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The Littlest Timelord: The Fall of the Eleventh by HaleyMichelle5
The Littlest Timelord: The Fall HaleyMichelle5
[Third in the "Littlest Timelord" series] Elise Smith is now a teenaged Timelord. In addition to losing the Ponds, the fields of Trenzalore are calling. But f...
Reunion one-shots between the Doctor and his companions by thewholocklover
Reunion one-shots between the thewholocklover
What would happen if Twelve met the Ponds, Donna meets Eleven, Eleven accidentally finds Rose, Jack discovers Twelve and many more reunions between the Doctor and his co...
•  .   * WAKE UP ! by Narniian
• . * WAKE UP !by Narniian
" LOOK OUT, LOOK INSIDE OF YOU " ⇝ AURORA OSWALD WAS A WILD ONE. One of a kind. A smiley, happy woman who's future was as crazy as it could ever possibly be. B...
The Time Traveler Wives by RamblingStark
The Time Traveler Wivesby Vincent
Clara had been traveling with the Doctor for what would be about three or so years, hard to keep track, lots of time and space travel. Over this time she's seen plenty o...
My Dear Professor: whouffaldi by lonelyoldtardis
My Dear Professor: whouffaldiby Kam Marji
PROFESSOR AU: It is Clara Oswald's second year of University. And a certain professor has peaked her interest. A mysterious grey-haired man. Who is he? [whouffaldi/whouf...
Storm: Storm is Brewing by Heartlocket1004
Storm: Storm is Brewingby Heartlocket1004
Terry Storm returns anew as she continues to join the Doctor in his adventures. But questions remain as she wonders how her existence is possible, and why she jumps arou...
Soufflés, Skype and Sherlock Holmes by wenwendy1
Soufflés, Skype and Sherlock Holmesby wenwendy1
Read about a new tenant in 221c, Sherlock getting his cheekbones scolded, John becoming increasingly confused and soufflé after soufflé as Moriarty and the Doctor are ab...
issues → negan [twd]  by starkwalker
issues → negan [twd] by jos
in which while trying to find someone else's weakness, he may have found his very own. NEGAN THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 7
Easy | The Thirteenth Doctor by thesaltyauthor
Easy | The Thirteenth Doctorby thesaltyauthor
[BOOK ONE OF THE 'CHARLOTTE KHAN' TRILOGY] "Always thought I was hard to love 'Til you made it seem so easy, seem so easy." *** After Charlotte Khan, the eldes...
Doctor who x reader  by Agent-Lokitty
Doctor who x reader by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
A series of doctor who x reader fics 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th River song Amy Rory Rose Clara Dhawan!master * means self harm and other themes If you wanna see anyone...
Heart on Fire {DW/MCU} by jokermadhatter
Heart on Fire {DW/MCU}by jokermadhatter
The Doctor found his mate, his Bonded, his Chosen, in the form of the best friend of who would become his companion. He found the one who makes him feel all warm and goo...
If These Wings Could Fly by RLandSBindaclub
If These Wings Could Flyby j.b.h
[Doctor Who] Almost eight years since he last visited. For him, it was 2 minutes. But when the Doctor opens the doors of the TARDIS one Wednesday morning, he realises he...
"you can always trust the helper." The Doctor expected many things from a twentieth-second century party, not one of them had included a new companion. {I also...
Thorn Bush (Doctor Who Story) by LegendsOfTime
Thorn Bush (Doctor Who Story)by LegendsOfTime
Someone who is reborn into the world of Doctor Who from ours. They meet the Doctor and their companions in multiple different places in their time streams throughout the...
Doctor who|| Gif series  by -DRAGOONLORD-
Doctor who|| Gif series by -CC-
"When you're a kid, they tell you it's all... grow up. Get a job. Get married. Get a house. Have a kid, and that's it. But the truth is, the world is so much strang...
Who Falls by IllusionedDrawer64
Who Fallsby IllusionedDrawer64
The fabled Timelord and his companion travel the stars with the Mystery Twins. (REWRITE COMPLETE) All rights belong to their creators-I do not own Doctor Who or Gravity...
Unrepentant | DOCTOR WHO [ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] by theunstableoriginal
Unrepentant | DOCTOR WHO [ON theunstableoriginal
Unrepentant: (adj.) showing no regret for one's wrongdoings Or in which a 1,026-year-old Original vampire is forced into recognizing her own faults and how her actions a...
IN LOVING MEMORY | {4th - Stars Themselves Series} by _Strawberry-Tea_
IN LOVING MEMORY | {4th - Stars _Strawberry-Tea_
The Sequel to MEMORIES OF A BROKEN GIRL After the loss of her parents, Willow Pond is unsure what to do with herself, luckily the birth of her twins gives her a purpose...