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A Second.. Chance To Live(as Fresh Sans) {REWRITTEN} by 1234abczane
A Second.. Chance To Live(as ink
What if someone in our world gets reincarnated as fresh sans??.. What if that someone..... PERSON?!... (this is my first story... I dont even know why...
ErrorFresh oneshots by InkyOverlord
ErrorFresh oneshotsby ⭐️💚⭐️
fanfics regarding to a hecking cute ship. feel free to request!
ErrorFresh: Colorblind by CT-Unused-ACC
ErrorFresh: Colorblindby C.T
I wanted to know all the answers... I want to know how and why I came to be the person I am. I always had this dream of a boy I don't know and I can't see his face, but...
ErrorFresh (Lemon) by DapperBird
ErrorFresh (Lemon)by DapperBird
Error and Fresh make some lemonade if ya know what I mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Very NSFW. Mature audiences only. Have fun reading about two skeletons doing the horizontal tango...
life sucks. (Error x Fresh) (on hiatus, and has been for a very long time) by ican_english
life sucks. (Error x Fresh) (on Frick.
hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dis is gonna be fun. this is Error x Fresh. Error be kinda short in dis story, enjoy!!!!!
The daily life of Fgod Errorfresh by Zero_Oxo_
The daily life of Fgod Errorfreshby IM BACKKK
Read to find out Ships: Error x Fresh FGOD Error Balance keeper / God of Chaos Fresh
Fresh Gltiches (maid fresh x master Error) by xXFallenStar
Fresh Gltiches (maid fresh x Li
Error was a seemingly cold hearted king that ruled over one of the seven kingdoms. One day, he happened to stumble upon a skeleton that goes by the name 'Fresh'. He only...
re-gaining what was lost (fresh x error) by Lost_Boy_1
re-gaining what was lost (fresh Mr. Powder
ok so...wanna see what happens if fresh can feel again well then: *inhales* ah, ah, ah. your gonna have to read to find out.
Obsession [Errorfresh] [Fgod] by ERROR_F4N_FR34K
Obsession [Errorfresh] [Fgod]by 3KainNyah
[Cover doesn't belong to me] Error, the forced god of destruction, forced by Fate to destroy worlds and prevent the Multiverse from reaching its limit and self destruct...
ErrorFresh February 2021 by Serv_Nightmares
ErrorFresh February 2021by ServWrites
(Slow updates) Wanted more ErrorFresh content so I decided to draw everyday of February. All the art is mine and the event is started by me! Feel free to do anything wi...
Error x Fresh (Errorfresh fanfiction) by Mokuchan13
Error x Fresh (Errorfresh Moku-chan
Truth or Dare: Error and Fresh!!!! by CuteCupquake
Truth or Dare: Error and Fresh!!!!by CuteCupquake
This will probably and hopefully have Errorfresh in it!! Ask them anything you like!! :D
{Fresh X Error} Oml I have too many unfinished books-- by Abomination-1
{Fresh X Error} Oml I have too I’m Me Lol
Error has been stuck in the void for years. Nothing but the voices in his head and him. One day, he finds a way out and into another place. How long will it take him to...
Sanscest Rp by _PrettyPoppy_
Sanscest Rpby Poppy
I get bored and I need inspiration and this will definitely help! 😋
Jak poderwać brachola? [Error x Fresh] by _Rivie
Jak poderwać brachola? [Error x Glitched Nightmares
Dwie różne osobowości próbujące nie dość, że wkroczyć w relacje przyjażni, to na dodatek tę głębszą sferę miłości. Czy im się to uda? Czy Fresh oczaruje swym urokiem oso...
The parasite and the glitch   by jasmeen200
The parasite and the glitch by jasmeen200
This is one of my first books my sadly i had forgotten my password to my old account so yeah and this used to be an old book and for some reason it wouldn't let me delet...
A festival of a lifetime (errorfresh fanfic) by InkyOverlord
A festival of a lifetime ( ⭐️💚⭐️
a festival is hosted and everyone is gonna be there (expect for bad guys..) but fresh has a way to sneak one in (srry for being inactive exams are starting soon..) edit:...
When Things Go Wrong  by supersuperqueen
When Things Go Wrong by chesylover
(Once there was an empty place,no one existed nothing existed until a certain universe popped it has so many things and wonderful now that emptiness is gone now. Many un...