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Sex slave by papisbbyg
Sex slaveby papisbbyg
She was just an average teenage girl... except her mom was a drunk/heroin addict, her step dad beats her, She got bullied, her dad died in a car crash and much more. ...
The Therapists Sociopath  by inyournightmares__
The Therapists Sociopath by yours truly🩶
"She's my-" "Crazy patient"
OLD FRIENDS ,     DEREK LUH by XxBad_QueenxX
OLD FRIENDS , DEREK LUHby babygirl💍🖤
makayla marie swift; john "swazz"'s sister moves in with her brother and his friend for the summer. not aware of the past events that his sister and derek have...
Convicts. || Derek Luh by hals666
Convicts. || Derek Luhby h
"NO." I screamed. "Face it. Even your boyfriend was willing to leave you a the drop of a hat." "Or the shot of a bullet." He said pulling o...
The Glo Up ~ Derek Luh by cocoandnilla
The Glo Up ~ Derek Luhby cocoandnilla
Shyanne was always bullied in high school. But the reasons were because she was considered "ugly" and "fat". Everyday the same boys made her life h...
rich ✦ d.l  by harryfuls
rich ✦ d.l by jade
"Everybody wants to be them, and have their money" All Rights Reserved @Harryfuls
daddy LUH by mssacha
daddy LUHby mssacha
"I fucking love you so much" Derek luh
Comatose (Jack Gilinsky) by TaureanAtlas
Comatose (Jack Gilinsky)by AstroWorld
part 2 of Strip My Soul (Jack Gilinsky) when Derek comes back into the picture he doesn't make things easier by fighting for what he believes is his. Attempting to driv...
Out of the Blue... // A John "Swazz" Swift Story by Just__Me3
Out of the Blue... // A John " Just__Me3
"Me? I guess I was just a little out of the blue." -- \\Out of the Blue// John "Swazz" Swift This is a book for the fans of John "Swazz" Sw...
Thine Line ||John Swift (Swazz)|| by Hxidxx
Thine Line ||John Swift (Swazz)||by Haidee
• • • • • • • • • • John Swift or Swazz what ever you want to call him. I hate him. He hates me. Simple as that. Well not really. We share the same best friends so I h...
DMS by <333
it goes down in the dms NATE MALOLEY
DREAMER'S ONE SHOTS ♡✨♡ by -moonblocker
DREAMER'S ONE SHOTS ♡✨♡by trin 🥴
just short scenarios in my crazy imagination and sweet dreams with my favorites being brought to life in this book! cover creds: yours truly highest ranking: #222 in fa...
Come Here {Pete Dunne} by AkiraJohnson1
Come Here {Pete Dunne}by Ky✔︎
"Come here sweetheart, I won't hurt you..." In which Pete Dunne finds a little girl, cold, and lost in the city. Will Pete take her in? Or will he just take he...
How To Cook For A Millionaire ~{A Nate Maloley Fanfic}  by ReinaChrissy
How To Cook For A Millionaire ~{ -mamí ☾ ✩ ☽
A regular girl's world is flipped upside down when she accepts a job offer as a chef for a rich multi millionaire One problem As she works for her new boss She struggl...
distance → jack gilinsky by l2tpkacey
distance → jack gilinskyby king kacey
"i'm tired of you." "i'm tired of us." missed calls and ignored texts, late night stressin' - SEQUEL TO NOBODY
Fame : Sammy Wilk : discontinued  by lolacf01
Fame : Sammy Wilk : discontinued by lolacf01
Before the fame, the money, the girls, Sammy Wilkinson was Vanessa's best friend. Some even called them soul mates. What Sammy didn't know was how Vanessa truly felt. He...
Stoners by DankUnique
Stonersby Unique
Ston•er /'stōner'/ Noun Plural noun: stoners 1. Informal. A person who regularly takes drugs, especially marijuana. Ex: "I was a real stoner when I was a teenager...
[1] INSTAGRAM | DEREK LUH {COMPLETE} by sinnerbaby
[1] INSTAGRAM | DEREK LUH { sinnerbaby
@derekluh just started following you. copyrights towards ©sinnerbaby, 2016 highest rank: #88 in ff
OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0 by Hxidxx
OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0by Haidee
OGOC & Freshlee imagines 2.0, this will be the continuation of the OGOC and Freshlee imagines from my account. • • You don't really have to read the first book. But it...
reckless♛; d.l by dolansqts
reckless♛; d.lby -,'A',-
reck·less ˈrekləs adjective (of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action. - - that's how derek was..