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la vacanza💙🌊(ciro) by sissi_lettrice
la vacanza💙🌊(ciro)by sissi_ricci
la storia è su tn e ciro ma ne farò una molto simile con edoardo quindi pazienza perfavore🙏
O11ce Imagines/Preferences by AnnaBllack14
O11ce Imagines/Preferencesby AnnaBllack14
(Y/N)- Your name (L/N)- Last name (e/c)- Eye colour (h/c)- Hair colour This book will include: -Lorenzo -Camilo -Ezequiel -Ciro -Gabo -Valentino -Martin
| Sonríe | Jeff the killer y tú | by RyukChan
| Sonríe | Jeff the killer y tú |by ANONIMA:3
Vaya, que intentado subir this novela 3 Veces nada y de Pero veamos si 'LA TERCERA ES LA Vencida' ♥ ♥ ♥ --Ryuk--
As Árvores Entre Nós by pruxto
As Árvores Entre Nósby Pedro
Um amor antigo tem sua chama reacendido com o fervor da acirrada disputa presidencial. Duas mulheres candidatas à vice-presidência relembram de seu passado juntas e veem...
Um amor de condicional by caraisomefodo
Um amor de condicionalby Anderson Silva
Mariana conhece Lula em uma de suas visitas ao seu irmão na cadeia, logo ela se apaixona por esse fantástico homem que muito fez pelo pais. Baseado em uma historia compl...
ELEMENTS Book Two by RiddikulusRavenclaw
ELEMENTS Book Twoby Melissa/Ari/Remus
In a world of dangerous creatures, twists and turns, love and death, whom can you trust? The boys from Book One (Aiden, of the Fire Realm; River, of the Water Realm; Ada...
draft:Born  by Melbxrne
draft:Born by Anshuman Tripathy
tales of black, as he goes around the world in search of true strength, to become the strongest in the whole world but in the process of trying to become the protagonist...
Finding My Brother... by Usagi_Princess
Finding My ųʂąɠı ℘ཞıŋƈɛʂʂ
Hanako: A young tree sprite who will save her brother (Hiro) NO MATTER WHAT... Cara: Hanako's best friend, a loyal archer who loves Hiro and will save him by Hanako's si...
Traditions of the North Italian Cuisine- Ciro& Sal's by cirosals
Traditions of the North Italian Ciro & Sal's
Ciro & Sal's counted in the Provincetown's oldest restaurant and first choice of the customer. We are work for more than 65 years and never disappoint our customers. For...
IL MOSTRO 2: MISSIONE TEMPO  by ciruzzoperrotti
Ciro Gravity by CKOutdoors
Ciro Gravityby Christian Kelley
The son of the man leading the research on a manned mission to Mars, Ciro Spacelli, is thrown into a world of poverty and loneliness when his father's job and research i...
Ciro (mxb) by hamiltonhd
Ciro (mxb)by 𝓿𝓲𝓬𝓽𝓸𝓻
Alejandro Estefan - Brave, stubborn firefighter of Essex. Ever since he was 7, he had always wanted to ride in a fire engine and extinguish fires with a hose, being seen...
Enjoy The Finest Italian Food At Ciro & Sal's by cirosals
Enjoy The Finest Italian Food At Ciro & Sal's
Ciro & Sal's provide Italian cuisine with fresh local ingredient. Enjoy your day with extraordinary taste sensations. For more taste visit our place.
//| D A W N |\\  by ratpasta
//| D A W N |\\ by ratpasta
Aria, Orex, and Ciro have been chosen from their town as the celestial heros to stop an uncharted evil from turning the world into mindslaves. However, this plans on not...
Shiro's Roleplay Book by HomoShiro
Shiro's Roleplay Bookby INACTIVE
Its a roleplay book-- Need I say anything else? Also, its just gay shit because I'm gay and don't know how a straight relationship works,,
Midnight  by aianightrain
Midnight by aianightrain
disclaimer:this is work of fiction
Spring tenía que ser by Amre_miac
Spring tenía que serby Amre_miac
Skylar spring, hermano menor de Charles spring y victoria spring. Vive experiencias junto con su hermano mayor Charlie , tratando que Nicholas Nelson se fije en su herma...
The Lioness of Earth by Ara089
The Lioness of Earthby Ara Celeste
A land forgotten. A rebirth. A crazed deity spilt between destroying the known universe or putting people in their rightful place. A green lion. Not the most typical clu...