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Elite x Hunters by AshGMR7
Elite x Huntersby AshGMR
[Classroom of the Elite x HunterxHunter] Fearsome monsters... Exotic creatures... Vast riches... Hidden treasures... Evil enclaves... The word unknown holds magic. And s...
A Glimpse of Their Future by Heero14
A Glimpse of Their Futureby Heero 14
A fanfic I wrote for a competition, but I got super excited and did too many things with it. I hope you like it (Yes, of course, it's a Kei related fanfic, I only write...
The True God! by FictionalAuthor14
The True God!by FictionalAuthor14
Ever wondered what would happen if Kiyotaka used all of his abilities? Would people fear him or respect him? How will it affect his relation to other people? More impor...
The time I got reincarnated in COTE! by FictionalAuthor14
The time I got reincarnated in FictionalAuthor14
What do you do when everyone calls you a 'prodigy' and intelluctual when you really aren't? What do you do when you are one of the strongest in the world without even tr...
unexpected crush by Stevedeepak
unexpected crushby Sasi Deepak
Kei Karuizawa and Kiyotaka Ayanokōji unexpected love
Into The Unknown by FictionalAuthor14
Into The Unknownby FictionalAuthor14
"Listen both of you,here is the booklet which contains all necessary contacts.Take it and go to this written address.I have rented a room for both of you.Next month...
COTE oneshots and what ifs by Nestrocast
COTE oneshots and what ifsby nestrocast
well, dunno about the description, but enjoy? there might be some occs in there so yeah *DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTER (EXCEPT OC) CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE, CRED...
Classroom of The Elite: SS Collection by KIYO_AYANO
Classroom of The Elite: SS
All the SSs here are fictional. The original work belongs to Author Syougo Kinugasa and Illustrator Tomose Shunsaku.
Funtimes & Freedom - CoTE by Stslyx
Funtimes & Freedom - CoTEby vats v'enn
This is my first story that I will be posting, so please excuse me if i have any unrealistic plot convenience or if certain things just don't add up, but I don't mind Co...
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!) by FictionalAuthor14
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!)by FictionalAuthor14
It's been 3 years since they graduated from class A.After overcoming different obstacles,they married in secret and now the time has come for a School Reunion. What are...