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地獄 ❝𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐄𝐑𝐍𝐎❞ bnhaby 𝐇𝐈𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐒 :(
When Sparks Fly by mango_elixer
When Sparks Flyby 𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕠_𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕩𝕖𝕣
At some point in life, everyone has fallen in love. But there's that special someone that makes those sparks fly like electricity. This is exactly what Isabel Bakugo fel...
All might secret family(slightly bnha x oc) by Kibutsuji302
All might secret family(slightly K kibutsuji
bakugo x oc todoroki x oc deku x oc shinso x oc monoma x oc dabi x oc shigaraki x oc oc x oc update on a day💀 ⚠️picture not mine⚠️
Back Off, Pikachu! by fandomjoiner
Back Off, Pikachu!by fandomjoiner
Hiva Shinsou is Hitoshi Shinsou's twin sister. After being placed in class 1-A at UA high school, Denki Kaminari takes an immediate liking to her. Will Hiva give in to a...
Bakusquad x Reader by Anime_know_it_all
Bakusquad x Readerby Anime_know_it_all
Alexa Numor transfers to UA a few weeks into the school year. She meets the bakusquad and quickly becomes friends. Until soon she realizes feelings have been thrown into...
True colors (mha fanfic) by Dest370
True colors (mha fanfic)by Dest370
Aiko Tachibana is an lovely single mother with her daughter Nozomi, what happens when she meet a random underground hero that teaches at her daughters school. what would...
Affairs, Affections and a whole new Accessory by sjandon06
Affairs, Affections and a whole 🅂🅃🄰🅁🄹🄰🄳🄴 13
In a world where most people have soulmates, and some don't just the same, imagine how cliche it seems to get your soulmark and meet your soulmate in February. technical...
The fire girl by anime_stupid
The fire girlby VERA!
One day a unsuspected new member joined 1A. This girl is Nakano Bakagou! Bakagous little sister is now in school!
MHA X OC season 1 by izumibakugou352
MHA X OC season 1by pinky
This is my hero Academia.
MISSION CODE 101 by Joonie_baby1
MISSION CODE 101by Kim momo
welcome to U.A High you might think it's a normal school with regular teenager but it's not. it's a school that has a few assassin's that are their on a mission to kil...
Just the Beginning by fandomjoiner
Just the Beginningby fandomjoiner
Just when Hiva begins to think things are going her way, things do a complete 180. Now there's not only the usual school drama to worry about, but there's a summer camp...
(abandoned work) Comfortably Numb ;; Kaminari Denki x OC by DarkErrors
(abandoned work) Comfortably Dax
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 KaminarixOC - 2021/01/03 , #3 GeneralStudies 2021/01/03 Takahashi Shizu didn't want to be in the spotlight, she didn't like the idea of having all t...
The Child Of An Electric Love by andSQUIP
The Child Of An Electric Loveby Squippy Squip
Kitzudo never expected it to actually work... And yet, here she is with a diary.
MHA | Miriam | Book 1 by SUEITSIDEANGEL
MHA | Miriam | Book 1by Blue Boy
Todoroki Enji, aka Endeavour meets a young boy and takes him in. This is old with some cringe here and there. oh, and has some spelling errors everywhere. Read at your o...
What About Us by Luna-Holt
What About Usby Rayla Takami
Kamira Kaushik was only seven when she lost her parents she was taken to a lab where she saw Jeshi-san Disclaimer i don't own any my hero academia character or jeshi-sa...
The owl hero, Fukuro [A mha fan-made story] by TheArtGoddess
The owl hero, Fukuro [A mha Ash 🫶
Koko begins her story with a very happy and bubbly couple years of her life, but one night her life turns upside down. Later on she finds help and gets adopted by one of...
Hazard (Kaminari Denki x f!reader)  by fablesofkitkat
Hazard (Kaminari Denki x f!reader) by Erica Kate
You are hardcore crushing on Uraraka. It'll never happen. A common 'ground' you and Denki: being fallen comrades in the love department. #09 denkixoc (05/28/2022)
| Into the Night | OC x Denki | MHA Fan Fiction | Gay | by AlieseKuhn4
| Into the Night | OC x Denki | Aliese Kuhn
Takeo is a young boy. Depressed from bulling, neglect, and being quirkless. He decides to go out on a walk on night and meets someone unexpected. (Found cover on google)...
Questionable Love, BNHA [Denki x OC] by AstroBoyo
Questionable Love, BNHA [Denki x AstroBoyo
"Hey Kaminari!" The tall white male yelled running after the short blond. "Yeah, what is it Kio?" Kaminari asked turning around. Taking a deep breath...
Cloud 9 || ✔️ by ttzoldy
Cloud 9 || ✔️by Z💞
He's been waiting all night for someone to stumble under the mistletoe with him. Just one kiss. That was Kaminari's goal for the 3-A dorm's Christmas party. He'd been s...