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What if the princess of a powerful kingdom came to Karna while he was doing dann? What if she asked Karna to be her guru as dann? What if she played a major role in th...
ֆɦǟӄȶɨ by -vedajananixx
ֆɦǟӄȶɨby 𝒢𝒶𝓎𝒶𝓉𝒽𝓇𝒾
"I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not beli...
Sojourn : mahabharata's era by flowersxme
Sojourn : mahabharata's eraby meera
Nihira, unexpectedly finds a mysterious box which teleports her into the era of mahabharata. Where is she sent to the ashram of Guru Dronacharya, her life completely cha...
Reminiscence Of Amore - A Mahabharata Story by _alina_starkov
Reminiscence Of Amore - A Mahabhar...by _alina_starkov
What if karna knows that he is the son of god surya?? What if a girl from kalyug time travels to dwapar yug?? What if she has a secret legacy there?? What if she changes...
Duryodhan's reincarnation [Completed] by eyeconic1
Duryodhan's reincarnation [Complet...by eyeconic1
What if Duryodhan was from kaliyug? What if he had a different guru? What if he followed the path of dharma? What if he was well versed in all weapons? Read to find out.
The Bride Of Five  by Enchantedsecrets
The Bride Of Five by
What if like Draupadi, there was one more person in the Dwapar yug who married 5 strong warriors as well? Read to find out. Started 18/10/23
Kurukshetra Vijayadhari by yugpralay
Kurukshetra Vijayadhariby yugpralay
The great war was fought 5 millenniums ago on the battlefield of Kurukshetra took a toll on the then existing human civilization . Those victorious had the whole nation...
Karna & Arjun - The Union of Brothers by artistic_saurabh
Karna & Arjun - The Union of Broth...by Saurabh Bajpai
Mahabharat is my favorite story and I believe that every character has something unique to offer. I often see people comparing Karna and Arjun and I am myself guilty of...
The characters in this story is based on the epic Mahabharat this is a pure fanfiction there will be some oc characters too.There will be no supernatural abilities ie th...
A Different Turn of Events by nagaten
A Different Turn of Eventsby nagaten
What if Krishna decided to interfere and make Shakuni lose control of his dice when Karna and Arjuna were being bided causing Karna to become Arjuna's slave? What if des...
DEVASYA KANYA(Book I of Ardha-Narisvara) by HopeMikaelson2009
DEVASYA KANYA(Book I of Ardha-Nari...by Ashmita Mishra
Ardha-Narisvara : The Lord who is half-woman. Or two halves, male and female, of the same soul. The intersection of two epochs. The tapestry of fate unravels. A bitter...
Rewritten {A Karna fanfic *mahabharat*} by snapelover14
Rewritten {A Karna fanfic *mahabha...by Raven Weaver
Yaashika Arya Acharya is a ordinary girl from the 21st century. She is highly religious and is extremely interested in the Hindu epic of Mahabharat. Known for her beaut...
My trials, tribulations, triumphs and more... - Arjuna. by paarthaw
My trials, tribulations, triumphs...by paartha w
In this story, I'm trying to write the events of Mahabharat from the perspective of Arjuna, the protagonist of the epic Mahabharat. This is a purely fictional story from...
Rudrika ~ The Epitome Of Change by mythology_reader123
Rudrika ~ The Epitome Of Changeby Peaches
MAHABHARAT, the epic saga of every human emotion intimately weaved with dharma (righteousness) and karma. A tale which changed the course of entire history and led to th...
The Kurukshetra Diaries by _ParthaSangini_
The Kurukshetra Diariesby •||Jishnu||•
In the 900 BCE, Iron Age of India , a devastating war takes place between the two branches of the same tree. The infamous rivalry between the two sets of cousins of the...
The Great Indian Epic: MAHABHARATH by Wattgot22
The Great Indian Epic: MAHABHARATHby Swathy
Join us for this epic adventure. There is love, friendship, greed, revenge, name it you'll see it. I tried my best to keep the original texts of Vyasa, but you can also...
The Mahabharata - A retelling by musicandbooklover99
The Mahabharata - A retellingby musicandbooklover99
The Mahabharata is based on the throne of the powerful kingdom Hastinapura. Greed for the throne leads to a bloody war where five brothers face their hundred cousins!! M...
Amelioration of Mahabharat by Malvik_Pangavoor
Amelioration of Mahabharatby Mal
From our childhood, we've all heard and read the Mahabharat, a tale of rivalry and enmity among cousins which resulted in massive destruction. Even now, if you visit the...