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one shots | phan aus by gothboiiz
one shots | phan ausby aj
yes, another one shot fic. ~ boyxboy if there is going to be a trigger, i will say ~ enjoy x
Daddy Phil. by phabulouss
Daddy Phil.by phabulouss
dan calls phil daddy oh my
high quality™ phan smut by twentyphanpilots
high quality™ phan smutby Zara
what kind of fuckery
Phan Lemon by konekoJemini
Phan Lemonby konekoJemini
-Smut- It's Christmas time and Dan thinks its time he tells his best friend how he realy feels. ----- I can't find any good Dan and Phil smut so i made some its my first...
Ropes and tape (2009 Phan Smut) by PhanHelloInternet
Ropes and tape (2009 Phan Smut)by ✖Baby/Phan Howelter✖
After the events of filming "How to befriend your favourite Internet stars" things got a little steamy between Dan and Phil and took advantage of the situation.
Simple Phan Shit by PhilTrashNumber2020
Simple Phan Shitby Phil Striker
This is extremely short and I made it because OMG I'M SO RANDEM RAWR. But seriously this is a joke I'm not actually trying to make a good phanfic. Smut I guess?
The Crust Fic by CrustDaddies
The Crust Ficby CrustDaddies
phil reveals his pizza crust kink and gets crusty with his boyfriend dan
The Orgy of the Youtubers by saritapanda
The Orgy of the Youtubersby saritapanda
Jack, Dean, TimH, Tomska, Dan and Phil Smut, You'll love it!
Phantastic Phan smut by AW3SOM3ness
Phantastic Phan smutby Phan smut
What happens when two close friends get a little closer
One in a Million by viktoryathe5
One in a Millionby Phan is the plan
Daniel and Philip room together in university, what could happen next?
"Phan"Cakes by igotgottogo
"Phan"Cakesby °Mavis°
Dan and Phil discover feelings that they have never felt before, what will become of it?
Philly's Phlower Shop (Dan X Phil) by DoodlingOtaku
Philly's Phlower Shop (Dan X Phil)by Doodling.Otaku
Not everyone lives a life as strange and wonderful as Dan Howell. Dan lives alone in his flat within London and despite living a perfectly happy and content life he know...
Phanfiction ~ Dark by Twentyblurryduns
Phanfiction ~ Darkby A ♡
My first real phanfiction. I'll try to update more if people actually read it.
Infatuation//Phan  by spicypinetrees
Infatuation//Phan by my name is lame
in·fat·u·a·tion inˌfaCHəˈwāSH(ə)n/ noun an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something. ___ The way she looked at Phil made Dan sick. Follow D...