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Faster Car by ThegoodGirls2020
Faster Carby ✨Angle Dust✨
What happens when Geoff invites his friends on a road trip across the country? Will Duncan get close to Courtney? Will Gwen make a move on Trent? Will Geoff stop messing...
A first kiss to remember {a Jock story} by FireFlores6272
A first kiss to remember {a Jock Mals girlfriend
17 year old Joanna Jackson starting her junior year. She thinks it'll suck but after meeting a cadet thing for her turn upside down
total drama dating  by blackcatninja9
total drama dating by Eva
ON HOLD The total drama characters but instead of teams they are in couples. Sorry if this is bad its my first book.
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Total Drama: Race Around the World by Gabfthvf
Total Drama: Race Around the Worldby Courtney's wife 🥵
What would happen if the Ridonculous Race, Total drama island and World Tour all combined? Mayhem! Get ready as 28 old campers return, except now they're all grown up! R...
Total Drama Returns! by dawnmywife
Total Drama Returns!by Dawn's wife <3
"Yo! Long time no see!" Chris starts to walk down the dock, "Welcome back to Camp Wawanakwa!" The camera zooms out, showing the full island. It the...
DARK RED || TD by lovelyfavs
DARK RED || TDby ✨
"don't you give me up, please don't give up..." in which their annual camping trip turns from a coming of age film into a horror slasher film real quick. STATU...
Total Drama: The Next Generation by AcornWater
Total Drama: The Next Generationby Elemeno
In this all new season of Total Drama the kids of the original players will be competing, there will be Gwuncan, Gidgette, Zoke, Lyler, Dott, LeSharold, Ozzy, Nemma, and...
Total Drama : Groupchat  by Total_Drama_Fandoms
Total Drama : Groupchat by Total_Drama_Fandoms
Where the TDI,some of the ROTI, Sierra and Alejandro are in a groupchat. They are removed and added all throughout so if it doesn't start with a character you want by ne...
It's season 8 of Total Drama, and we're back with 13 contestants (and maybe even more)! Lots and lots of Duncney, Aleheather, Gwent, and MORE *written in script fo...
Total Drama All Stars Edition 2  by lilah505
Total Drama All Stars Edition 2 by lilah505
Total drama got renewed for another season! So why not make another all stars season? 48 ex contests all competed for $5,000,000, it will be another heroes vs villains...
Sweet as Vanilla, Sour as Salt  (Dott Fanfic) by xx_preppy_xx
Sweet as Vanilla, Sour as Salt ( Jazzy
Outcasts are outcasts, no matter what way you put it. And outcasts don't interact with other people, especially other outcasts. Or do they? (Total Drama is owned by Tele...
𝐎𝐏𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐎𝐍 ➝ headcanons. by fakevirgin
❝ MY GOD, THESE BITCHES GAY! GOOD FOR THEM ― GOOD FOR THEM! ❞ in which i, a person far too invested in works of fiction, give my head-canons for different characters...
Total Drama Instagram by AnnabethC8356
Total Drama Instagramby Onyx
Literally just another TDI Instagram
Hate at first site by addieslover
Hate at first siteby Satan :)
Dawn and Scott haven't seen eachother in three years. However when Dawn moves to the countryside things might change...
Love & Betrayal (Dott fanfic) by AzAndTheUnicorn
Love & Betrayal (Dott fanfic)by Arianna
Dawn is so happy about her life so it's a bit of a bombshell when her boyfriend, Scott, is going to move to Hollywood to forfill his life long dream of becoming a actor...
summer camp / courtney and gwen by yesduncney
summer camp / courtney and gwenby —
Courtney is headed off to Summer Camp along with 25 other 13 year olds. Here in this summer camp, it's all about making friends and building relationships. But, also had...
TD High- Mini Stories (With chapter art) by xZaraBiax
TD High- Mini Stories (With xZaraBiax
Just a contemplation of stories taking place in a high school with many cast members from Total Drama. If I get enough feedback, I may revisit and make the events in chr...
Total drama: Instagram stories by DiamondDancer862
Total drama: Instagram storiesby ✨Ashleyyyy✨
super funny, weird friendships, all my fave couples including: Aleheather, Gwent, Duncney, Dott, and maybe more!!!