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Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus and Fanloids! by MellonWrites
Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus Michael
Welcome one and all! Ask your questions! Send some dares! Respect their personal boundaries or Mayu will get you! All Vocaloids, Utaus/Vipperloids, and Fanloids are open...
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08. [[Pikase]] by Ookamii_is_dead
08. [[Pikase]]by Ookamii
08, that hero everyone loved and perished. Despite not knowing who he was you could count on him. Fukase never thought he could meet him one day, and even save him from...
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Kagamine Love Story [Kagamine One-shots] by MegumiKuween
Kagamine Love Story [Kagamine *KIA*
Rin loves Len, Len likes Lenka, Rinto loves Lenka, Lenka likes Len. What else can I say about this one-shot? (Rin x Len and Rinto x Lenka) Now adding Kagamine one-shots...
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Mikuo Hatsune x Reader oneshots/ext. by Lotus_Windows
Mikuo Hatsune x Reader oneshots/ I Gave Up on Writting
What do you think? You can request if you want.
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Cuộc sống trung học thường ngày của các vocal~  (Vocaloid Fanfic) by ViLe2006
Cuộc sống trung học thường ngày củ Ruki
Các vocal sẽ như thế nào nếu là học sinh và sống một cuộc sống trung học bình thường? Với ngoại hình khác nhau, giọng nói khác nhau và tính cách khác nhau, cuộc sống tru...
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Fichas (Vocaloid/ Fanloid/ Utauloid) by CelesteLamboglia7
Fichas (Vocaloid/ Fanloid/ Jeff kawaii
Fichas de vocaloid. Una ficha es una descripción de una cosa u algo, en este caso es una descripción de un personaje como Miku, Rin o Len. ¿Que es un V...
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Don't Mind The Blood. by Lunithy
Don't Mind The Lunithy
it's been 18 years since the drama started, 16 years since the torture started, and 10 years since I became something, that nobody would look up to.
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Yowane Haku x Honne Dell by reptiliangoddess
Yowane Haku x Honne Dellby Lola  ̄ω ̄
The Haku x Dell fanfic~
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Vocaloid's Birthday List by NhmB10
Vocaloid's Birthday Listby ☆Lilias☆
About the Vocaloid, Fanloid, Utauloid, Utaite
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Hablemos de Vocaloid by r-rainbxw
Hablemos de Vocaloidby —;;✿
Algunas opiniones sobre el fandom de Vocaloid, UTAU, Fanloid y Utaite
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Reflection by YukariMegurine
Reflectionby Yukari The Cat
Cold, dead, cruel eyes pierce through me. Starring at my reflection, I contemplate everything that is happening.... Mikuo, a friend of mine, is being stalked, and I'm hi...
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The "Miss Attitude" Of Vocaloid by SunakiChiharu
The "Miss Attitude" Of Vocaloidby SunakiChiharu
What Happens when Sunaki finally makes her brother Burst in Tears? Will she turn into Duke Venomania Reversed just to make her only brother Jealous? Read as this Forbid...
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Rui-chan's book of asks, dares, reacts and stuff! [NOT RUI ANYMORE] by MegumiKuween
Rui-chan's book of asks, dares, *KIA*
*sees all Kagamine books by Admin* It isn't fair!! Heyo! Rui Kagene here, and since I read the books where my cousins are in, I decided to force my admin in making me on...
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× ⓜⓨ ⓐⓡⓣ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓢⓣⓤⓕⓕ × by WorldOrder-02
× ⓜⓨ ⓐⓡⓣ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓢⓣⓤⓕⓕ ×by WORLD ORDER × 02
All my drawings, all for you to cringe at.
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Miwaku's Art book 2 by MiwakuOcelot
Miwaku's Art book 2by MiwakuOcelot
.3. Just wanting to show off my most recent art improvements.
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El suelo es...  [ Vocaloid; UTAU; Fanloid] by r-rainbxw
El suelo es... [ Vocaloid; UTAU; —;;✿
El suelo es... Vocaloid, UTAU, Fanloid Donde te hare preguntas sobre ships, personajes, etc y tu decides si saltar o lazarte al suelo (Créditos a @-Dxnna- por la temátic...
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A New Look to an Old Book ( Suicidal/Oliver x Tomboyish/Rin)  by May845
A New Look to an Old Book ( May845
Poor Oliver, he been bullied for his entire life and doesn't have many friends. His dream is become a song artist and to get away from his miserable life. But that will...
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Winter Days by closet_shota
Winter Daysby Kagamine Rinto
A small love story between my vocaloid OC's and one of my friends. This stuff is not cannon, so Morgan, just accept it. Michi Oshiro is a first year high schooler that...
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Kagene Rei x Hatsune Mikuo (Re-write) by Aninten
Kagene Rei x Hatsune Mikuo ( Aninten
Just a re-write of the story with the same title. ~ The Kagene Twins have been enrolled into a new school which they have soon found quite "interesting". This...
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