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Colin Academy | أكاديمية كولين  by claraswrites
Colin Academy | أكاديمية كولين by كـلارا 🤍.
" و أخيراً أنا فلور فورتينا، عروس بحر، و عروس البحر بداخلي تُدعى سونيا ولا تكاد الإنتظار لتقابلكِ و أخذك في جولة في المحيط. " حسناً.. الوضع يزداد غرابة و رعب،...
The Underworld's Child  by mushroomandbooks
The Underworld's Child by mushroomfairies
PJO Fanfiction - The Titan's Curse Atalanta Elora Anastacia does not have it easy. She is not your typical high school student. At school, she's your popular A straight...
𝓦𝓸𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭 Walker Scobell by Theeggowaffels
𝓦𝓸𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭 Walker Scobellby 𝙴𝚐𝚐𝚘❀ ⸆⸉
In which he was a huge Deadpool fan , that's when he discovered his celebrity crush , a year later he gets to see her in person at a Disney plus event Or In which Elor...
The Boys Next Door by missunsual
The Boys Next Doorby Jilleen Elyse
It's summer time and for Elora, it's pretty boring around her small town. But then, a new family moves in next door with 3 teenage sons. With new friends, it's sure to b...
The Warrior Princess - A 'Selected' spinoff [Book 0.5] by FidgetingMonk
The Warrior Princess - A 'Selected...by Fidgeting Monk
Isolated twin princesses. A Selection promised to created drama. A man searching for his true love. A treachery happening in front of their very noses. Meet the Elena an...
✨Reservation dogs imagines✨ by kyasxq
✨Reservation dogs imagines✨by Kyasxq
Please ntm this my first time writing stories. But I love this show so much and there are barely any books on here about it so here you go. Sometimes I'll use scenes f...
Mariner's Song by TheQuietHufflepuff
Mariner's Songby TheQuietHufflepuff
COMPLETE Cally Worthington sailed the seas. A name uttered in fear or rage, depending on who was asked. Secretly, Caspian always hoped to run into the mysterious pirate...
A Dragon out of Time, A Crash and Spyro Story by MarcusRak
A Dragon out of Time, A Crash and...by Marcus R
The story of how Crash raised Spyro into adulthood, after trips back in time to collect Power Crystals has him save a stolen Dragon Egg. Despite better judgment, seeing...
His Light [Peter Hayes Fanfiction] by Via-and-Leah
His Light [Peter Hayes Fanfiction]by Via-and-Leah
ꕥ Peter Hayes Fanfiction ꕥ Elora Eaton, the daughter of Marcus Eaton, the blonde girl with violet eyes. She runs from home when her father lets out that she has a brothe...
FATED by vivian1031
First book in the Hawthorne Sisters Series. The Hawthorne Series focuses on the Greek mythology of gods and goddesses with twists, romance and transition between ancien...
Let Her Be by zararoberts_
Let Her Beby Zara Roberts
Elora is a pretty girl. With those kitten-like eyes and pouty lips. Anybody would think she was an innocent and cute girl, especially with her pickachu voice. But she...
Meeting my Guardian by ironsuperman
Meeting my Guardianby Sinead Linder
For every human on earth, there is one Guardian. No human is able to see their Guardian, they shrink and grow, they hide in the smallest crevices to never be seen. So wh...
Mermaid by BlackXtan
Mermaidby chimin
The Ocean is my Home, I have a beautiful tale. Full of colors but also full of sadness. I'm here under the dark sky, full of stars wishing for my tail to disappear. I wa...
Through Her Eyes by ughhrita
Through Her Eyesby rita 🃏
Elora Francis could've never imagined the nightmarish turn of events that would take over her life in the span of just a few months. The mystery of how the most renowned...
Ultraviolet (On Hold) by uniqueone95
Ultraviolet (On Hold)by lindsay
--My name is Violet Fairchild. I live in the future, but the thing is our future isn't so bright-- Violet Fairchild grew up in the future, post world war three, in a cou...
Not His One by mywrittenwords
Not His Oneby [] [] []
| A Selection Series Fanfiction | Elora Westons is best friends with Prince Andrius and they have been ever since they were four years old. But when Elora is entered in...
Elora: Book one by QueenOfChoclate
Elora: Book oneby Caitlin. T
Terrifing. As you'd call it if you were there. The beasts, creatures, monsters leaped out of the bushes like nothing! They destroyed, everything. But...It wasn't their f...
Song of Runes by cukie1
Song of Runesby cukie1
The great elf hunt is peaking in these times of crisis. A greedy king searches for the artifacts belonging to the Elven kingdoms in hopes of ruling over the living world...
 GUTS | 1st book by YourCelGirll
GUTS | 1st bookby Celyn
Enam anak remaja beruji nyali di rumah yang kosong dan menemukan sebuah benda misterius dan mereka pun mencari tau apa sebenarnya benda itu 1st book of GUTS 2st book of...