The Outlaw's Daughter

The Outlaw's Daughter

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Lexi V By Lunatic_Princess_66 Updated Jan 30, 2016

Chibs' daughter, Elena Larkin-Telford, has been out in Belfast with his wife, Fiona Larkin, and second daughter, Kerriane Larkin-Telford, and has a background in martial arts and "gang violence". 

Elena Telford has been in and out of trouble in and out of school. She's a 23 year old girl that spends her time more on the streets than in the books. 

Kerriane Larkin is a straight A student and is never in trouble unless her family is involved. She's a 16 year old girl that spends her time gossiping with friends than on the streets like her biological father and older sister. 

Elena and Kerriane are extremely close and love their parents equally. 

Soon, they will be separated. 


You'll just have to read on & find out.