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Fallen Kingdom by xcarletz
Fallen Kingdomby xcarletz
A little blue haired boy who had no name just escaped from the orphanage in which he was raised for 7 long years. As he travelled around, he discovered more and more abo...
The Last Hope [(HIATUS) MAGI, ALMA TORRAN ARC FANFIC] by candysweetsoonhoon
The Last Hope [(HIATUS) MAGI, ALMA...by ʀᴀxɪᴀ
"do you want everything to play out differently?" "I'm giving you one chance to change everything. if you fail, you will live with the guilt your whole li...
The Traveller [Solomon x reader] by Weverkins
The Traveller [Solomon x reader]by Weverkins
In Alma Torran, a stranger had appeared. (Y/N) wasn't a mage, but her will was so strong that it made her face against the Orthodox church by herself. But what will happ...
Stupid Brain by Tugao01
Stupid Brainby Okheus
Some interensting facts about our brain.
Always with You | Magi by Vic_Hills
Always with You | Magiby ·𝓥𝓲𝓬𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓪
The Resistance finds a mysterious girl on top of a control tower of madness. What the group doesn't know is that this girl is not only a troublemaker and loyal to the ca...
Mood Photo by semegistan
Mood Photoby mİwAvEy
mOOd mOOd şEylEr Tüm hakları mood resimlerimde saklıdır.
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Alma Torran's Destinies Of The Heart by xcarletz
Alma Torran's Destinies Of The Hea...by xcarletz
Solomon was the prince of the mighty kingdom of Alma Torran and is known to be the strongest magician. His father, king David was the one who made this country strike fe...
Adventure of Sinbad and Seira (Magi: Adventure of Sinbad FanFiction) by Mitsuyuki-Hime
Adventure of Sinbad and Seira (Mag...by Mitsu
Fourteen years ago, before the tale of Aladdin and Alibaba began, a strange building rose from the depths of the ocean. It was the first of its kind in all of history. T...
If All Was Well (Magi AU Fanfiction) by Mitsuyuki-Hime
If All Was Well (Magi AU Fanfictio...by Mitsu
If David loved Solomon. If Setta didn't die. If Tess didn't die. If Arba didn't lose her sanity. If the Resistance didn't lose their sanity. If the new world was created...
No Regrets [SNK/AOT] by KidOtakuQueen
No Regrets [SNK/AOT]by Char XD
Living underground is hard, Levi knows this. Isabel just had to make it more difficult by bringing home a brat covered in blood. "He uh, saved me." She says...
I'm Me Because of You by xcarletz
I'm Me Because of Youby xcarletz
Sheba was an arrogant and spoiled rich girl who only thought of herself. She was heartless and hated everything that's filled with too much emotions. It was to the point...