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Damsels and Dragons (NSFW) by Xephonax_Septim
Damsels and Dragons (NSFW)by Xephonax_Septim
We have all heard the stories of the high rolling dungeoneers. The heros with the best stats, the best dice rolls. The chosen ones of every fable, the champions of every...
Ghost by hipster_nicki
Ghostby Nicole
Aubrey Cunningham was the average high school junior: smart, pretty, kind, and had a boyfriend on varsity football. Meanwhile at her school, a rumor spreads around about...
It Was You by GorkTheSkank
It Was Youby GorkTheSkank
A fresh college dropout meets a barista that will change his life forever, and for the better. The romance that blossoms will forever be remembered
New Message by 0utrag30us
New Messageby 0utrag30us
Angela Smith; normality was her gracious safe. Locking away all terrors from her unsavory past. Until an unfamiliar message lands itself in her inbox, one of offering...
The Curious Tale of the Catholic Heathen  by HarleyOctubre
The Curious Tale of the Catholic H...by Harley Octubre
Beneath the streetlights of New York City, a tale of three young men begins... The orphan son of a drug-addicted movie star, an animal loving Australian engineer, and a...
just random ideas by the_founder
just random ideasby the_founder
radom stories I decided to make but didn't finish
Origins by justyouraveragebagel
Originsby justyouraveragebagel
Short story about Moriarty getting his name.
Cool Kids by loligraffiti
Cool Kidsby Dyah
Colorful, fandom loving, goofy randoms are arguably the new form of nerds. Though some may roll their eyes at these groups of individuals, don't we all wish to be that w...
Book one: Meeting Green Day in 1989 A Green Day Fanfic by GreenDaylover999999
Book one: Meeting Green Day in 198...by GreenDaylover999999
This story starts out with a guy, Cris, and his girlfriend, Jessi (they are not the same as the people in Green Day A Fanfic) and they love eachother very much, or so th...
Z by Tacocat2013
Zby Tacocat2013
ive woken up not knowing what the hell happened the night before at the bar but im going to find out why im under a bridge
Winter by Heathbar1234
Winterby adudenamedheath
A story in Antarctica, behind enemy lines
Water Lily by Caellum-Pendragon13
Water Lilyby Cloudy_Caellum63
Hella gay!!!. Dirty and atrocious. That's all you fujoshi need to know.
The Trip Of A Lifetime by Winstonian1
The Trip Of A Lifetimeby Winstonian1
John Lennon, feels fed up and depressed, takes a pill and regrets it. Until his friend comes to rescue him.
Don't Leave (b/b) by Forgotten_Principles
Don't Leave (b/b)by Forgotten_Principles
Demetrius is a 16 year old boy. Mainly known as "sky" . He's not normal, but thats normal for any highschool kid. Growing up is tough-growing up from one house...
Book O' Poems by FictionPriestess
Book O' Poemsby Eriko Neko
All the poems I've ever had the audacity to write. Shame on me.