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A Battle To Remember by hannahh_rose19
A Battle To Rememberby hannahh_rose19
This is a story about a girl who wants nothing more than to be part of something big. In the town of San Felipe de Austin, Texas. Claire meets general Sam Houston who or...
Til death do us part (Marcel Crockett") by klausmikealson2001
Til death do us part (Marcel klausmikealson2001
I have seen not a lot of Crockett Marcel love stories so here is one of my own❤️ Elizabeth aka Lizzy Marcel is the wife of the best surgeon of Chicago med, Crockett Mar...
A Few Things about Love. Blake Griffin Fanfic pt. 2 by AlexusCrockett
A Few Things about Love. Blake Alexus Crockett
Jordan Hasket is back again in this brand new sequel to Some Kind of Madness. || Jordan and Blake move further into their "relationship", if that's what you wa...
First Christmas in New York~ Miami Vice Fan Fiction Crockett X Tubbs by TheLibertyKingdom
First Christmas in New York~ Alyssa
Ricki Tubbs convinces her partner Sonny Crockett to join her in New York for Christmas. It is her first time returning to the city where she was born and raised since he...
In the Shadow of Death by TheLibertyKingdom
In the Shadow of Deathby Alyssa
Can Tubbs, whose cover has been blown, still manage to turn Burnett? Or will her persistence result in her death? "A glance down at the dealer's watch she wears tel...
Phoenix From The Ashes by JohnCrockett88
Phoenix From The Ashesby John Crockett
Weeks after her brutal attack, Cheryl wakes up in the hospital with no memory or identification. She quickly finds herself in a race against time to uncover the sinister...
Burnett & Cooper Are Kidnapped ~Miami Vice Fan Fiction by TheLibertyKingdom
Burnett & Cooper Are Kidnapped Alyssa
Things get out of hand and both Sonny and Ricki end up diving far deeper than they imagined into Miami's criminal underworld. Will the two cops be able to save face? Or...
Homesickness & Relative Happiness:  Crockett X Tubbs: Miami Vice by TheLibertyKingdom
Homesickness & Relative Alyssa
Based on this prompt: Sonny hesitates. He doesn't want to use her like this, but he knows if he doesn't ask the question, he'll kick himself for it afterward. "Rick...
You Could Have Been Killed: Miami Vice Fanfic by TheLibertyKingdom
You Could Have Been Killed: Alyssa
When Tubbs's dogged determination places her life in peril, will she finally go too far? And will the risk be worth it?
Elevator Ride Straight From Hell~ Miami Vice Fan Fiction  by TheLibertyKingdom
Elevator Ride Straight From Alyssa
Izzy Moreno concocts a wild and chaotic ride for Sonny Crockett and his partner Raquel "Ricki" Tubbs. Will the two Vice Cops make it out of the building withou...
The Unexpected Partnership of Crockett and Tubbs: Shaky beginnings by TheLibertyKingdom
The Unexpected Partnership of Alyssa
Sonny finds out the "man" he had set up a temporary working relationship with is not Raphael Tubbs, but his younger sister. Raquel "Ricki" Tubbs. Thi...
I Wish You Were Here: Miami Vice Fan Fic by TheLibertyKingdom
I Wish You Were Here: Miami Vice Alyssa
Tubbs is forced to take a trip to New York where she comes to realize she has feelings for Crockett
Nearly Costly Mistakes: Miami Vice: Crockett x Tubbs by TheLibertyKingdom
Nearly Costly Mistakes: Miami Alyssa
When Tubbs is promised revenge on Orlando Calderone and the assurance that her infant son will be returned to her, she decides to make a very risky decision. Will that c...
Camping in Davy Crockett's by layane1995
Camping in Davy Crockett'sby Layane A
Adam, Sam, Jason, Michael and Jessie decide to go camping. Everything starts off as planned, starting the fire, telling scary stories and whatnot. But what happens when...