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Glitched! Cryaotic x Reader by IDEKAgame
Glitched! Cryaotic x Readerby Deksidoo
Put yourself into the apocalyptic world were Earth has been taken over by an alien species. Meet new friends, find love, and fight for your life in Glitched! (A Cryaotic...
Cryaotic/Reader Assassin AUs by IDEKAgame
Cryaotic/Reader Assassin AUsby Deksidoo
"I haven't hit my kill quota yet please help me I'm new to the agency" AU* "You weren't supposed to see me shoot your boss and now I have to kidnap you so...
Errored! A Glitched Sequel by IDEKAgame
Errored! A Glitched Sequelby Deksidoo
The thrilling sequel to Glitched! (A Cryaotic x Reader story) The long awaited following story of the adventures of (Y/N) and the Late Night crew. Following the Crew as...
Youtuber × Reader One Shots by ToxicRayne
Youtuber × Reader One Shotsby Toxic
This is a one shot book mainly for Reader x Youtuber. Gaming youtubers are a preference, but anything is great!! I'll try my best to make everything seem cannon, I'm sor...
Tainted (Cryaotic x Reader) by EggyEssie
Tainted (Cryaotic x Reader)by EggyEssie
In a world infested by genetically engineered monsters who do nothing but kill, what will happen when a loner girl with cat ears stumbles upon a group of survivors lead...
My Brother's Best Friend (UNDER EDITING) by SupPandaGirl
My Brother's Best Friend (UNDER Ⓛⓧⓝⓝⓨ
[Cryaotic X Reader] •slight! Tobuscus X reader• -Original Plot by DiabloicalWriter- Carried on & Completed by SPG {Yes, this is also on Quotev} +READER INSERT+ (UNDER E...
The Masked Guy.(CryxReader) by Alsonnisa
The Masked Guy.(CryxReader)by ♡ Bella ♡
(Finished!) Blah all the regular crap. Getting rewritten! <- nvm hes a pedophile lol
A mad life ( Sequel to five nights at virus's) cryaotic x reader. by Snowflake-art
A mad life ( Sequel to five Kirsty
I know this is very cringy i keep it here to laugh at my past self the hell was 12 year old me thinking (read five nights at viruses first!) ____ wakes up from her terri...
[DISCONTINUED] Drowning (CryaoticxReader) by AliceandFriends
[DISCONTINUED] Drowning ( AliceandFriends
Error Error Virus Detected Virus Prevention Activated Error Error Virus Prevention Activation Failure Error Error Error Error ~.~.~ You were just a regular girl. Shy, pr...
That Girl  (Cryaotic x Reader) by NerdyFantasy
That Girl (Cryaotic x Reader)by NerdyFantasy
You were just another girl. You were doing YouTube for the fun of it. But things quickly change for you, and you have met the mysterious man, the inspired you to start...
Just let me protect you (Cryaotic X Reader) by MegalomaNix
Just let me protect you ( Krono
You were awoken by a scream and not just one but a lot of them. You came to check your windows and saw a bunch of people No, upon closer inspection, they did not lo...
Cryaotic x Reader-Guilt by MinnieIsMissing
Cryaotic x Reader-Guiltby MinnieIsMissing
you met under the worst situation. and he feels like its fault for what happened which isn't true at all, but out of guilt he volunteers to take care of you, but what ha...
Not A Memory | Cryaotic x Reader | DISCONTINUED by FabulousCakeMaster
Not A Memory | Cryaotic x Reader | 『mhadcake』
Sequel to Not A Princess Cryaoticxreader Cry has woken up from his year long coma only to realize you're still in yours. He remembers your promise to each other and sea...
I'm  always here for you. (Cryaotic X Reader) by lovely_png
I'm always here for you. ( lovely_png
(Y/n) and Cry had been best friends for life, even throughout the apocalypse. I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO PUT AS A BIO DONT KILL ME LOL.
Safe And Sound  (Cryaotic x Reader) by MarziaReads
Safe And Sound (Cryaotic x Reader)by Marzia Powell
22 year old _____ gets kicked out of her apartment due to the failure to pay her rent. She is alone on the streets until... "Hey, why are you crying?"