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Mature*sw by lil-baddie
Mature*swby Sierra
" you're very mature for you age" "Ummm,thanks" "You're also very developed" he smirks.
Derek Luh Interracial Imagines & Preferences by melaninmaloley
Derek Luh Interracial Imagines & maloley&luh
Imagines and Preferences for Derek Luh that pertain woc I'm probably gonna do more imagines then preferences. Preferences will consist of choice threads, texts, ig and...
His Ex Fiancé/Derek Luh by Hxidxx
His Ex Fiancé/Derek Luhby Haidee
Now I have to deal with him? Even after us calling off our engagement? I'm still tied down to him? Him out of everyone? [𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗣𝗟𝗘𝗧𝗘𝗗]
Instagram Model (DL) by jackingilinsky
Instagram Model (DL)by - M -
i have to many of these smh 😂😂
Beg |  by unapologeticallyk123
Beg | by Unapologetically. K
"Beg for me babygirl" "Ohh please daddy" she rubs my bulge A shy freaky girl choosing over guys, a lot of female drama. I can't really give a summar...
Convicts. || Derek Luh by hals666
Convicts. || Derek Luhby h
"NO." I screamed. "Face it. Even your boyfriend was willing to leave you a the drop of a hat." "Or the shot of a bullet." He said pulling o...
Fugitive | d.l by m0-renita
Fugitive | d.lby mia
Sequel of Criminal If you didn't read Criminal you won't understand anything that goes on in this book, just letting you know. - 2016 ©m0-renita you CANNOT translate th...
accidents » d.l by fruityshit
accidents » d.lby K
"oh shit i'm sorry" "sit down, you're bound to see me naked anyway." • • • lowercase intended.
instagram~ s.w by sammyybabyy
instagram~ s.wby lola
one like, one love, one couple and a whole lotta drama.
The Therapists Sociopath  by inyournightmares__
The Therapists Sociopath by eternal grey
"She's my-" "Crazy patient"
Interracial everything [SLOW UPdaTES] by she1DifBreed
Interracial everything [SLOW sensitive 🥺 kitten
This is my first book ever on Wattpad sooo... I love interracial everything . So that's what I'm doing. Imagines Couple pics Memes And what ever I can think of my imagi...
Fame : Sammy Wilk : discontinued  by lolacf01
Fame : Sammy Wilk : discontinued by lolacf01
Before the fame, the money, the girls, Sammy Wilkinson was Vanessa's best friend. Some even called them soul mates. What Sammy didn't know was how Vanessa truly felt. He...
Good Girl. by TvnnelFics
Good TvnnelFics
Straight A's Doesn't party... Never had a boyfriend... Virgin... What happens when she's noticed by her total opposite?... Will he break her? Or will she stand her groun...
Instagram | nm by xburntrosesxx
Instagram | nmby b a b y g i r l ♡
> > : Completed @skatemaloley has followed you. @skatemaloley liked your photo. @skatemaloley commented on your photo, "😍😍😍." @skatemaloley has DM'd y...
Wrong Number (Derek Luh) by DadMaloley58
Wrong Number (Derek Luh)by DadMaloley58
"Hey Ma, I wanna take you out" "Umm. I think you have the wrong number bud"
needy ; jack gilinsky  by icarusinterludes
needy ; jack gilinsky by 𝒔
they were good at overthinking with their hearts. sequel to emotions.
this wasn't the plan 》s.w. / n.m.  by lollexxi
this wasn't the plan 》s.w. / n.m. by AAL
lexi is attending her last day at school as a senior and before college she gets her mom to agree to let her tour the world w/ her friends. the city they stopped at had...
daddy LUH by mssacha
daddy LUHby mssacha
"I fucking love you so much" Derek luh
Sex slave by papisbbyg
Sex slaveby papisbbyg
She was just an average teenage girl... except her mom was a drunk/heroin addict, her step dad beats her, She got bullied, her dad died in a car crash and much more. ...