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Green and blue hydrangeas by Letmeread222
Green and blue hydrangeasby Letmeread222
A Soulmate/Hanahaki Clefdraki AU just cause. NOTE: This story does contain abuse mentions and sexual moments, they're small but they're there. If you can't handle that s...
Desolate Throne [ClefDraki] by FellSaturn
Desolate Throne [ClefDraki]by WhenSaturnFalls
WARNING: SUPER OLD WRITING!! Also on an indefinite hiatus!! ••• Two young lovers listen eagerly to a secret tale told by a lamenting man. ••• The son of Kondraki, Draven...
SCP Oneshots (NO LONGER UPDATING)by idontwriteonthisaccountanymor...
SCP Oneshots! My first fanfic book... Feedback is welcome! Please request at the request chapter. It's also my first romance book as well! (Picture doesn't belong to me...
Scp one shots(99% doctors ships) by Iknow0614
Scp one shots(99% doctors ships)by Who
this is my first fanfiction, the first few chapters are trash but do get better, I do mostly Doctor ships since those ships need more love. I still also do SCP ships and...
The Worst In Me [ClefDraki AU] by FellSaturn
The Worst In Me [ClefDraki AU]by WhenSaturnFalls
WARNING: SUPER OLD WRITING!! Also on an indefinite hiatus!! ••• The demon king encounters the demon hunter, they hit it off in an unlikely manner. ••• One fateful night...
The Bastard and the Butterfly by TheAuthor1987
The Bastard and the Butterflyby The Author
Alto Clef and Benjamin Kondraki have always been at each other's throats. Rarely do they ever get along. But one fateful day, they realize... maybe the other isn't so ba...
Clef & Kondraki are grown-ass men (yet they debate who'd win a fistfight) by shark-petting-center
Clef & Kondraki are grown-ass lexi's swag
Top 10 times a non-serious fistfight between 2 grown men in their 50s led to a gay relationship! Number 1 will SHOCK you! (AKA clef and kondraki are 2 manchildren who re...
even warriors feel love (oc x 076-2) by Danganronpa-fan
even warriors feel love (oc x 🖤❤Evil-monokuma❤🖤
scp 076-2 aka able is a coldhearted killer in the keter class he has never felt anything else but rage and a motive to kill due to his brother but one day a new research...
Ruby Jones by TheAuthor1987
Ruby Jonesby The Author
Doctor Jones was found in an old house just outside of Carson City, Nevada. She seemed to be fine other than just a few minor injuries and a bad case of amnesia. Discla...
Aftermath by Silver26262
Aftermathby Hannah Runner/Writer
A short story from the SCP foundation, depicting the struggles of following orders and the friendship of two men with hardly a thing in common. After the incident, Docto...
You wouldn't tell right...? by Scp_fan
You wouldn't tell right...?by cool_random_person
Kondraki discovers a secret tunnel underneath the joint sites of 17 and 19 that's full of homes, and shops. Ft. 408, 106, 134, 191, 187, Cain, Abel, 847, 811, 953, 131-A...
Fanfic Oneshots by noodles_900
Fanfic Oneshotsby Freddie
I'll write some fanfic oneshots in here and i take requests.
The World's Gone Beautiful by Alluka1907
The World's Gone Beautifulby Arlo
Just a lil Clefdraki poem I wrote based off of Lily's SCP-001 proposal. What can I say, I love fluff, angst, and poetry.
And here we stand by Havegayships896
And here we standby tired_af2906
So.....I did a lot on one ship but Clefdraki sounded nice so yeah I've turned this into scenarios since I couldn't finish the original storyline but I will be putting th...
Shitposting and Art uwu by TheAuthor1987
Shitposting and Art uwuby The Author
Wowzers. Take my terrible art. Take these terrible memes. T a k e i t o r e l s e.
SCP Foundation Oneshots by Smol_Tommo
SCP Foundation Oneshotsby ♥SxftChxld♥
Its 11 and this sounds like a good idea. Ruin my life please
S.C.P. Headcanons by Derick_the_Phoenix
S.C.P. Headcanonsby Derick Dorsey
A book about headcanons for SCP's and staff
"A Major Chord And His C-String" ||ClefDraki Oneshots|| by desireAlex4evr
"A Major Chord And His C-String" | AL3x1N0
!!ART NOT BY ME!! _________________ Alto Clef is a notorious, immortal, God-killing, reality-altering man. And Benjamin Kondraki, a site director who resents lab coats...