Love is more than a number ❤️ Donghae (SuperJunior x reader) by beready95liner
Love is more than a number ❤️ G
23 year old, Kang y/n lives alone with her dad and little sister Eun Jae. Her mother died three years earlier and her dad is slowly starting to open up again after watc...
  • ryeowook
  • kangin
  • eunhyuk
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From U (Super Junior Donghae Fanfic) by PuffHee
From U (Super Junior Donghae 천사
Ji An was a tough girl. She and her sister had been orphans when they were young. She made their house like a military camp in order to protect themselves from the cruel...
  • superjunior
  • donghae
  • leedonghae
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" Beautiful Stranger " by Nadeen_Elf
" Beautiful Stranger "by Ñáđøşh Hãé Ěłf
هي اشبه بجنة مستحيلة تطفو فوق السحاب ؛ تنام بين الغيوم واضحة كصفحه الكتاب منقوشة حروفها بخيوط من ذهب ؛ ثمينه .. شاسعة .. بعيدة فارعة .. محفوفة نظراتها بنار ولهب .. هي...
  • حب
  • sad
  • romance
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هيونغ by reemgonzalez
هيونغby reemgonzalez
ما الذي سيحدث للطالب الجامعي لي دونغهي عندما ينتقل للعيش في الشقة المجاورة لأستاذه لي هيوكجاي؟
  • eunhae
  • هيوكجاي
  • hyukjae
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Super Junior (Various x Reader) by ReinMatsuhashi
Super Junior (Various x Reader)by matsuhashi rei
Hello everyone! This is my first time doing a fan fiction and I got inspired by some of fan fiction writers especially AbbieVanityCakes! Since I'm not sure how to do thi...
  • elf
  • kimheechul
  • henry
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Hey Miss Clueless (COMPLETED) by mysehuniverse
Hey Miss Clueless (COMPLETED)by .bea.
Marie Allison Villanueva or simply Alice, she's probably the most idiotic girl alive. Why you ask? She's smart yet dumb. She's the type of girl that's good at playing cu...
  • highschool
  • chanyeol
  • boyfriend
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his smile // na jaemin  by MiiyaElla
his smile // na jaemin by ✨
sometimes, you just need to let go. Started: 4·3·18 Finished: 4·8·18
  • jenofanfiction
  • donghae
  • nct2018
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Double Trouble Couple - Ongoing by AlestaCho
Double Trouble Couple - Ongoingby Alesta Cho
Sudah satu tahun lamanya Cho Kyu Hyun dan Choi Seo Hyun bertetangga, namun hubungan mereka hanya sekedar saling kenal. Berbicara seperlunya dan tak jarang Kyu Hyun membe...
  • yesung
  • siwon
  • donghae
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STREET LOVE ✔️ by Ashyshaahraa
STREET LOVE ✔️by Syalavarahaniza
(Cho Kyuhyun) Aku? aku sebagai apa dalam cerita ini? tokoh utama? korban? atau pemeran paling jahat? Nam Mollayo. Yang jelas, dalam pertemuan aku dan dirinya, mampu meru...
  • changmin
  • seohyun
  • kyuhyun
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From Enemies to Lovers (An Eunhae Fanfic) BoyXBoy COMPLETED by FantasyKpopper
From Enemies to Lovers (An FantasyKpopper
Donghae and Eunhyuk attend the SM University of Performing Arts. Read my prologue to know more about the story! Thank you and I hope you like the story! Accomplishments:...
  • suju
  • haehyuk
  • superjunior
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CJH Corporation di gemparkan dengan munculnya CEO Baru mereka, menggantikan CEO Lama mereka yang juga merupakan ayah dari CEO CJH Corporation baru itu yang bernama CHO K...
  • fanfiction
  • siwon
  • leedonghae
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memes kpop by woohyung311
memes kpopby z_flexing
memes en español de kpop
  • superjunior
  • kyuhyun
  • exo
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Oh, Sehun by aishy2705
Oh, Sehunby KaisooIsReal
TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of self-harm, eating disorders and bullying, read at your own risk My first published fic, please vote and leave feedback! Sehun doesn't unders...
  • minseok
  • ot12
  • selfharm
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'Lo Siento~ Lee Donghae x Reader by zerohaescoin
'Lo Siento~ Lee Donghae x Readerby Donghae Is my Ult ❤
... And you hated him from the moment his lips met yours. You hated him for the temporary affection he showered you with. You hated him for melting your stone cold heart...
  • fanfiction
  • heechul
  • onenightstands
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Still The Same by domieclare
Still The Sameby Domieclare
Profesinya sebagai seorang dokter membawa Sean Eclare (Lee Donghae) menemui seorang wanita yang sempat Ia temui secara tidak sengaja. Namun, hubungannya kerap dilanda ma...
  • leedonghae
  • donghae
  • kpop
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Yoonhae Oneshoot Story by ChalistaSaqila
Yoonhae Oneshoot Storyby Chalista Saqila
Haii guys... ini adalah kumpulan cerita fanfiction dengan cast Yoonhae semua cerita di sini adalah cerita2 oneshoot aku di web yang aku jadiin satu di sini biar readers...
  • ff
  • pyrotechnic
  • snsd
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Stumbling Down A Windy Road by HaneulHae
Stumbling Down A Windy Roadby HaneulHae
Crecer con alguien no es tan sencillo, especialmente cuando ya estás en la etapa en que muchas cosas están cambiando. Cuando Donghae comienza a notar las diferencias, aú...
  • superjunior
  • âu
  • donghae
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Make Me A Match by GirlLuvsHae
Make Me A Matchby GirlLuvsHae
Dara is a 33 year old corporate officer of the top TV Station in the country. She have everything any career woman dreamed to have. Except a lovelife. All of her friends...
  • dara
  • sandarapark
  • darahae
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My Wife... [PRIVATE] by babyleejunhee
My Wife... [PRIVATE]by babyleejunhee
No edited. Full of typo. Private randomly. "Ne. Keluarlah." Dinginnya pada ku. tangannya meraih gagang telepon dan menekan satu angka dari tombol telepon yang...
  • kyuhyun
  • leedonghae
  • choisiwon
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Mi Gran Error (Donghae Y Tú) [Terminado] by Leader_td
Mi Gran Error (Donghae Y Tú) [ Leader_td
Mi gran error ¿Mi gran error?, mi gran error fue abandonarla por irme con otra, mi gran error fue tratarla mal por creer que el hijo que llevaba en su vientre no er...
  • superjunior
  • donghae
  • suju
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