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Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus and Fanloids! by suiminouji
Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus Michael
*Closed* Welcome one and all! Ask your questions! Send some dares! Respect their personal boundaries or Mayu will get you! All Vocaloids, Utaus/Vipperloids, and Fanloids...
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Fichas (Vocaloid/ Fanloid/ Utauloid) by CelesteLamboglia7
Fichas (Vocaloid/ Fanloid/ Jeff kawaii
Fichas de vocaloid. Una ficha es una descripción de una cosa u algo, en este caso es una descripción de un personaje como Miku, Rin o Len. ¿Que es un V...
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Vocaloid ship reactions! by Lillypad524
Vocaloid ship reactions!by Lillypad
A list of me reacting to Vocaloid ships! Feel free to request ships! (Even selfcest ships!) I do not own any images or videos in this story!
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My Fairy Tale Utatane Piko X Reader X Kurotane Piko by Oo-Maika-oO
My Fairy Tale Utatane Piko X Oo-Maika-oO
A love triangle between Utatane Piko, Kurotane Piko and you! Set in modern society, the word 'fantasy' maintains its existence in your mind as well as your life. Appeara...
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My vocaloid ship reactions by Vocaloidfan1
My vocaloid ship reactionsby Vocaloidfan1
This book will contain randomness and an occasionally rants , pls don't be offended if I don't agree on a certain ship , feel free to tell me any ship ^-^, REQUESTS ARE...
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[Vocaloid] [NerHaku] Schmerzen. by AnKhue02
[Vocaloid] [NerHaku] AnKhue02.
[Write Request] [OS] Đơn #4 Couple: Akita Neru x Yowane Haku Warning: OOC, lowercase, GL,...
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El suelo es...  [ Vocaloid; UTAU; Fanloid] by r-rainbxw
El suelo es... [ Vocaloid; UTAU; —;;✿
El suelo es... Vocaloid, UTAU, Fanloid Donde te hare preguntas sobre ships, personajes, etc y tu decides si saltar o lazarte al suelo (Créditos a @-Dxnna- por la temátic...
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Matchmaker by LocalVocaloidAddict
Matchmakerby Otomachi Una Fangirl
Hatsune Miku was the matchmaker of Vocaloid Island. From pairing, to advice, to just about anything romance! But has she made a match for herself? (Swear Warning!)
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Kagamine Love Story [Kagamine One-shots] by MegumiKuween
Kagamine Love Story [Kagamine *KIA*
Rin loves Len, Len likes Lenka, Rinto loves Lenka, Lenka likes Len. What else can I say about this one-shot? (Rin x Len and Rinto x Lenka) Now adding Kagamine one-shots...
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Vocaloid Song Stories by KittenCatKat
Vocaloid Song Storiesby KittenCatKat
From song to story! [Vocaloid, Utauloid, (sometimes fanloid,) and utaite songs only] {Requests Open} This story is from my Quotev account. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SON...
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VOCALOID Character Headcanons! by LocalVocaloidAddict
VOCALOID Character Headcanons!by Otomachi Una Fangirl
I have my Headcanons of the Vocaloid systems and relationships, so here's my headcanons on characters! (Will have all the Voice Synthesizers I know! Will include UTAU, F...
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Cuộc sống trung học thường ngày của các vocal~  (Vocaloid Fanfic) by ViLe2006
Cuộc sống trung học thường ngày củ Ruki
Các vocal sẽ như thế nào nếu là học sinh và sống một cuộc sống trung học bình thường? Với ngoại hình khác nhau, giọng nói khác nhau và tính cách khác nhau, cuộc sống tru...
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8 Minutes in Heaven (Anime crossovers) by Luka_Megurine_102
8 Minutes in Heaven (Anime Megurine Luka
This is an X Reader. I will be doing requests, I'll also do Vocaloids, Utauloids, Fanloids and Vocaloid Gender Bends. Anime list: Naruto, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Uta No...
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Bad Company by ArminiDonut
Bad Companyby Armini Donut
Pikocest is good. Kuro plays the guitar.
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Uninstall || Vocaloid Roleplay by Slooshii_
Uninstall || Vocaloid Roleplayby Sloooooooshiii~
After the famous Hatsune Miku became missing, it became a war of programs. The VOCALOIDS, UTAULOIDS, UTAITES, VOYAKALOIDS, FANLOIDS, etc. All found themselves in the mid...
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-ˏˋ🍒» ❛ SQUAD MYSTIC__ ❜   ̖́- by SquadMystic__
-ˏˋ🍒» ❛ SQUAD MYSTIC__ ❜ ̖́-by ❝ ¡ Valente ! ❞
" ¿ Te atreves a entrar a este mundo de fantasías ? " ➶ Vocaloid y derivados
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Random Vocaloid Headcanons by AnimalObssesion
Random Vocaloid Headcanonsby That One Otaku
Need I say more? And it's not just Vocaloid... There's also Utauloids... And Voyakiloids.... Etc.... I just didn't want the title to drag on.... Don't get mad at me... *...
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I miei headcanon e ship sui Vocaloid by Zebracorn-chan
I miei headcanon e ship sui Zebracorn-chan
In questo libro, parlerò di tutti i miei headcanon e ship riguardo i Vocaloid, riguarderà tutti i Vocaloid di ogni lingua e ogni tanto parlerò anche di ship e headcanon...
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Keep Track On Ruko's Life! by Ruko_Yokune_65
Keep Track On Ruko's Life!by Ruko Yokune
I'll show things that have been happening to me. In the vipperloid mansion. This picture might be from that day I post or the past. I hope all of my followers or random...
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VOCALOID: Battle of the Bands (ON HIATUS) by LocalVocaloidAddict
VOCALOID: Battle of the Bands ( Otomachi Una Fangirl
6 outstanding Vocaloid bands, ☆PASTELLE☆, ~Moonshine~, •BLACK•CHOCO•LATE•, XiW@NG, Utaupia, and CRYPTON, are invited into a Battle of the Bands event in the Vocaloid Liv...
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