Am i dreaming or recalling the memories from my past life? Dilemma between my life and my love... After battling with tons of problem with regrets, tears, betrayals and...
The Lost Realm of Asteria by wee4288
The Lost Realm of Asteriaby WHATEVER
Seventeen-year-old Adeline Lovell is left devastated after witnessing a heart-wrenching sight. Only to be thrown into a completely new world after a car crash. The Realm...
Crystal by kimliannLY
Crystalby Ms. Ly
Ang kaharian ng Frostine ang pinakamaganda at ang pinakamayamang kaharian sa Norte. Ang kaharian ng Frostine ang nag iisang kaharian na hindi saakop ng the Great Central...
Not so heartless D| Salvatore  by legoellis
Not so heartless D| Salvatore by TonyStank
Y/n Gilbert is in her last year of high school. After the death of her parents, nothing has felt the same. And when the Salvatore brothers come to town, nothing ever wil...
Celestial Bond by drewcar
Celestial Bondby drewcar
Embark on an interstellar odyssey with "Celestial Bonds." Valorion scientist Zara, Zenthorian wanderer Xylo, and a Sylvanorian engineer Lyra find their destini...
The Hidden Enchantress of the Forest by MareLrea
The Hidden Enchantress of the MareLrea
In the depths of an ancient forest, where the boundaries between the human and mystical realms blurred, lived the Hidden Enchantress of the Forest. She was a captivating...
✔ Kin of the Curse | Book 1 by AliKatMeow
✔ Kin of the Curse | Book 1by Kitty Kat
(Book 1) Vampire corpses are discovered by the Supernatural Council, all with the same black magic residue at the crime scene. With no perpetrator to catch, everyone cas...
Ocean's embrace by MariahRosalieAfton
Ocean's embraceby Venti simp
What happens when a ship maiden frees a male siren from capture and finds solace in his presence as does he?
5 by MH1Leywin
5by Ricardo Joubert
A group of 5 friends traverse lifetimes and realities. A rouge like rpg setting in which 5 friends return to the past upon the death of the final member alive in their t...
අගි by QingKATU2002
අගිby Charithra Jayani
රහස් වලින් වට වෙච්ච වේදනා බර අතීතෙක හිරවෙච්ච නිහඩ පෙම්වතුනි..... 🥀 අහිමි වීමේ දරාගැනීම වේදනාවෙ උපරිමය කටුකම කාර්තුවක අවසානය බලාපොරොත්තු වන්න නමක් නැති බැදීම් තිය...
My Alien Princess  by guqbaeficx
My Alien Princess by Author A
She is a Princess from another planet but he made her queen on his planet (earth)....
The Land Of Lust by HaileyChinnapan
The Land Of Lustby Hailey Chinnapan
Land of lust...a place where Humans are deprived of love. Mate with felines. A cross between reality and a lustful land filled with desire and people falling downward
A new life In a new world by megatrix123
A new life In a new worldby Megatrix123
Apparently, I died while helping an old woman cross the road the old woman passed the road but not me I was hit by a truck and then reincarnated to a new world of magic...
Solitary Sword Sovereign Part 2 by theonionjunktion
Solitary Sword Sovereign Part 2by The Onion Junktion
This is a continuation of Solitary Sword Sovereign. Read part 1 first before reading part 2. .... One day, every human on earth was given a class and gained abilities...
Rimuru The God Of Origin by chaos_creator25
Rimuru The God Of Originby Fishdog
what if rimuru defeat veldanava but rimuru don't want attention but not naïve enough to be take a fool what if only few people know him and only hear about him and his...
There Is A Tree by DDdigital
There Is A Treeby Daniel David
Been working on this weird little short story on and off for about a year. 'There Is A Tree' is a playful story that began with a talking cicada. It explores ideas aroun...