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The Canary's Birdcage (Danganronpa THH x OC) by VanillaVanguard
The Canary's Birdcage (Danganronpa...by Vanilla Vanguard
(Previously titled 'Never Be Back Where We Began') Already interested in Hope's Peak Academy, or more specifically the dark secrets the school had, he already planned to...
This story has been discontinued for a while, 2 years maybe, and I have only decided to edit it now. I might rewrite it, however I'm no longer into Danganronpa how I use...
~danganronpa chatfic~ by Zabala0z
~danganronpa chatfic~by Fluffy.Bug
wow im so surprised people read this! anyways join everyone on this very weird chatfic! may be a few chapters of real life interaction and some of the chapters are inspi...
Ultimate stalker *AU* by T0b1as_B1tch
Ultimate stalker *AU*by Eros
what happens when Makoto naegi also has a split persona but their the ultimate stalker? will this secret persona cause trouble or will they help makoto & the others esca...
Ishimondo one shots  by Adeykirbs
Ishimondo one shots by AdeyKirbs
I know there's tons of ishimondo one shots but I feel like people should write what they want to matter how many times it's been done to death. If it makes you happy the...
Despair Arc [Mastermind Makoto Au] by 1Mako1
Despair Arc [Mastermind Makoto Au]by 1Mako1
Makoto Naegi is a normal high school student who attends Hopes Peak Academy. Oh his first day, he faints and wakes up in a classroom. When he meets some of the other stu...
*✲☆⋆Danganronpa thh oneshots/scenarios*✲☆⋆ by ramenissuperior
*✲☆⋆Danganronpa thh oneshots/scena...by ramenissuperior
*✲☆⋆Heyo i write fanfic when im bored :^ heres some thh stuff *✲☆⋆ **Some scenarios and oneshots contain smut/nsfw. All nsfw scenario/oneshots will have a warning. Some...
Kyoko Kirigiri x fem! Reader ✿** by ch1ak1n4n4m1
Kyoko Kirigiri x fem! Reader ✿**by ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪
Y/n L/n, The Ultimate Toxicologist. Trapped with her fellow students.. in a killing game. People out to target her all the time. One person she finds especially interest...
Shattered Feelings (Yandere!Danganronpa x F!Reader) Interactive choices book by MilzyBryce
Shattered Feelings (Yandere!Dangan...by MilinaBryce
You didn't like Danganronpa, and you never understand why people liked it so much. But one day, you got pulled into a universe. Well, a *normal*, non-killing game like...
Nightmares - naegami by Goldeneyescat
Nightmares - naegamiby Squid/Raine
Byakuya Togami's nightmares only get worse when he's thrown into a killing game run by the evil robotic bear Monokuma, but on the night of one of his worse dreams ever...
Super Danganronpa 2 | The Ultimate Chatfic by Simping_for_DrS2
Super Danganronpa 2 | The Ultimate...by [NOT RELEVANT]
Super Danganronpa 2 The Ultimate Chatfic Chiaki creates a group for class 77 to talk, they end up creating some funny and clever conversations This fanfic includes the f...
ꨄ Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios (DISCONTINUED) ꨄ by marbledrink
ꨄ Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios...by real
Hello!I saw these type of stories floating around,and I decided to make my own :D Also I am sorry if these characters are OC,I'm new to writing stories,if they are out o...
I brought you coffee- A Naegami fic (ENG) by mtolympia
I brought you coffee- A Naegami fi...by Actually Icarus
Set in a world where the killing game never happened, Byakuya is the CEO of one of his family's companies and needs a new secretary. Makoto is the perfect person to fill...
peen to piss by scarypenguine
peen to pissby scarypenguine
(°♡°)/ nyah professor hajime uwu . Danganronpa pisshots
Ishimondo pictures  by Maddystudios
Ishimondo pictures by °•Daiya's slut•°
umm hi idk why I made this but I did these are just random pictures I found on Pinterest-
*Under rewrite* Danganronpa age regression oneshots! (SFW) by Takas-thicc-thighs
*Under rewrite* Danganronpa age re...by Another·Muffin !=͟͟͞♡
Welcome to literal sunshine and rainbows!✨ I probably won't write much angst cuz I'm a softie lol. I have this work posted on ao3 as well for anyone who is curious. Requ...
Multiversal Chaos: a Multi-Fandom Reaction by thatkidneybean_lou
Multiversal Chaos: a Multi-Fandom...by Lou
One very boring day, the all-powerful Author decides to bring a handful of fictional characters to their hand-crafted Reaction Dimension. Nobody questions anything; they...
Danganronpa thh x reader scenarios and oneshots by charluia
Danganronpa thh x reader scenarios...by Charulie
some danganronpa trigger happy havoc x readers ⭐️I don't do Smut or Lemons⭐️ ✨I'm not very good at writing for certain characters but I do my best!✨ ⚡️I take most reques...
❝ Have you heard the rumor...? Y/n has stooped so low to fall in love with someone who could never even love her back! ❞ ━ Human Monokuma x female reader Started : Nov...
「【 I Like You Okay! ♡(Ishimaru x Mondo) 】」 by TheFakeKaito
「【 I Like You Okay! ♡(Ishimaru x M...by l0serliv
Im surprised you guys are still reading this lmao I appreciate it though Non Despair High School AU because I'm basic like that :))))